Easiest Universities to Get into UK (2024)

Did you know? Getting accepted into a UK university is not a hard process! Read on to learn more about the easiest universities to get into the UK. We’ve collected this list just to guide you in your search process for the best UK university for your dreams.

But first, we recommend you follow these steps when you start your studying abroad journey in the UK!

  • The first step in applying to study in the UK is to do your research, what do you really want to study and what are the outcomes that you're looking for.
  • The second step that you must do is simply to reach out to your local IDP office. Our counsellors are certified education experts, and they will counsel you with the academic requirements and the financial requirements. Check out how they will help you.
  • The third thing that you have to do is, of course, reach out to your family or your parents or your loved ones to make sure that they're on board with your plan and they'll be able to support you.

Top 20 universities which are easiest to get into in UK

The list below shows some of the easiest UK universities that tend to have the highest acceptance rates for students. Many of these universities are also top-rated in the UK, and the high acceptance rate reflects the wide range of their courses as well as their student capacity on campus.

  1. Aberystwyth University
  2. Bishop Grosseteste University
  3. Ravensbourne University London
  4. University for the Creative Arts
  5. Plymouth College of Art
  6. University of Sussex
  7. University of Roehampton
  8. Northumbria University
  9. Nottingham Trent University
  10. University of Kent
  11. York St John University
  12. Liverpool Hope University
  13. Coventry University
  14. London Metropolitan University
  15. University of Exeter
  16. University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  17. Newman University, Birmingham
  18. University College Birmingham
  19. University of Winchester
  20. Cardiff Metropolitan University

What are the easiest university courses in UK?

When it comes to choosing your course in the UK, there are some subjects that are known to be the easiest to study. We’ve complied here a brief list for you.

  1. Make up
  2. Liberal Arts
  3. Religious Studies
  4. Creative Writing
  5. Anthropology
  6. Philosophy
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Music
  9. Education
  10. English Literature

Feeling confused about choosing your course? It’s really important to choose the subject that motivates you the most. Here’s how an IDP student made the right decision for his future.

If you need to discuss your study options with an education expert and get an unbiased advice about the best courses and universities that fit your aspirations, just visit your IDP office.

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Easiest Universities to Get into UK (2024)
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