Doe Infohub (2024)

1. InfoHub

  • Human Resources

  • NYC Department of Education InfoHub website

2. nyc doe infohub language access resources

  • Employee-Facing InfoHub (DOE Sign-In Required) · Kindergarten Handwritten Report Card · Grades 1-2 Handwritten Report Card · Grades 3-5 Handwritten Report Card.

  • Employee-Facing InfoHub (DOE Sign-In Required) Discipline Code DREAM Family Letter Immigration Letters - page includes: "Public Charge" Information for Families Letter from Chancellor Carranza Protecting Immigrant Families Flyer Protocols for Non-Local Law Enforcement Actions and Inquiries

3. CCAA Info Hub


  • Translation and interpretation support; Letters, forms and flyers in all 9 DOE languages; The Office of Sign-Language Interpreting Services (OSLIS).

  • Current resources

5. dots Infohub: Start

6. Resources for Educators - District 27

  • NYC DOE News & Updates · Community. Resources for Educators. EDUCATOR RESOURCES ... NYC InfoHub: WEBSITE. WeTeach NYC: WEBSITE. United Federation of Teachers ...

  • For Educators

7. Services to Promote Safe and Supportive School Communities

  • 2 sep 2020 · To download the solicitation, go to ...


8. NYS ELLS/MLLS Accomidation Glosaries - Google Sites

  • DOE InfoHub Language Access Resources · Language Access Rubric · How to Use T&I Services · Over-the-phone Interpretation · Onsite / Remote Interpretation.

  • Glossaries for ELLs/MLLs Accommodations Bilingual glossaries are an essential test accommodation for ELLs/MLLs in the State of New York. The languages of these glossaries cover the top 10 languages at the state level, with new languages added based on changing language populations in the NY State

9. Sign In - New York City Department of Education

  • DOE Logo. Sign In. Username or Email Password. Sign in. Password and Profile Management.

  • Sign in page used by multiple NYC Department of Education websites for logging in.

Doe Infohub (2024)
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