DDPCshares Community Guidelines and Rules (2024)

Greetings DDPCShares has built as a safe place for players like you to not have to worry about Fake Surveys, scams and Malicious Malware attempts by all the SCAM DoubleDown pages on the net.

Below are some basic rules we ask you to follow to keep this community the best fan site ever created for the best Facebook game app ever launched. These rules are to be followed while posting on our forums here, or on our Facebook page, either in a reply to an official post or a post on the page itself or in a PM to our page. Failure to follow our guidelines will result in you being BANNED from our page(s), NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


NOTE: Please do not THANK DoubleDown Casino on our page. WE are not DoubleDown Casino. THANK DoubleDown Casino for spins and coins on THEIR PAGES ONLY!

No Defamation towards DoubleDown Casino or their affiliates, DDPCshares, (staff or entity) or other community members!

Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image

We work hard at keeping a Positive Peaceful environment for our community members and have ZERO tolerance for those who complain about DDC, or for those who demand or beg for codes.

No posting links to other DoubleDown Fan pages

We HAVE given permission to a few pages that were checked out. The majority of other Double Down Casino fan pages are phishing scams out to get you to share or like pages without delivery of promotion codes, to get you to do surveys for monetary gain, or even worse to steal your personal information! So we ask for you NOT to post links to other pages. There may be a few valid pages or websites that share the same mission as us and if you are the owner of a site you may PM me the link and we can talk about a link exchange.If you post a link to a spam page on our Facebook page or here you will be banned without notice even if your intent was not malicious. To read more about how to tell if Facebook pages are scams please read the following:

Education on Double Down Casino Promotion Code Scams:

https://www.ddpcshares.com/double_down_ ... Jz3uJcCt0A

Do not comment about or discuss concerns with purchasing Double Down Casino Chip packages

If you have a concern about purchasing a chip package, or already purchased chips we cannot comment or discuss these concerns. You will need to contact DoubleDown's Support Team and submit a ticket for a resolution. Please use https://doubledowncasino1.zendesk.com/h ... om/support for purchase inquiries.

Do not encourage others not to participate in DoubleDown Casino's chip purchasing programs because of your personal opinion

This is a zero tolerance policy rule.

We understand that playing any game can be frustrating. If you have had a negative experience with Double Down Casino you may post your experience in our Rant and Frustration Board providing that you adhere to the rules above. The board is located here: http://www.ddpcshares.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=11

If you wish to provide feedback to DoubleDown Casino directly, use this link:https://doubledowncasino1.zendesk.com/h ... quests/new


If you post the same message over and over in either the forums or on our facebook page it most likely will warrant a ban from posting

Multiple Accounts are not permitted

If you forget your password please use the send password link or email our support staff. If your account gets banned and you attempt to create another account you will be caught, accounts disabled and additional measures will be taken from creating additional accounts.

No discussing glitches or workarounds to gain unwarranted credits or access areas of double down casino

This is a zero tolerance rule. If you post about glitches or workarounds to gain access to chips or applicable you will be banned from posting
PLEASE do not post codes on our page and do not beg us for codes. (We ban for this) We Share DoubleDown codes, we do not make them. You MAY send us a private message with the codes you find. THANK YOU!!!

Our mission is to have a safe environment for all fans to discuss all things DoubleDown Casino and share DoubleDown Casino's promotion codes without the worry of spam or scams. These rules are subject to change without notice so please read them from time to time.

By participating in our community via website or social media you have agreed that you have read and understood these guidelines.
Please N O T E: DDPCshares is not endorsed or affiliated with DoubleDown Casino Facebook application, DoubleDown LLC, IGT or their affiliates. We are just the #1 Fan page, created for fans like you, by Players Like you!

Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares!


DDPCshares Community Guidelines and Rules (2024)
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