FILIPINO VALUES MONTH ‘22 | Cuneta Elementary School (2024)

Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan and Makabansa are the unique qualities of the Filipino people. They are known for possessing these qualities but seem ignored by the current generation as they value more the current social, political, and economic trends. Thus, Cuneta Elementary School strengthens the integration of values education in all subject areas and develops programs that instill good manners and moral values to the learners. Furthermore, the school adheres to Presidential Proclamation No. 479 by joining the National Observance of the Filipino Values Month.

On 16th of November 2022, Cuneta Elementary School celebrated Filipino Values Month 2022 with a theme “Magagandang Kaugaliang Pilipino: Isabuhay at Pagyamanin tungo sa Matiwasay at Maunlad na Kinabukasan.” organized by the School ESP Coordinator, Ms. Saima A. Liawao under the supervision of the school principal, Mr. Mario T. Endico. The program aims to enrich and strengthen Filipino values and culture and was enjoined by Grades 4-6 learners who showcased and exhibited their talents through a slogan and poster making contest where they expressed their love and pride for Filipino values.

Kylle David P. Sumayang, a Grade 5 learner under the advisory of Mrs. Ma. Pilar Villaruel won the First Place in poster making contest. While, a Grade 6 learner, Khyrie S. Fusana, under the advisory of Mrs. Melody D. Cortez won the slogan making contest. The event was hosted by Ms. Rose Anne Hernandez. #FilipinoValuesMonth #ProudofFilipinoValues

FILIPINO VALUES MONTH ‘22 | Cuneta Elementary School (2024)
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