15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (2024)

Tulare is a city of about 64,000 people situated in the Central San Joaquin Valley of Tulare County.

The city is known for its agriculture-based economy and for being located in a central location that allows easy access to nearby cities and the natural areas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Tulare has a small-town feel to it, but the city has all the services and amenities you would expect in a bigger centre. The city has many restaurants, boutique shops and shopping areas, such as Tulare Outlets and Tulare Pavilion Shopping Centre.

Many events and festivals take place in Tulare throughout the year, including the World Ag Expo and the Tulare County Fair.

Below are 15 of the best things to do in and around Tulare, California.

1. Relax in Del Lago Community Park

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (1)Source: Larry Vidaurri / Facebook

On sunny days in Tulare, Del Lago Community Park is a great place to spend the day at. This vast green space features a wide variety of facilities, and there are many things to do.

There are picnic areas with BBQ facilities, basketball courts, tennis courts and a lake. The kid’s area features a water play section with splash pads at certain times of the year, and there are 1.4 miles of walking trails.

2. Learn about Local History at the Tulare Historical Museum

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (2)Source: Tulare Historical Museum / Facebook

If you would like to learn a bit about Tulare’s history, head to the Tulare Historical Museum, where you’ll see a variety of exhibits showcasing artefacts, photos and documents telling the story of the city, its culture and the people.

There’s a gift shop on-site where you can buy souvenirs of your visit, and a variety of events take place throughout the year.

3. Take the Whole Family to Visalia Adventure Park

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (3)Source: Visalia Adventure Park / Facebook

There’s fun for all ages at Adventure Park in nearby Visalia. This popular amusem*nt park features seven acres of exciting attractions and activities.

An arcade, a laser maze, laser tag facilities, go-karts, mini-golf, bumper boats, batting cages, and special amusem*nts for the little ones are just some of the attractions you’ll find in the park.

Kritters Funhouse Pizzeria is also on-site; this is where you’ll find something delicious to eat after an exciting day.

4. Check Out the Visalia Farmers’ Market

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (4)Source: Javani LLC / shutterstock

A great way to get a feel for a place and to learn about its culture is to hang out at a local market, and the Visalia Farmers’ Market is a great place to start. It’s also a great way to support local food growers and find some quality, local items.

As you check out the many vendors, you’ll find a variety of items, including fresh, local produce, homemade baked goods, jams, home decor and handcrafted jewellery.

Usually, there’s live entertainment at the market, and food trucks are on-site to serve you snacks and tasty comfort food.

5. Satisfy a Craving at Bravo Farms Restaurant

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (5)Source: Tulare Outlets / Facebook

At Bravo Farms Restaurant, you’ll find a lively atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious California-style favourites and classic comfort food.

Whether it be custom-made sandwiches, wraps, salads, BBQ items or pizza you’re craving, you’ll find it on the menu.

One night a week, the restaurant hosts a discount wine night where you can enjoy wine with your meal for half the price. A gift shop is also on-site; this is where you’ll find handcrafted sweet treats and souvenirs.

6. Spend a Day on the Greens at Tulare Golf Course

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (6)Source: Mikael Damkier / shutterstock

At Tulare Golf Course, you’ll enjoy a day of golfing while surrounded by stunning scenery. This 18-hole course has plenty of challenging elements to keep your game interesting, such as elevated greens, but the course is suitable for any skill level.

A golf pro shop is on-site, and lessons are available. At breakfast and dinner, you can enjoy a hearty meal with views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The on-site bar is open all day and into the evening and offers a variety of beverages and snacks.

7. Let Your Imagine Run Wild at the ImagineU Children’s Museum

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (7)Source: imagineumuseum.org

Yes, it’s a children’s museum, but the interactive exhibits at the ImagineU Children’s Museum in nearby Visalia are suitable for everyone, including those who are young at heart.

The main purpose of the museum is to allow visitors to use their imaginations while enjoying various role-playing activities meant to be learning experiences.

Some of the exhibits include a Grove Pick and Pack, a Farmers’ Market, a U-fix-it Garage, a castle, a treehouse and a clubhouse. The architect corner is where you can build various structures, and the artists’ section is where you can create art using recyclables.

8. Find Exceptional Deals at the Tulare Outlets

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (8)Source: VGstockstudio / shutterstock

Everyone wants to find a good deal while shopping. At the Tulare Outlets, you’ll find everything you need at a steep discount.

On-site, you’ll find many stores, including Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Bath & Body Works, Carter’s Converse, Forever 21 and Sketchers. Throughout the year, many events are held here.

9. Enjoy a Live Performance at the Fox Theatre

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (9)Source: Logan Bush / shutterstock

Originally launched in 1930, The Fox Theatre in downtown Visalia closed for a time before being refurbished and reopened in the late 90s. Today, the historic venue plays host to a variety of performances throughout the year.

Some of the events that take place in the theatre include Way Back Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays and concerts by the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra.

10. Enjoy Local Beer and Food at Kaweah Brewing Co.

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (10)Source: Kaweah Brewing Co. / Facebook

At Kaweah Brewing Co., beer, food, and people come together to create a memorable experience. The establishment’s main focus is local craft beer. Some of the beers available include Neva Say Neva Brown Ale, Chocolate Cow and Holy Toledo IPA.

Food is another one of their specialities. On the menu, you’ll find an assortment of delicious, expertly-prepared items, including appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes.

11. Take a Day Trip to Sequoia National Park and National Monument

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (11)Source: Jeison Jaramillo / shutterstock

Visitors looking for the perfect day trip from Tulare need only travel about an hour to reach one of the region’s top attractions. Sequoia National Park is the perfect outdoor getaway for the whole family because there’s so much to see and do there.

The site is home to one of the most spectacular natural canopies on the planet. As you explore the park, you’ll admire these giant sequoia trees and many other natural phenomena, including the famed General Sherman Tree and several caves.

Popular activities in the park include hiking, cycling, climbing, swimming and fishing. A free shuttle service is available to take visitors to various areas of the park.

At the Giant Sequoia National Monument, you can camp overnight and experience more natural attractions, including Big Meadows, Jennie Lake, Converse Basin Grove and Boole Tree Loop.

12. Challenge Yourself at Clevr Escape

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (12)Source: graletta / shutterstock

Escape rooms are all the rage right now around the country, and at Clevr Escape in Tulare, you get the ultimate two-for-one experience.

Your escape room experience begins with you and your companions being locked in a room with a set amount of time to figure out how to escape. You’ll use teamwork and creativity to solve riddles and find clues that will help you escape before your time is up.

There are several rooms to choose from, including The Lost Treasure of Atlantic, The List, Platform C4 and Escape the Lost Pyramid. Each room is designed to be challenging and engaging.

Clevr Escape also has four state-of-the-art virtual reality stations with 20 different games available, including Beat Saver, Raw Data and AZ Sunshine.

13. Attend a Game at Recreation Ballpark

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (13)Source: Brocreative / shutterstock

Recreation Ballpark – or Rawhide Ballpark, as it’s known locally – is situated in Visalia and is the home ballpark of the Visalia Rawhide California Minor League Baseball team.

This baseball park holds almost 2,500 people and has been hosting games since the mid-1940s.

14. Get Some Fresh Air and Exercise in Mooney Grove Park

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (14)Source: Dbecker52 / Wikimedia | CC BY-SA 4.0

Mooney Grove Park is a popular outdoor gathering spot that was created to preserve the beautiful green space. Today, it’s home to a wide variety of leisure facilities, and there are many things to do for all ages.

You’ll find walking trails, picnic areas, a baseball field, disc golf facilities and a playground. As you explore the park, you’ll also be able to go boating on the lagoon and visit the historic buildings and a pioneer village.

15. Enjoy a Nutritious, Laid Back Meal at Apple Annie’s

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (15)Source: Apple Annie's / Facebook

At Apple Annie’s in Tulare, you’ll sit down to a delicious all-American meal in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, and everything is fresh and prepared with the highest-quality ingredients available.

Some of the delicious options you’ll find on the menu include a variety of appetizers, omelettes, burgers, sandwiches, soups and main courses such as grilled red snapper, pork chops and shrimp. For dessert, you can choose from an array of famous apple-based desserts.

15 Best Things to Do in Tulare (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (2024)
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