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In grade 12 the Careers focus will be on designing, assembling, and presenting a Capstone Project that reflects your learning journey and future career considerations. This project can be presented in a variety of ways (poster, Power Point, speech, performance, physical artifacts, video, etc.). Presentations will be made to selected school community members who have a sincere interest in the futures of our graduates. Presentations should be designed to last 15 minutes and any technical requirements be arranged prior to your presentation day. ( April 12th – 13th)

The Capstone Project is the culmination of all your work in Careers, other subject areas, and your life outside of high school. It should be a showcase of your growth, learning and passions. This can focus on your favourite academic or elective interests or your involvement in community groups (sport, dance, arts, Cadets, equestrian experience, humanitarian volunteering, cultural connections, social activism etc.) Another required part of the Capstone Project is your comprehensive plan for your future. ( travel, work, post-secondary, etc.)

Students who have participated in this style of Graduation project have remarked that it was empowering to look at how far they have come and a point of pride to be successful in sharing their story with a supportive adult.


What are examples of capstone projects? ›

What are examples of capstone projects?

Is capstone project hard? ›

Is capstone project hard?

What is meant by capstone project? ›

What is meant by capstone project?

Is a capstone project the same as a thesis? ›

Is a capstone project the same as a thesis?

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