Apics Certified Supply Chain Professional Cscp Certification How To Get It (2023)

As the number of skilled professionals increases, the competition has become fierce. Nowadays, almost all professional field has global-level certification courses to earn distinguished recognition that separates you from the crowd. The supply chain profession is no different.Also, such professional certifications are essential to learning practical skills to manage the supply chain, a high-staked segment of any business. If you want to grab that big promotion or secure a better job in the supply chain industry, check out the CSCP accreditation from ASCM.

What Is the CSCP Certification?

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exam and certification on successfully passing the test is a globally recognized accreditation in the field of supply chain management. Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS), also known as ASCM, is the certification authority for this designation.It gives the candidate a broader view of the global supply chain than internal operations. Once you pass the exam, you can visualize the entire supply chain from the product supplier, through the business, the end customer, and finally back to the beginning.End-to-end supply chain activities are highly challenging. Once you go through the study materials and learning modules of the CSCP certification, you will develop the required skills to coordinate and integrate supply chain activities.Today’s businesses are only looking to employ those supply chain professionals who can add value to the department right after onboarding the team. Holding this certification will signal to the employer that you are perfectly suitable.

What Does the CSCP Certify?

Supply chain management is a lucrative career option. However, it also comes with challenging management tasks like:

Regional to global level supply chain planningComplying with foreign supply chain rules and regulationsUnderstanding challenges and risks in the global and local marketCommunicate clearly with global stakeholders for a seamless supply chain operationAlways learn the latest additions in the supply chain sector

When you diligently complete the entire course content for this exam and pass it, you should be able to carry out the challenging tasks mentioned above. APICS’ CSCP certification certifies that you are ready to face the extreme challenges in this sector.The certification also automatically endorses that:

You are capable of helping the business achieve a seamless supply chain state.You have the skill to analyze data and sync business activities like production, distribution, procurement, and service.You can minimize wastage throughout the supply chain.You are also wise enough to perceive risks and devise a plan to respond to such risks.Ensure smooth communication at every level of the supply chain.

The Validity of the CSCP Certification

The CSCP certification is an achievement for a lifetime. But you need to go through some learning activities to earn professional development maintenance (PDM) points. Every five years, you need to submit 75 PDMs. If you are a fellow of APICS, you must submit 100 points/ 5 years.You need to log in to your APICS account and go to the My Account page to see if you are due for any upcoming certification maintenance. You can visit the Certification Maintenance page to apply. It costs $100 for APICS members and $200 for non-members.You have 90 days to complete the maintenance activities, or the designation will expire.

Domains Covered by CSCP Certification

APICS CSCP Exam Content Manual (ECM) contains web-based study tools and eight reading modules. The entire content focuses on delivering a broader view of end-to-end supply chain management from a global perspective.Here are the domain topics you need to learn to pass the exam. The topics also show some significant learnings you should go through.

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Supply Chains, Demand Management, and Forecasting: Module 1

Visualizing supply chain structures, flows, and entitiesDifferentiating different levels of supply chain maturityProduct portfolio management

Global Supply Chain Networks: Module 2

Configuring the supply chain network and designing the chain of eventsUtilizing supply chain interfaces and technologiesCreating cross-organizational and cross-functional supply chain teamsSecuring supply chain master data

Sourcing Products and Services: Module 3

Creating a sourcing strategyUnderstanding buyer and supplier relationships

Internal Operations and Inventory: Module 4

Manufacturing planning and controlInventory management

Forward and Reverse Logistics: Module 5

Warehouse and transportation managementManaging waste and reverse logistics

Supply Chain Relationships: Module 6

Classifying vendors, suppliers, other partners, and consumersUsing tools like customer relationship management (CRM) and supplier relationship management (SRM)

Supply Chain Risk: Module 7

Gathering data on common supply chain risksIdentifying, assessing, and responding to risks

Optimization, Sustainability, and Technology: Module 8

Creating best practicesFollowing sustainability principlesAdopting new technologies

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Career Prospects for a CSCP Accreditation Owner

The employers place great values and trust on the CSCP certification from APICS. According to the 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report for the US, the salaries for a supply chain professional vary between $56,000 to $185,000/ year. However, an average professional without a certification earns around $75,200 a year.If you get the CSCP accreditation, you can earn a median salary of $94,000, 25% more than non-certified employees. And sometimes, CSCP certification can earn you up to a 40% increase from the median salary.Apart from the salary increase, you can also expect better incentive payouts, profit-sharing opportunities, enhanced cash bonuses, and overtime pay.

An Overview of the CSCP Certification

Find below a bird’s eye view of the complete exam process. It will help you to gain confidence in the entire certification workflow.

Certification Eligibility

It is a professional certification; hence, not just anyone can apply for the test. You need to fulfill any one of the following eligibility criteria to earn the authorized to test (ATT) status from APICS:

Experience as an employee or a business owner in the field of supply chainPossess a bachelor’s degree in the US or its international equivalentHold an un-expired certification in CPIM, CIRM, CPIM-F, CPM, SCOR-P, CPSM, CSM, CLTD-F, CLTD, or CTL.

Exam Duration

The test duration is of 3 hours and 30 minutes without any breaks.

No. of Questions

You need to attempt a total of 150 questions from 8 modules mentioned earlier in this article.

Passing Score

The statistical range of the score varies between 200 to 350. If you score 300 or more, you will likely pass the test.

Number of Attempts

There are no second attempts. You need to start again from the initial process. However, if you buy the Bundle package from ASCM, you will get a 2nd chance exam with certain conditions.

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Exam Fee

APICS CSCP Certification Exam costs $1,425 for non-members and $1,095 for members.

Test Centers

Pearson VUE is the exam administration partner of ASCM CSP accreditation. You can appear for the computer-based test at any Pearson VUE testing center. Alternatively, you can take the test from home through the OnVue system, a proprietary exam proctoring software from Pearson VUE.Now that you have a detailed idea about the CSCP certification examination and how it can help you with your career, it is time to look at some helpful resources that will assist you in preparing for the exam.

CSCP Practice Exam: Udemy

Do you want to be certified supply chain professionals by passing the CSCP exam on your first try? Go for the CSCP Practice Exam by Udemy.The key features of this course are:

Five practice tests to make you ready for the actual examLifetime access to the entire course materialAccess the course material from your mobile device

These practice exams consist of 700+ questions. Thus, the participants can understand their weak points and know their level of readiness for the actual exam. While the first three practice exams focus on your knowledge of the curriculum, the last two exams can determine how prepared you are for the exam.

CSCP Mock Exam Part 2: Udemy

Supply chain management plays a significant role in business operations, and there is a high demand for CSCP certificate holders. You can prepare yourself for the evolving job market by taking the CSCP mock exam by Udemy.By signing up for this practice test, you will get the following perks:

Six practice tests with 900 questions in totalFull lifetime access for practicing anytime24/7 access that supports mobile devices as well

This is the 2nd part of the mock test package that contains six tests in total, with 150 questions on each test. Besides preparing yourself for the CSCP exam, the practice tests will help you manage your operations by successfully coordinating with suppliers, customers, and factories.However, you might also want to take part in CSCP Mock Exam Part 1 to get a holistic idea about how you will perform in the examination. The 1st part also contains nine practice tests with 900 questions.The highlighted attributes of this book are:

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1,000+ terminologies, concepts, relationships, and calculations essential for passing the APICS CSCP certification exam.Free access to 700 practice questions online with incorrect answer explanations.50+ calculations and workable examples for identifying and understanding the correct answers.400+ mock exam questions that prepare you for the actual exam.

This study guide contains concepts, key terminology, exercises, calculations, and mock exam questions. As CSCP certification works as a key differentiator in the job market, this study guide helps you pass the CSCP exam on the first attempt.It makes you familiar with the latest developments in different industries — from service-oriented to non-profit. Also, you will learn all the integral concepts of the system. All in all, it offers you a complete guide to managing supply chain operations. Thus, you can get better career opportunities after earning the certification.This book is available in paperback and Kindle versions, so you can choose based on your preference.

CSCP Exam Prep Course: University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is a big name that offers a prep course for people who want to take the CSCP exam. It prepares you for the exam by providing a broad domain view.This course helps you gather knowledge about all supply chain segments and teaches you how to maximize your company’s value chain by managing all these steps. Moreover, you get access to all the necessary tools to implement best practices for streamlined operations and supply chain efficiencies.The course topics are as follows:

Supply Chain DesignSupply Chain Planning and ExecutionSupply Chain Improvement and Best PracticesMeasure, Analyze, and Improve the Supply Chain

This course also offers flexible options for attendance. You can either join the live session from anywhere or view the recorded session anytime later once the session is available.

Final Words

So far, you have gone through an in-depth discussion about the CSCP certification administered by the ASCM. Apart from the exam details, career prospects, and exam topics, the article has also discussed some crucial learning courses that can make a difference.Go through the online training and mock exam resource links mentioned above and sign up for the one best suited for your study plan.Since you are in the supply chain management industry, the term warehouse is genuinely inseparable from your profession. Here are some popular warehouse management systems that you must check out.

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