I hate people. How do I leave Earth and not die? (2024)


I hate people. How do I leave Earth and not die?


2015-08-18 20:02:00 UTC

I hate people. How do I leave Earth and not die?

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Jedi Jan

2015-08-20 01:31:37 UTC

I guess the best option is to dial up Dr Who. There are not many places on the planet that are remote enough away from the likes of people and those that are available are not very hospitable at all. You could try cybernetics or try to have your body cryogenically frozen and transported to one of those Earth like planets NASA etc has been finding of late ... the trouble there is that they are light years from Earth. Then again, you could save up and buy yourself a self propelling yacht and set yourself adrift in the Pacific or somewhere similar. You would still have to watch out for those pirates if you drift towards SE Asia or anywhere near those Arab nations that seem constantly at War with one another. Maybe send off any email to the Church of Scientology and see if they have an answer for you. They are convinced they will be sent a spaceship to go live with aliens and that may just be up your tree. Hope that is enough suggestions for you. In the meantime all you can do is try to stay home and hide away from those pesky humans. I catch your drift but sometimes you just can't get what you want, but perhaps what you need. Yes, now I am quoting the Rolling Stones. Good luck and bon voyage! To infinity and beyond! Live long and prosper! Cheese and whiskers!


2015-08-21 17:02:50 UTC

Evolution is the only option, you leave Earth by changing it . If you hate humans and want to leave Earth you will first have to stop hating yourself by evolving into something else which is the first step. You simply must throw away the fact that this planet is not called Earth if you take this path.

How to evolve: Change how you live , change the meaning of life in your perspective (not the human way), living in a different environment will make you adapt to the situation therefore if you live underwater you may develop fins after a few years. Evolving into another species will take time (sometimes generations) but if you are persistent and have a bit of luck you will be able to evolve faster than others.

Being rid of human features you may now begin to copulate your new planet with your newly founded species (You can copulate with humans but other creatures would be recommended if you hate humans ). Before you proceed this guide any further you must keep in mind that this will take a lot of hard work to do in order to rid of Earth. People will soon notice you (This will happen ). Currency is no longer known to you, feel free to take anything you like.

You will have 2 choices here : Live peacefully somewhere isolated form humans or rid of the humans by destroying them completely (On a single region or the whole planet )

If you are attacked by humans, let them wound you BUT you must survive in order to evolve /adapt again against harsh environments. Once you have the ability to withstand such attack without feeling pain , retaliation is an option ....

Once you have become the superior species and top of the food chain , you can now evolve the planet into your own planet , How? that is entirely up to you !

Success: You leave Earth by changing it and people no longer ex-hist near you (if you choose so)

2015-08-23 11:28:51 UTC

Lets be reasonable...the only thing wrong with Earth is the people You don't need to leave Earth, you only need to leave society. There are several ways to do so. Here are a few:

1. Build a secluded cabin in the mountains and become a mountain man.

2. Acquire an island that has potable water. You can buy them, invade them, or discover them. However, bare in mind that if you plan to never see people again you'll need to survive on the natural resources of your island..

3. Move into a cave or cavern. Choose carefully though, many of them flood.

4. Move to the Amazon. You may bump into a scientist from time to time but if you live in the rain forest you can bet you'll have a lot of privacy because there aren't very many people who know how to live among so many deadly species.

5. Live aboard. Buy a boat and sail into the horizon. You can theoretically live out your life at sea but most live aboards prefer to come into shore occasionally for supplies. So they don't completely leave society but their interactions with it are minimal.

6. Buy a lot of land somewhere, build a house in the middle of it, and make sure there is a wall around your land. Raise cattle or something that you can kill for food and also make sure you have a reliable fresh water source.

Fort Erudite

2015-08-19 16:40:54 UTC

I suggest you learn to tolerate those you dislike instead of hating everyone. How about changing your attitude to a positive outlook on the human race? Hatred is just like a cancer. It will eat you away.

You must make do with what you have on this spaceship called earth. Sorry, but I don't think anyone can stop this planet orbiting a sun and drop you off the nearest habitable world.

Do you have any good role models or fictional heroes that you admire? Learn from them. There are real versions of all the characters such as rebellious Luke Skywalker, a smart Princess Leia, irreverent Han Solo, recalcitrant Captain Kirk, and a cerebral Mr Spock in every society. You are not aware of them because you see the negative side of people. Focus on the good aspects from the good people in this world. Forget about all those deadbeats, scumbags, and idiots in society who give the human race a bad reputation.


2015-08-21 14:17:36 UTC

There's nothing you can do to leave Earth unless you become an astronaut and spend lots of time in the international space station but even then you're with 5 other people but you could probably spend a lot of time away from them looking down at Earth. To do that you would have to become very smart in multiple areas of science. You could also try to become part of one of the manned missions to mars. You won't see many people when you go out and do that. But then there are other things you can do to stay here and pretty much avoid people. I would recommend moving to somewhere in New England where you are close to society so you can still have things you need and want but not really have to be near people. There are lots of places in the country like that too if you don't like the New England weather. Also my grandfather worked in a boiler room for years and doing that you spend basically day after day alone in a boiler room. He would bring his computer and stuff and basically you get paid to sit there and be ready for an emergency which rarely if ever happens. Maybe you could become a writer or a screenwriter. They sit alone for days or months on end just writing. Of course if you ever want to sell your novel or script you'll have to go out and meet lots of people which won't be much fun for you. I would also recommend getting some cute pets like guinea pigs. They have lots of character. And my last option for you: You could move to a buddhist temple in the himilayas and never come back; that might be one of the better choices, because you're kind of leaving Earth without having to risk your life too much.


2015-08-19 13:59:40 UTC

You should do some soul searching and find the reason why you hate all of mankind. Is it because humans are not perfect? Is it because you are socially dysfunctional? Is it because the world has become seemingly kayos?

Search for the answer why you feel this way.

Then, recite and believe in the serenity prayer. You have no control over others, but you do have control over you, you can't change the world, but you can change your outlook and attitude.

I wonder also.... if you don't bond with humans, how is your relationship with animals?

You may find more happiness in the company of a dog. They are very loyal, and great companions. They also give unconditional love, which is rare to find among humans. I have heard many people say, being with their dog brings them joy. Take control of your life, you have to find something that will give it meaning. You can do it....checking out is not an option.

2015-08-19 20:31:51 UTC

Sorry, you can't leave the earth without dying (unless you become an astronaut). If you hate the people you are around or see each day, move. Move to a different part of the country, try something new. If you live in a city try small town living (or vice versa) . You'll find people are way different. Each group of people is different, so it is impossible to hate all people until you've met them all, or at least their groups. My point is you don't hate all people, because you don't know all people. So, go find some new people.


2015-08-20 16:08:15 UTC

If you hate people then go live on a deserted island as a recluse or a hermit. There are many isolated dwellings or caves high up in a mountain range somewhere on this planet where no one will bother you.

Unfortunately, if you choose to detach and disconnect yourself from that human interaction, and from 21st century society, then you may encounter others or malcontents who feel the same way.

Then you must make alternative arrangements until someone invents teleportation device or a spaceship that can travel at lightspeed/warp power to other planets in a few decades. Then you will may meet weird aliens who behave even worse than human beings and end up on their dinner table. Or some bug eyed monster that eats human flesh for breakfast.


2015-08-19 19:26:10 UTC

Well it is techniqually not been done yet, but im not gonna science this up. I used to hate people to and really just wanted to disappear. I get this anger inside me that is just awful and I would want to punch something. So one time I punched a wall and whamo there was a big old whole in the wall, but the point is that you have to let that hatrid out so I did a sport. Mine was MMA because I liked damaging things (LOL my bad) but I created so many friendships and bonds and found love and I I need to remember that I am responsible for making myself happy. Of course this isn't the only solution; theres hobbies, reading, and finding emotional support aka a best friend. But don't depend on other people to make you happy, because if you lose that person youll be back at where you started. (excuse horrible spelling but hope it helped get well soon)


2015-08-19 06:06:53 UTC

Clearly, most of the people answering these questions have 0% empathy for you. Just calm down think rationally about what just happened to you because you cant simply HATE humans,

you are upset by something and you are blaming humanity as a whole but subliminally just those few people who hurt you. If you hated humans you would ask this question to your cat not us Loool.

It takes time to heal and forget people's transgressions against you. However sometimes we need to accept when we have done something wrong and people have reacted negatively.

I can tell by your tone "leave earth" and not come back you've been hurt somehow. Stay calm and go talk to your friends about it, just go and find something to distract or motivate you, go watch a movie, go play a game. You'll forget all about it

Jim Langston

2015-08-21 12:27:10 UTC

Many answers to this.

First from a scientific point of view: One way is to try to join the Mars One project and go to mars in a rocket ship. It'll be a few years yet until you can jump in your own rocket and go to any planet you want. Back in the earlier science fiction of last century we were supposed to be there by now. Depending on how young you are you might have a chance, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Second from a spiritual point of view. It is said in the Bible that he who hates his live shall save it (John 12:25 "He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal." so by hating your life you are at least on the right path to eternal life where... you don't die. I don't believe you're going to get off the earth without dying, though, unless two things happen. 1. You become saved and 2. Jesus comes back within your lifetime.

The third is from a psychological point of view. A lot of people actually hate people. It's not necessarily the people that we hate, but the things they do. You should take some small comfort in being able to recognize the wrong in what people do. it is good to realize, however, that none of us are perfect, including you. That being said, wouldn't it be easier to live your life not hating people, but feeling sorry for them and using your life to benefit mankind?

2015-08-20 01:15:35 UTC

I would start by chartering a space craft. This will be quite an expensive endeavor, so you may need to work to save up to do so. You wont get very far away from earth, and it wont be for very long, so you may consider devoting yourself towards researching a new energy source that we could use to do so.

Even if you could travel to other planets, the other ones in the solar system are not very good to live on. There are other planets in the habitable zone of nearby star systems, but we have no idea if they are capable of supporting life, let alone our life. They are also at least 20 light years away, so you could not live long enough to reach them, even if you had some sort of way to get to some fraction of the speed of light.


2015-08-19 05:10:00 UTC

WhAt is the reason you have hate from people i know a little because you are in that society which do not have the honest guys or do not have helpful guys for you and more, so make an other place for your self move from their place to an other you will feel that humans are best creatures of allah in the earth. When you leave earth so you ban it the rules of allah which death is privilege of allah keep calm and be positive about your decisions.


2015-08-20 10:17:55 UTC

Jump! get on a plane! sky dive! swim? technically you're not on earth then and they are wuite fun things to do.

haha just kidding, tryin to keep it light, ya know?

Maybe you could enter into a world of your own? Where you decide what happens? Like.....WRITING. you could write fanfictions, books, poetry. You are in control of the words. You can make people you hate die over and over in excruciating ways but never be arrested.

Or every time someone you hate annoys you, just listen to '********' by Kate Nash. Really cheers me up.

You could make cookies in the shape of your enemies and burn them on purpose. Ah who am I kidding? No one can hurt cookies on purpose. Cookies are the bomb.

You could draw what you feel. Every time Ido that, I have to burn the paper, but still. Worth a shot.

Write a will. It really puts everything in perspective when you actually consider what you want to happen to all your stuff when you're dead, so give it a try.

Lastly, get a pet. Nothing stops you being annoyed more than telling all your problems to a cat that just farts and stares at you. Also, a pet is loyal, protective and will never fail you. Plus they're adorable. Plus, if you got a big rottweiller, or perhaps a particularly fierce Chihuahua, it could scare people into not annoying you?


2015-08-21 19:08:02 UTC

I had to laugh out loud , then the seriousness of your post brought up memories of how I felt at one time and still do at times. I relate. I don't know how you can leave Earth without dying. Try not to hate all people. Some people in our lives or that we meet , can really help us understand , be open to that at least . But yeah , I get the gist of what you are saying and you are not the only one that feels that way.

2015-08-20 07:32:50 UTC

Well, leaving earth would be tough.

Maybe, if you dislike people, you could become a hermit and live alone in the middle of nowhere, grow your own food, raise cows/goats, and chickens etc, so you can have milk, cheese and eggs. It'll suck when you get ill and need a doctor though, I guess you could learn herbal stuff for colds and basic things though.

Maybe have a two pet dogs for company and protection, and a cat or two keep mice and rats away.

Good luck escaping humanity friend! :)


2015-08-20 02:27:09 UTC

Hard to do. You can die and leave earth. Done that. And you can return to earth & life after death. Done that. But to leave earth and not die takes more money than most have. The 3 or 4 who could do that do not plan to leave soon.


2015-08-19 16:13:56 UTC

If you 'hate humans' then think about yourself, do u hate you? Because you are kinda human...

But I say evaluate your feelings, why do you hate all humans?

Did someone do something to you? Was this question just a irrational angry post because a partner just broke your heart?

If you really want to escape man kind you don't have to leave the planet to do so.

You could rent (or buy) a secluded cabin or house in the country, forest, beach, wherever you feel most comfortable or calm.

Then just evaluate your being.

Big Sean

2015-08-21 00:39:34 UTC

It's very simple, get declared insane, your state will institutionalize you and place you on psychotropic drugs, that way you can live out the rest of your life trapped within the confines of your mind. Just think, your mind could become your own little private universe with a population of 1. On the other hand, to normal people working at the institution, you'll be the guy shivering in the corner, drooling on himself and staring into space.

Trust me, hate doesn't work, it just drives you crazy, destroys your meaningful relationships and ruins your health. Try to find something else to do with your time.

2015-08-23 08:56:12 UTC

That must be terrible to hate all people, even a little old lady down the street that never did anything bad to you, but only baked you cookies just because she was a nice little old lady, you would hate her too?

Why did you not sign up to go to Mars? In a year or two they are sending up a few people, I think 6 or 8 or something like that. Of course you hate them too but after you get up there you could go off on your own. maybe find a cave somewhere to live in, I think there are some trees up there and a little bit of air and I think they found some ice too. You might even find an abandoned structure up there that those people or things lived in before they left that planet, you could live in their old city.

You might be able to even stand out in the desert over by Roswell site and call out to the aliens and maybe they would pick you up and take off of earth.

I think maybe you should try to not hate every last person, there must be someone out there that you can have as a good friend.

Philip C

2015-08-20 06:04:16 UTC

Sometimes when I need to take a break from people I meditate to block the world drama from my consience. When I was a full practicing Witch I loved to circle cast which is a magical prayer type process to create a small sacred area separate from the Earth so that I could focus on personal goals of self improvement and rest.

Its nice to take a break from the Earth and the human drama for awhile and whem I come back from the Sacred World I Cast, I am better focused and rested to be able to better handle this sometime stressful world we live in.

Here is a simple Circle Cast Ritual I perform to give you an ideal how to set up a Circle. Usually I just set up a circle and meditate to oblivion but in this particular casting ceremony I wanted to pay tribute to the Winter season we were in back in 2014. Although it is nice to have some alone time from the World, my casting sessions taught me that humans are not as bad as they seem. We are imperfect creatures, but the potential for growth and love is infinite when we have connection with one another and that is the way I feel it should be. Blessing my friend and wishing you peace in your life's journey!


2015-08-20 10:26:36 UTC

If a person's brain is wired to hate people, that's just how they will be. The best thing would be isolation of some sort. That does not mean you have to leave the planet, just means you have to find a place where you can live in solitude, don't come out unless absolutely necessary.


2015-08-19 14:16:44 UTC

Okay first thing I would like to start of with is if you are just trolling the internet bad joke, but if you truly hate the whole human race that's weird and unheard of a person hating their own kind, which anyways that is messed up and if you mention those kind of things in society people are going to be looking at you like some sort of alien or world dominator

Herbert Jay Rosenfield, LCSW

2015-08-21 07:43:16 UTC

I'm really am sorry, fdsafadsf, that the human race has let you down so much. I understand your feelings of frustration and disappointment, to a degree, because even I have sometimes snarkily said out loud, "I love mankind. It's people I can't stand!" Even your choosing "fdsafadsf" is a metaphor for your avoiding really connecting with us and that you can't fully tell whether you are comfortable coming from the depth of your feelings and isolation getting into communication with the YahooANSWERS! community whom you have asked. I am very glad that you still prefer to live ... and that you asked us!

John, who just joined into the YA Community on the 18th, had it right that you have been hurt, perhaps repeatedly, by folks whom you trusted. Fort's good recommendation is that you lean toward and learn from the fictional characters you admire ... and then seek out folks who live those ethical characteristics. Rachael's helpful input is that, by your getting involved in 'something' that would interest you, you would be taking a step forward in the "responsibility for making yourself happy". And -- perhaps -- you might even meet some people with similar interests whom you could grow to trust. D's idea of your getting a dog and Brandon's of your moving to another part of the country/world, away from those folks who have hurt you, each have merit, as does Ajmal's of turning toward a more spiritual direction. Some of the responses you received from the folks who answered your inquiry scientifically many be avoiding looking at their own feelings ... and staying in the intellectual part of their brains.

Maybe, fdsafadsf, your might even consider the positive reality that there are numbers of people, real people, who cared enough to take the time and effort to respond to your question.

I'd like to add my suggestion that you consider finding a therapist who may be able to assist you to identify and to heal from the injuries that have been inflicted directly upon you by 'people'. And give your some encouragement and suggestions on how you can channel your perhaps appropriate disdain for the cruelty and dysfunction of us humans into healthy, positive, healing actions that would benefit you and us.

"We do not choose the vessel. But much can be done by guidance at the helm and the management of the sail." We wish you, fdsafadsf, better seas and more helpful winds at your back.


2015-08-19 22:22:33 UTC

I take it you don't mean you physically want to leave the planet, but rather want to disconnect from people. Well, the afore mentioned advice by respondents is helpful, but I would add this. No one is responsible for your happiness except yourself. If you are expecting others to step in and make you happy, you are bound for disappointment. I discovered a long time ago to be proactive in your relationships, and your life goals. People tend to gravitate toward a person who is positive in nature, and shows a degree of certainty in direction. Never beat yourself up, be your own best friend.


2015-08-19 04:15:14 UTC

First step: read a book. Read a really in depth crazy fantasy boom and just take yourself away from everything. You won't be on earth anymore you'll be in your own little private Narnia world.

Heck , read the Narnia series, or LOTR, most are free on kindle.

If you hate people read some of Oscar Wilde's books, he hates people too. You can live on his earth for a while.


2015-08-20 20:09:43 UTC

Step 1: Get incredibly rich

Step 2: Build a billion-dollar rocket that you can board and leave Earth with

Step 3: Leave.


2015-08-20 19:34:57 UTC

I don't blame you for the way you feel. Humans can be inhuman. Some are brutal, nasty selfish, self-absorbed and violent. But there are a few humans on this planet who are still human. They're usually the ones involved in animal rescue, wildlife protection and habitat protection.

Perhaps you can get involved in such activities, or maybe you can go to the animal shelters and spend time with the cats and dogs who have been abandoned by despicable humans. I think they will appreciate the attention and love.


2015-08-21 11:41:46 UTC

You could get a job aboard the International Space Station. But I don't think that's what you're looking for. Some people choose to live as a hermit in the mountains. It's a hard life, but that's an option.


2015-08-22 12:53:43 UTC

So GOD created people in His own image and blessed them and it was very good. Why do you hate God's creation? you are only hating yourself right? think about it.Learn more about YOURSELF first and enjoy it, than you'll handle everybody else better.You need to know why you are here.

You will discover that your life is just as important as the rest of us,don't be afraid to give a little of yourself to others , you have talents,so love, direct,instruct,help in some way and soon you'll find how much better is to help (if can't love in the beginning) than to hate. God bless


2015-08-23 11:08:27 UTC

Sooner or later you're going to realize, just like I did, that all the things you hate about other people, are really things you don't like about yourself.

Does it piss you off to see people acting like jerks, causing other people to suffer simply by being their normal, angry selves? Have you never had an experience where your own anger got out of control, and hurt others?

Perhaps its bigots that make you angry; people who thinks themselves better than others, intolerant of anyone with different beliefs than your own. If you peel back the layers of your own subconscious, you will find that you have a certain kind of bigotry as well. After all, your statement that you hate people is equivalent to saying that you find people different than yourself intolerable.

Or maybe it is hypocrites that you hate; people who say one thing, but do another. In time, you will find that every human being is not without his share of hypocrisy, right down to the President, the Pope, Ghandi, MLK and the rest. If you look hard enough at yourself, you will discover that you are no different.

Learning to accept your own shortcomings, to forgive yourself and aspire to be a better person, will enable you to forgive others as well. Eventually, your hatred for others will die away, to be replaced by empathy and compassion, for you can now see yourself in them.

Whenever you feel hatred towards, ask yourself, "is it possible that I have the same shortcoming that just made me feel anger?"


2015-08-19 20:55:17 UTC

I take it you don't mean you physically want to leave the planet, but rather want to disconnect from people. Well, the afore mentioned advice by respondents is helpful, but I would add this. No one is responsible for your happiness except yourself. If you are expecting others to step in and make you happy, you are bound for disappointment. I discovered a long time ago to be proactive in your relationships, and your life goals. People tend to gravitate toward a person who is positive in nature, and shows a degree of certainty in direction. Never beat yourself up, be your own best friend.

2015-08-23 14:44:03 UTC


Become an astronaut

Go on the one way trip to Mars


Take a nap

Listen to music

Go on a walk


Take a trip to the beach

Move to another country

Take a warm bath

Get a massage

Spend time on something you care about such as a creative project or hobby

Spend time with one person you do care about


2015-08-21 13:00:21 UTC

You mean you hate everyday people? Or do you hate living at home with parents? Just find a job and get your own apartment. Living alone is the best thing that ever happened to me. I moved out of my parents 6 months ago and I'm definitely enjoying the peace and quiet. But it does get lonely at times, that's when you get a girlfriend.


2015-08-19 11:56:46 UTC

Q the omnipotent prankster here. I'm pulling the Federation together and moving the United States - kicking and screaming like a stubborn little child - to introduce it to space and time exploration.

Hang in there. Over the next several years, you're going to hear leakage of a massive and once classified starship project that's underway in the Mojave Desert with about 110,000 contractors working on it, and the expansion of the spaceport in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

My advice is. Learn to hate people less. Or get that anger out by playing some FPS video games.

Study Star Trek. That's actually - in a way - historical documentation and what we're going to encounter as we take steps to space.

And rest assured. We will find you. I have already traced down your IP and physical location, and know your name, your personal history, and pretty much everything there is to know about you. And I know you don't hate people. You just hate yourself, which you will get over in about 3 years if my estimations are accurate (and they always are).


2015-08-18 20:07:08 UTC

Ever see someone Bungee Jump ? Instead of getting onto a high platform ,Take the cords and stretch them down to the ground. Then Put on the Harness and have Yourself shot into Space. Bring a lunch as You'll be up there for a long long time.


2015-08-21 13:45:18 UTC

You can't, but you can isolate yourself from people as much as possible. Some have suggested living as hermit in some remote place, but this can be extremely inconvenient. I have found it easier to be isolated in the middle of a big city where most people will leave you alone. It won't be complete isolation, but you can minimize you human contacts. P.S. You can have wonderful relationships with dogs and cats.


2015-08-19 02:55:32 UTC

If you hate people then live in the cave and be a hermit. How to leave Earth and not die? Be the Superman.


2015-08-19 15:43:28 UTC

It may be that the PEOPLE you hate most is yourself. Even if you leave Earth without dieing - you will not have gotten rid of the "people" you are. Start working to make changes so that it won´t be so bad to be around yourself and all the rest of us.


2015-08-23 07:29:43 UTC

At some point we will have to leave earth because from one of Stephen Hawkings theory the earth is heating up and it might get to hot for us to stay here! We would also have to leave because soon there will be too many people on earth and it will get crowded very quickly! It might take a while to find another habitable planet because not many of them have what we need and we don't know if there is anything else out there. One of the questions could be is there aliens and if so are they going to hurt us! Whenever someone leaves earth like an astronaut they take a great risk of failing and dying! That is why you would have to be trained as well!


2015-08-20 18:38:21 UTC

I hope I'm understanding your question correctly, but you might want to try vipassina (mindfulness) meditation on your own. Been around for thousands of years and it's a great way to sort of zone out and transcend reality and social situations. No need to buy anything! Just YouTube "Mindfulness Meditation" and I think you'll be surprised at what you come across.


2015-08-21 23:12:14 UTC

First be a human being not an animal like the historic criminals. Learn more and more about religions, historical stories and humanity. When you success to have a life which is saluted by most of the good peoples, then you will never die..


2015-08-19 17:05:03 UTC

Ok I hate people to for many reasons! I have felt suicidle and wanted to leave but to afraid to die. Like you I was wasn't happy. To this day I hate people but you just need to push through, it does get better. Just focus on the things that are important, your job, family ext and try to take your attention away from people to find things you enjoy. I found that I could lose myself on YouTube (sounds stupid but it's my place to relax and feel good) and you need to find something like that. Reading, sport, exercise, games anything. Just try to find something and be open minded as well. I hope this helps and I hope you overcome your problem :)


2015-08-21 23:43:28 UTC

Can dig yourself a under ground, nothing there but dirts.. Than buy yourself 20 years worth of foods that doesn't expire, waters, and lot lot of books.. perhaps some Candles.. You'll be alone down there, just hopefully you won't get sickness or Kidney stone! XD.

Its wishful thinking but it won't work like that.. I can be loner, can you?

Edit: Oh btw that mean NO COMPUTER with Internet connection or TV.


2015-08-21 09:58:29 UTC

You don't have to leave earth to get away from people. Be a hermit and live in an obscure place in the mountains or woods.


2015-08-21 09:18:12 UTC

You leave the earth and settle on the planet other than our earth where there in no human. life never end the thing which we consider death is an interval between our present and future life.You have to live for ever but each time with different form.

2015-08-21 19:46:12 UTC

It's impossible. There are no other planets that can sustain human life. Even if they built a space station, you still wouldn't be happy. Why? There would still be people there. Try finding people that you like (or don't hate) and build friendships and relationships.


2015-08-25 20:12:41 UTC

Aww I'm SRY to hear that...even if u hate people doesn't mean that some of them hate u...I'm sure there r at least A FEW people that love u so much and u should just ignore everyone else and focus on the ones who love and care for u


2015-08-20 10:36:45 UTC

Escape from Earth in another world- an mmo game (2nd life, etc..), a video game (Dragon Age, Skyrim, Baldur's Gate), interactive videos, movies, shows, internet, books (Harry Potter and the Abhorsen series are great!) And comics.

I hate humans, too, so this is how I escape from them. I also create interactive games and worlds, too.


2015-08-20 19:50:51 UTC

Well these other guys have no idea what they are talking about, as there is a secret portal below the surface of this earth and will take you to another planet that no Human can see for another Billion years and there is like parties and like Bitchez and rap n stuff :)

2015-08-18 20:03:50 UTC

Start building that spaceship. Or, if you cant, perhaps look into how to live as a recluse, if you really cant stand people. There are plenty of places that are remote and quiet Im sure. Nothing wrong with being reclusive, and dont let others convince you otherwise.


2015-08-21 15:30:50 UTC

I hate people also and have a ship that could get us off this alien planet .But if I took you along and I hate you because you are people or you hate me because I am people and one of us would kill the other because we hate people. So why don't we just stay on this alien Planet until we find someone ta love ...

2015-08-19 21:37:50 UTC

This is the biggest joke for me till now. I mean look at you you hate people and then asking people how to leave earth. I hope you understand this.


2015-08-24 02:10:14 UTC

You likely had the same situation as me. I HATED people around me, but it turns out that was just because of California. Met some people from Texas, best people I've ever met. They felt like they were real and honest by nature, instead of California's kind of motto of "If you want to reach the top, turn your friends into your stairs"


2015-08-21 14:09:31 UTC

If you truly hate humans then you hate yourself. That is the real issue. Why do you hate yourself? God made you for a purpose, not to throw you away. It is this purpose that is the only thing in the world that matters. Stop trying to be happy and stop looking at other people. Look towards God and ask him to come to you. He has promised that if you do this you will find him.


2015-08-20 02:31:33 UTC

lol is this some kind of joke?

Why are people taking this person so seriously?

of course he's not actually gonna leave earth.

I'd like to see him try.


2015-08-22 00:33:55 UTC

May be join space projects??? that way you could go to some distant planet and spend time on a space ship or something, and then have time spent away from earth in a quiet and peace.....although, adapting to a life there has to be difficult.


2015-08-19 11:20:17 UTC

Astral Projection

2015-08-21 13:47:57 UTC

1. Rocket / Space Ship

2. Large wings, lungs with infinite air supply, and ability to resist earth's atmosphere

3. Mermaid Orb (found in Atlantis)


2015-08-23 08:41:02 UTC

I wish you would dial up Dr. Who and I would leave with you, I also dislike the people. I have friends who over the years every time they called I rushed over to help them, often did work for them and didn't ask for money.

I recently was in the hospital and none of them came to visit me. This really hurt my feelings. They always want you around to help them but then when you're sick they don't care.


2015-08-19 19:28:35 UTC

I'm with you. I'm so tired of being on this earth. It's like you try to improve yourself, be the best you can for yourself, others, the planet, etc. but you will always be outnumbered by people who do the exact opposite. I'm still trying to find the answer to this also.


2015-08-19 15:48:01 UTC

I think this is a troll, remember that we are all humans and all of us can hate at some point but too much of anything is harmful. learn to let go deeper or core beliefs that results into your character. Before getting beneath the problem, it is wise to take notice of your negative actions and learn to let go slowly. Keep persistence and you surely will get over the feeling.



2015-08-21 10:42:00 UTC

Genuinely speaking to your question don't take me wrong because you do not want to live on earth I think you should pack all your things food, clothes and other necessary items and settle in mars and you know what? there are no humans settled in mars so you would not be like hating people anymore their.


2015-08-18 21:19:30 UTC

Salam You must do not hate people because they have no any mistake with you.All people are our sisters and brothers because we have the same ancestors Adam and Eve. You could not leave this earth without death and suicide is forbidden in Islam.Death is the privilege of Allah only


2015-08-19 07:58:37 UTC

I agree with me too. I believe in 2^7.

The way I see it... Alot of us are not actually on Earth... We're on Mars(Planet Of War).

Tbh with Snake Babylon with such a tight grip on Angel Babylon...

I know that Enoch didn't die. #TeamGod


2015-08-19 09:27:13 UTC

you could become buddhist and learn esoteric deep meditation, take drugs or alcohol, or become a hermit. all of things involve you avoiding what you do not like rather than learning to deal with it, cope, and live a meaningful life. what is worse, killing yourself and losing your life, or living your life without having a life? I have had the same struggle for over 20 years. none of the options i have listed are going to solve your problem. your problem can only be solved by you learning to work through your issues, therapy or medication or a combo will help. the only other option or answer to your question is to become and astronaught and leave the planet. let us be realistic, get some help.


2015-08-22 04:07:29 UTC

Too many long answers, don't leave earth, leave the place with people. go somewhere in the forest or something, where territory isn't controlled that much by government. Good luck.


2015-08-21 12:07:32 UTC

Read a lot of fiction books. Technically you're escaping from earth.


2015-08-21 02:07:16 UTC

I feel you. Well, I don't hate people, I'm disappointed because most people I know are dishonest, superficial, selfish and not very smart. I chose to do drugs (opioids & benzo's) to lower my iq and make me emotionally numb. It really works, though at the same time it obviously made my life meaningless.


2015-08-20 08:57:23 UTC


Hating people won't make relevant.......irrelevancy then when you become anti-social is that you hate stupid people and thats not your back up plan to become eggocentric with life....am sorry though even if you die reincarnation and evolution would'nt stop


2015-08-20 01:04:56 UTC

I do hate people too.. but If you hate people you actually hate yourselve.

There are great people outside, you just need to learn to look for great people.

If you dont go ouside you`ll remain without growing up.

Go outside and make more friends.


2015-08-20 08:05:53 UTC



2015-08-20 01:03:30 UTC

Please do some free Moodgym ANU to reduce your ill feelings

and increase your happiness first, then see Uni enrolments as to the types

or courses you might need to get into NASA.

Naturally reaseach Nasa yourself thanks.

Try if you can every day to just have a (great today) as well.

Best Wishes.

Mars Mission & Our Captain Wilf The Hero Dog Salute you!

Source:) Studies & Random Guesswork.

2015-08-20 18:53:17 UTC

Become an astronaut and go live on the international space station. However people and Earth are not the same thing, go live somewhere else e.g. in the rainforest away from people.

The Bricklayer

2015-08-18 21:19:17 UTC

You could find a cave and live as a hermit.

You will not leave earth,but you will not be with other people either


2015-08-20 04:48:41 UTC

Try buying some rocket and fly off to Mars with lotsa oxygen bottles, nourishing food, water and warm clothing.

Bon voyage!


2015-08-22 17:23:50 UTC

That is why a god (gods) whichever, was invented. He is better than people and you can talk to him via prayers to him. He can listen to all your troubles without interrupting you. He will not judge you unless you believe he will. He will not make people do things though. He is not allowed to interfere with the free agency of the human beings. But he will listen to whatever you have to say. Or if you just cry, he will listen to your crying and not make fun of you for crying. God comes in very, very handy. That is why so many of us need to talk to the God of their choosing. God bless you, dear person! May God love you and listen to you for the rest of your life.


2015-08-21 06:33:14 UTC

Go to a spacheship bring lots of food and go to the moon. Or mars. If you weren't a loser you would like Earth


2015-08-20 02:24:16 UTC



2015-08-20 10:13:47 UTC

Smoke a bowl of Mary Jane

2015-08-19 12:45:17 UTC

Trolls never leave the Earth they just find a Gnome from Gnome which is good for their Elf.

2015-08-19 07:02:05 UTC

I don't hate people I just don't like them. When I find the space ship that's leaving earth I'll let you know.☺


2015-08-23 10:57:21 UTC

Take a tour in Islam. Dive deep inside it you'll find something different. Something that will show you how to live in the earth while leaving it......trust me....you will


2015-08-19 14:18:09 UTC

Sign up for the one way trip to Mars. I'm not crazy about people either. So many attention whor*s and selfish, garbage people these days.

2015-08-20 14:46:21 UTC



2015-08-20 17:37:39 UTC

You don't.

The way to leave Earth is to die.

Don't worry. That will happen one day.


2015-08-19 20:40:44 UTC

Become an astronaut. Or, learn to tolerate people. Move outside of your city/town and live off the land. Alaska might be good for you.


2015-08-19 04:11:18 UTC

Just try an ordinary ship, and sail the oceans of the world alone. You will still be on the planet Earth, but you will not be on earth (as in ground).


2015-08-19 20:56:34 UTC

Become an astronaut. Go to the moon. Or Mars (can't promise there won't be alien interaction though)


2015-08-23 04:27:45 UTC

Yes people can be frustrating but you might find yourself disliking yourself if you leave earth so get over your dislike of others.


2015-08-20 04:36:09 UTC

Look for a Blue Police box with a mad man, I'm sure he'll be happy to take you away somewhere far away from any pesky humans...


2015-08-19 22:04:25 UTC

So what you wanna do is grab a noose, now it may seem like you might die but you won't. Instead buddha will take you on a wonderful journey through his anus and you will shoot out the tip of his co*ck and then you will be in the milky way your welcome


2015-08-20 06:50:55 UTC

You just might discover a place that is 50 times worse and then you would complain that you would miss people. Ah your just another ungrateful human being who just takes everything you have for granted.

2015-08-19 19:10:15 UTC

Live in the forest as a self-sustaining person, that's the best way to not encounter mankind

Live a life of seclusion if that'S what you do desire, research and then do it


2015-08-20 03:53:43 UTC

it's difficult for you that you are sent out of earth. So what you should try is to change your mind or physically change the environment around you. Hopefully my answer can be chosen.


2015-08-20 20:22:51 UTC



2015-08-19 10:15:10 UTC

Assuming of course you have the skills and materials to build a rocket big enough and powerful enough to break orbit of the planet with the power requirements and insulation needed to keep you from freezing, enough O2 storage to keep you from asphyxiating, enough water to keep from dehyrating, enough food to keep you from starving, enough waste storage for your ****... and your excrement, enough hull integrity to maintain atmospheric pressure without a breach, enough entertainment to maintain a health mental state, communications to enable contact in-case you want to come back, navigational systems to know where your going, the knowledge and materials for self medical treatment, ship repair and maintenance, the ability to fly a freaking ship and knowledge of the laws of physics to ensure you don't use your fuel thinking acceleration works in space, and the mathematical skill to solve the equations to 1: take off, 2: get into orbit, 3: break orbit, 4: get back into an orbit and 5: land from orbit. All this you need just to really think of taking off... assuming of course you had a brain to do all of this with... which you currently lack. Id start there.


2015-08-22 06:41:54 UTC



2015-08-21 03:32:20 UTC

NEVER leave Earth,

Say to the people that ITS MY LIFE and MY CHOICE of living happily


2015-08-19 03:03:36 UTC

You have to be consumed by something like gaming. It s gets your mind off things and usually it s free so it s a win win situation. So your best choice is to become a NEET.

Yiral Poof

2015-08-22 10:57:43 UTC


2015-08-20 04:07:22 UTC



2015-08-22 18:20:50 UTC

I'm so sorry youre like this; it must suck. But, look, it can't be that bad?

Don't you have people you love n care abt such as your family and/or friends? If you abandoned them, they might be devasted!

I pray and hope you find happiness :)

2015-08-20 06:28:20 UTC



2015-08-19 10:11:44 UTC

Oh this is a simple one. Go buy one of the deep space launch vehicles, get your self cryogenically frozen and launch yourself into deep space. You won't be dead, you'll be frozen. Just hope you find someone who can thaw you out without killing you.


2015-08-19 22:05:06 UTC

Take it one day at a time...step by step...hour by hour. People suck, you'll see that I'm assuming based on reply's to your question. And when u read the awful replies...remember, chin-up! At least your not them. Power through buck-on.


2015-08-19 13:24:28 UTC

I'm sure they're not too fond of you either. Take about 20 hits of pure acid and watch the universe engulf you.


2015-08-19 22:58:13 UTC

Kill everyone else.

Than you can live without having to deal with their crap.

And in a way you'd be saving the planet 😂

I feel ya mate.


2015-08-20 12:42:45 UTC

My launch window is four days from now. If you can make it to 9dgrs 32' 59.34"N--61dgrs 01' 59.20"W by then, you can come to Kerbin with me and test experimental spacecraft with inadequate safety features.

Bring your own snacks and beer.


2015-08-20 15:13:53 UTC

Dress up as Spock stand on a platform and say beam me up Scotty


2015-08-19 11:23:13 UTC

I think earth could actually be your saviour in a funny sort of way.

Dig a bloody big hole and live underground.

There, sorted.


2015-08-20 08:36:21 UTC

My poor person. Our Lord created all of us and He did it in love. He

gave His life for you---Why?? Because He loved YOU before you were

born. Let go of this hate and like others it just may turn into love. Love can be very rewarding--

how do I know? my Bible tells me so

montagne de jade

2015-08-19 09:43:46 UTC

Make an effort - to find positive things of the world around you: beautiful things (flowers, blue sky, soft wind, warm sun, birds, nice music and painting, ...), kind persons, cute babys, love between persons, etc. etc. Note them in the paper and make a list of "nice and beautiful things". It may help you to discover the positive face of the world...

2015-08-21 10:37:50 UTC

1. Get the materials to build a warp drive.

2. Build a starship.

3. Sail off to one of the habitable planets found in our own galaxy.


2015-08-19 14:25:50 UTC

Don't do that. You are worth living everyone believes that. You may not know it at the time but you are actually being inspired right now you just don't know who

2015-08-21 19:04:32 UTC

Call upon the God almighty! When he shows himself, pull out a gun and tell him that if he does not give you god-like powers you will shoot and kill him..

Once you have super powers you can escape the 3rd dimension and live in the fourth dimension.. The fourth dimension is where all the gods hang out because it is more fun and unpredictable..

have fun


2015-08-20 04:43:46 UTC

If you hate humans then why are u asking us a question? You should be making up ideas on how to get on another planet.


2015-08-21 11:29:34 UTC

You should think positive. Why blame others?

I advise you to study about Islam.I will help you see the World from a different angle.


2015-08-20 00:08:36 UTC

We are all going to die including YOU,so be a little more patient,and your turn will come around ok.


2015-08-19 08:52:10 UTC

I don't know where you live, but not all cultures are the same. Try to find a better country or culture to live in, if you can.


2015-08-23 14:35:34 UTC

In New Mexico there is a simulated space camp for living on mars. You could work/live there and pretend to be on mars.

2015-08-20 11:30:00 UTC

you don't need to leave Earth, just go become a hermit somewhere and live in the wilderness or something


2015-08-20 08:31:22 UTC

If you dont hate the earth too just move to a place where the population is just you,


2015-08-19 07:25:39 UTC

You cannot hate all people, there are too many different types.Try to stay away from the ones that bother you.

Jessica Deanna

2015-08-20 14:03:40 UTC

Take that one way trip to Mars in 2016 goodbye never come back

2015-08-19 21:04:31 UTC

You can't


2015-08-19 19:46:54 UTC

I felt the same way a few years ago. You need to figure out what you like to do and what your values are, then go find people who think the same way.

Peanut Charlie

2015-08-18 22:47:19 UTC

Do you really hate people? Why?

How about your own family, friends, neighbours, etc? Do you hate them?

Do you hate people because nobody understands you?


2015-08-20 21:38:59 UTC

Smoke weed and it'll take you to a whole new world little guy it's that simple


2015-08-23 22:26:52 UTC

I hate people too. We can go to live to alaska or something like that


2015-08-20 11:18:25 UTC

I think all you can say is I hate the people I'm around. I think you need to find new people to be around.


2015-08-21 04:58:32 UTC

Take out your communicator and say into it, "Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life down here". If that doesn't work I've no idea.


2015-08-25 16:48:09 UTC

You will go to Heaven if you are good in this life...therefore you never truly die. However, enjoy this life first...suicide is not the answer.


2015-08-20 04:39:07 UTC

Well you're here on Earth, so you can shut up and get on with it


2015-08-19 05:51:16 UTC

i have a better idea, move to northern canada, build your own home of the grid, and if you ever regret leaving people, you can go right back. not like you went to the moon and stuck forever


2015-08-21 07:50:17 UTC

Learn to like people, and you may see that we never truly die.


2015-08-22 10:28:22 UTC

make a time machine and go into the future where humans are FINALLY extinct. Be aware of the new atmosphere that has changed over the couple of millions of years.


2015-08-20 10:28:12 UTC

Pay $10 million to the Russian space program to send you to space


2015-08-23 17:02:07 UTC

Sad to say until we advance to that point we'l just have to endure and find the good people


2015-08-20 14:13:34 UTC

Apply to the space program--first manned Mission to Mars.

2015-08-21 16:15:38 UTC

Start a club with people just like you in it.


2015-08-20 16:52:05 UTC

Here is the good news, the brain can leave the body but the body cannot leave the brain. You and all others experience this every time you dream. The "Ole Fogey" A.A., B.A., Psy., Soc.

Happy Dude

2015-08-20 04:16:52 UTC

Form a circle of nice and compatible friends

Lady Morgana

2015-08-18 20:21:03 UTC

Industrial strength mind-altering drugs


2015-08-19 11:10:58 UTC

God needs to be in your life! You need to be saved. Once you have been saved, all your worries will be gone and you will have 0% hate for anyone or anything. God will help. I promise.

2015-08-18 21:49:23 UTC

There is a plan to terraform Mars. You will probably have to wait about 1,000 years before it is truly livable though.


2015-08-19 10:44:03 UTC

Inform me about what you do.I hate humans too!(pssst ...but thats because im an alien from kepler 252b)


2015-08-21 09:37:13 UTC

Scientists say we will be living on Mars by 2030, perhaps you can hold out until then.

2015-08-18 20:04:29 UTC

On the giant moon moth, but first you need to find the giant pink sea snail so you can breath during the outer space flight.

See leVel

2015-08-22 04:59:10 UTC

Book a berth on space station.


2015-08-22 20:57:28 UTC

Become an astronaut for NASA and live in a space shuttle.


2015-08-19 09:06:26 UTC

Just move to North Pole (north of Canada) or Mars (nobody there)


2015-08-18 23:02:54 UTC

Of course you hate people. That is normal for a Muslim. just live with it.

2015-08-23 20:40:45 UTC

Date a giant woman.


2015-08-18 21:58:30 UTC

Get a space ship and leave?


2015-08-22 15:48:41 UTC

Learn to live with humans, Sherlock


2015-08-19 16:55:33 UTC

look at your back-yard. go into it. sit down in the grass. smell the grass, look up at the sky. feel the sunshine.

take your clarinet and play music sitting in the grass. watch the wind in the trees.

try to make yourself a little tent in the back yard. get your blanket, and when the sun-sets, look up at the sky. go to sleep when you get tired.

wow, dude! you got a lot of stress. you need to relax.

don't you ever go to the beach?


2015-08-19 08:32:49 UTC



2015-08-19 17:17:22 UTC

Sign up for the mission trip to mars. I believe the trip is in 2020 so its not that far long.


2015-08-21 04:31:46 UTC

If you like people so you have to hate people. If you don`t like you won`t hate.

2015-08-20 11:03:34 UTC

its impossible to leave planet earth without passing away.


2015-08-19 09:42:25 UTC

Thats easy, go to Washington, DC


2015-08-19 15:56:19 UTC

Apply to go on that mars mission, and partake in a dumb reality television show.


2015-08-21 00:21:09 UTC

Smoke some Wax!! (Concentrated THC)


2015-08-20 01:10:20 UTC

Learn how to lucid dream. Then learn how to astral project. Good luck

2015-08-22 05:33:08 UTC

Get abducted by aliens then claim political asylum


2015-08-18 20:11:04 UTC

Join the volunteer mission to Mars


2015-08-19 23:40:27 UTC

meditation, day dreaming

do something that takes your mind away to another place. Relax or learn to operate people

2015-08-20 17:28:17 UTC

Go live on one of the Arann Islands

and enjoy your life


2015-08-23 01:52:06 UTC



2015-08-21 18:53:21 UTC

I guess a rocket stocked with a bunch of food.

Joseph hola

2015-08-22 13:31:13 UTC

You can't.


2015-08-20 14:01:18 UTC

Ask NASA or Dial Docter Who.

Midnight Rider

2015-08-22 19:49:32 UTC

Believe me, I feel your pain. I'd work hard at becoming a shut-in and recluse.


2015-08-19 02:13:09 UTC

Howard Hughes flew a lot, and therefore was inaccessible, like you want to be.


2015-08-23 07:05:10 UTC

Oh that's creepy . but i hate people too


2015-08-19 06:17:34 UTC

Love someone who doesn't love you back. Its like dying just not physically but mentally.


2015-08-20 02:56:41 UTC

Go to Mars


2015-08-18 20:02:15 UTC

Giant slingshot?


2015-08-20 17:06:38 UTC

I am like you, but my 'escape' is honestly just running. I run for many reasons...it is my therapy and meditation.


2015-08-19 03:44:59 UTC

If you do die, you will be reborn either an animal or human.


2015-08-21 13:23:29 UTC

Easy hijack a ship and go to space m90


2015-08-23 00:43:27 UTC

I think you don't have so many questions to do,Then Do you just created it for yourself?


2015-08-18 23:29:24 UTC

Try to practice Astral projection ;)


2015-08-19 22:11:20 UTC

live with nature....move to an acreage/farm, get a job doing farm work and live in the barn or sometimes they have seperate shacks for free rent for work


2015-12-01 23:47:21 UTC

Just get rid of your computer, then it will be almost like living on another planet!


2015-08-19 05:15:55 UTC

Please try to follow the age old trend. Consult your parents about it. Always follow your family tradition or the prevailing social customs in your area/locality about all these mental confusions.


2015-08-22 17:17:07 UTC

Find a deserted island.


2015-08-19 07:25:17 UTC

Try talking nasa for an experiment on you.


2015-08-20 10:13:51 UTC

Become an astronaut


2015-08-21 21:48:42 UTC

I don't know but if you find a way take me with you.

2015-08-18 20:03:02 UTC

Take a spaceship


2015-08-20 20:54:26 UTC

Just jump really high, you'll go into space, and then hold your breath.


2015-08-21 11:29:18 UTC

Wait until aliens come


2015-08-19 18:03:14 UTC

Fly until you decide to land and be content with life as it is.


2015-08-22 02:20:29 UTC

volunteer to be one of the the human brains piloting a probe into deep space

You will not be technically dead as the space probe makes you a cyborg


2015-08-20 02:36:32 UTC

Get abducted by aliens


2015-08-19 19:59:28 UTC

you can leave earth by a rocket or spaceship


2015-08-19 23:02:20 UTC

go through animals , horse cats dogs , spend sometime or care for them.through them they can lead you to trusting people again .They will love you unconditionally.


2015-08-22 01:39:49 UTC

well you can become an astronaut and fly a nasa mission to mars or other planets.


2015-08-21 12:16:15 UTC

Every body take die test, so don't forget it.....

Sweetdaddy Rex

2015-08-19 08:28:31 UTC

Sign up for the"Mars Program" !


2015-08-20 06:07:48 UTC

You could try Astral Projection...


2015-08-20 00:00:22 UTC

Give your life to Christ and prepare yourself for the Rapture praying you will be taken when it happens.

sanity lives

2015-08-22 05:52:58 UTC

one chair 500 helium balloons, tie balloons to chair. Enjoy the ride!


2015-08-22 09:47:54 UTC

you need to be born again. it is normal to hate and maybe you love people and dont know yet because you dont understand them.

2015-08-19 05:39:27 UTC

I understand you perfectly. Most people are stupid and arrogant. Just suffer, my friend, or find nice people.


2015-08-22 02:42:26 UTC

Mars One: http://www.mars-one.com/


2015-08-19 21:52:05 UTC



2015-08-18 21:38:15 UTC

Live in Rainforest..


2015-08-20 17:14:14 UTC

What you do, is grab a space ship and fly to the moon


2015-08-20 20:12:38 UTC

Become an astronaut!


2015-08-20 23:14:04 UTC

Well, you can send a message to NASA, ask them to send you to Mars, that would be possible, sir.


2015-08-21 16:07:32 UTC

Buy you a spaceship from NASA


2015-08-19 09:32:47 UTC

i hate people as well this world is a piece of crap


2015-08-18 21:15:16 UTC

I get this feeling sometimes, seclude urself from people and surround yourself with pets


2015-08-20 03:19:51 UTC

Secure your soul


2015-08-20 19:25:14 UTC

Become an astronaut.


2015-08-22 09:14:31 UTC

If you hate *everyone*, maybe the problem isn't with them, but with you.


2015-08-19 15:21:28 UTC

Realise how special and unlikely it was for you to actually be here, dont waste it.

Say Wha?

2015-08-20 12:30:24 UTC

Go to Sydney.


2015-08-19 12:47:23 UTC

call up the USS Enterprise and say, Scotty, 1 to beam up.


2015-08-20 06:36:53 UTC

don't leave erath. just lock yourself in your basem*nt and play x box


2015-08-22 05:26:09 UTC

ou should do some soul searching and find the reason why you hate all of mankind.


2015-08-20 20:00:53 UTC

Believe me, good alive than anything else

2015-08-20 02:33:54 UTC

Disappear into the world of books.

Alright alright alright

2015-08-22 16:45:56 UTC

i suppose just calm yourself and chill out and get a life thatt could work


2015-08-19 06:51:23 UTC

Earth is hell, there is no way out


2015-08-24 10:51:45 UTC

so heres what you gotta do. find Gandalf Dumbledore. hell bring you to hogwarts. youll be a wizard. the end


2015-08-21 12:54:35 UTC

This is the reason that many a man have become hermits.


2015-08-19 01:08:42 UTC

Learn astral projection, it is hard but worth it. : P


2015-08-21 07:33:22 UTC

do you even have to ask?

a rocket,it's the only answer

i heard NASA has lots of them


2015-08-21 17:28:38 UTC

its not possible. Consider a getaway? Vacation?


2015-08-21 00:52:43 UTC

that's a terrible idea

2015-08-18 20:03:10 UTC

5th dimension transport vehicle


2015-08-20 15:23:41 UTC

go into a medically induced coma


2015-08-21 18:14:51 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BU3iOo2-DI All you need to know if you wish to escape earths atmosphere and live.


2015-08-22 09:58:32 UTC

You can stay here, but live in your own world. This is what i do.


2015-08-21 15:18:28 UTC

Cmon you gotta stop

2015-08-20 12:01:34 UTC

become the hulk and hide some were like he did in the age of ultron


2015-08-23 02:48:03 UTC

I feel for you man! I experience the same life.

Anonymous Girl

2015-08-20 00:23:18 UTC

Fly to the moon :) become an astronaught.


2015-08-20 19:42:41 UTC

You need help


2015-08-20 12:49:35 UTC

welcome to my world!

But maybe look at moving to Alaska and find some valley way out there. do it like Jerimiah Johnston.


2015-08-20 01:50:57 UTC

You are a philosopher. You contract is NASA.


2015-08-21 13:19:03 UTC

ask nasa for a spaceship ride.

2015-08-22 20:24:50 UTC

You will be able to do that when potatoes grow brains


2015-08-21 20:23:35 UTC

Get on a plane?


2015-08-22 04:11:09 UTC

i hate people too

2015-08-24 13:54:19 UTC

If you hate me, why should I help you?

2015-08-19 18:10:48 UTC

learn the ways of the pigeon and become one of them. and then after that fly away to your freedom


2015-08-22 11:27:34 UTC

Drugs man you can go any where you want on drugs.


2015-08-19 14:16:09 UTC

hahahah your question made my day!!!1 but I dont have an answer im sorry!


2015-08-20 01:24:25 UTC

you could sell your sole to the dark lord satan and be free from everyone's bullsh*t 👏🏻


2015-08-22 21:08:27 UTC

You are frustrated. For this reason u are thinking like that.May god help you


2015-08-19 09:41:20 UTC

I don't know


2015-08-20 11:56:57 UTC

loose yourself in a good book


2015-08-22 15:43:59 UTC

if you hate all people, why do you think we should help you?


2015-08-19 13:31:56 UTC

You can become an astronaut🚀


2015-08-20 20:44:24 UTC

Okay u have sociopath and xenophobia.... talk to Dr. Who


2015-08-20 16:17:59 UTC

God loves you<3


2015-08-18 23:22:18 UTC

why do u hate people? don't be emotional. remember, emotion means demotion.


2015-08-19 03:33:37 UTC

Make your own spaceship.


2015-08-21 19:51:42 UTC

become a unicorn and fly in the meadows and become one with yourself

John Pearson

2015-08-19 09:00:43 UTC

You Cant DUMB ***!!!! People probably HATE YOU TO


2015-08-21 15:33:17 UTC

time travel


2015-08-19 13:29:16 UTC

Run very,very fast and jump very, very high.


2015-08-22 03:46:38 UTC

all man create creator.He creates us as poor rich.

2015-08-19 09:01:21 UTC

rocket or hot air balloon.


2015-08-18 22:18:48 UTC

Sell your soul to satan


2015-08-20 05:38:01 UTC

gather the 7 magic dragon balls


2015-08-22 11:25:24 UTC

the most people don't deserve the hate ?


2015-08-21 21:44:45 UTC

Be an astronaut.


2015-08-20 16:49:22 UTC

Yeah, you can't really.

2015-08-20 05:03:22 UTC



2015-08-20 01:53:07 UTC



2015-08-19 14:37:28 UTC

Go feral.

2015-08-20 03:18:34 UTC

blast yourself to uranus


2015-08-23 09:13:12 UTC

No way me to only one option. TO THE TARDIS!

2015-08-20 22:16:48 UTC



2015-08-21 13:48:32 UTC

on a spaceship


2015-08-20 14:27:51 UTC

make a spaceship

nisha a

2015-08-21 21:53:01 UTC

move to Alaska wilderness, no one will bother you there.


2015-08-22 04:25:36 UTC

go to another planet


2015-08-22 08:19:30 UTC

if there was a way, id have done it by now!

Orange C

2015-08-20 08:03:55 UTC



2015-08-21 23:14:05 UTC

The answers in the Bible and not in psychology


2015-08-19 16:09:56 UTC

What you talk about? O.o


2015-08-21 12:00:34 UTC

well at least you dont think your daughter is ugly


2015-08-25 14:48:37 UTC

You cant. But you can live with Jesus!


2015-08-21 13:06:02 UTC

Go to space :)


2015-08-20 05:28:22 UTC

Drugs, you gotta have drugs.


2015-08-20 20:15:20 UTC

You cant


2015-08-20 05:36:08 UTC

You cant


2015-08-22 15:29:16 UTC

Do LSD haha jokes


2015-08-22 04:22:18 UTC

burp them up

Alan H

2015-08-22 05:16:31 UTC

YOU are people, too


2015-08-23 05:38:03 UTC

Purchase a one way ticket to Mars...............


2015-08-20 21:05:33 UTC

your mums car


2015-08-20 13:09:50 UTC

You can join NASA.


2015-08-19 17:39:18 UTC

lmao this just made my day


2015-08-20 14:41:06 UTC

it cannot be done so this is what I do.....stop caring and poof...the hate goes away, no need to leave.....problem solved. your welcome.


2015-08-22 15:36:16 UTC

start dreaming


2015-08-21 02:52:59 UTC

work the night shift


2015-08-18 20:04:21 UTC



2015-08-21 10:34:19 UTC

use your imagination and off you go.


2015-08-20 23:35:23 UTC


2015-08-20 22:58:15 UTC

Go on meth


2015-08-21 01:55:22 UTC

go other planets.


2015-08-20 09:00:25 UTC


glen b

2015-08-21 18:07:06 UTC

you don.t

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I hate people. How do I leave Earth and not die? (2024)


What can I do if I hate the world? ›

Some examples of things you can do to deal with hate for everyone are:
  • Explore and identify triggers to anger.
  • Challenge cognitive distortions, such as overgeneralizations or blaming.
  • Identify your values and assess what may have been offended to cause your hate.
Jun 7, 2023

Can someone leave the Earth? ›

Science has already shown us that Earth is a closed system: our energy can travel far and beyond our imagination, but our bodies and the material world are all tied to Earth.

How to leave the world a better place? ›

7 Ways to Make the World a Better Place
  1. Volunteer your time at local schools. Whether you have a school-age child or not, children are the future of this world. ...
  2. Recognize the humanity of other people, and respect their dignity. ...
  3. Use less paper. ...
  4. Drive less. ...
  5. Conserve water. ...
  6. Donate to clean water charities. ...
  7. Be generous.

How can I help the world? ›

Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Earth
  1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Cut down on what you throw away. ...
  2. Volunteer. Volunteer for cleanups in your community. ...
  3. Educate. ...
  4. Conserve water. ...
  5. Choose sustainable. ...
  6. Shop wisely. ...
  7. Use long-lasting light bulbs. ...
  8. Plant a tree.

How do I stop feeling like I hate everyone? ›

Whether you want to rid yourself of the hatred you feel or manage its impact on your life, consider the following coping mechanisms.
  1. Examine your past and present relationships. ...
  2. Shift your perspective. ...
  3. Gratitude. ...
  4. Empathy. ...
  5. Patience. ...
  6. Meditation. ...
  7. Professional support.
May 26, 2024

How do you survive hatred? ›

A study from counseling.ufl.edu called, Coping with Hatred, suggests that setting boundaries, trusting your gut, and practicing self-care can be very impactful in the way you preserve your feelings towards others. Another great way to deal with this impossible emotion is to simply avoid generalizing.

Am I legally allowed to leave Earth? ›

In the realm of space law, the question of whether individuals can legally leave Earth remains open to interpretation. As private space travel continues to advance and commercial ventures aim for missions beyond Earth, the need for clear legal frameworks becomes increasingly pertinent.

How long until humans have to leave Earth? ›

Roughly 1.3 billion years from now, "humans will not be able to physiologically survive, in nature, on Earth" due to sustained hot and humid conditions.

Will humans be on Earth forever? ›

But how long can humans last? Eventually humans will go extinct. According to the most wildly optimistic estimate, our species will last perhaps another billion years but end when the expanding envelope of the sun swells outward and heats the planet to a Venus-like state. But a billion years is a long time.

Who left this world a better place? ›

This is to have succeeded." In his last message to the Boy Scouts, founder Robert Baden-Powell wrote: "Try and leave this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best".

What is one way to make the world a better place? ›

Advocating for positive change, participating in volunteerism, and challenging your negative thoughts are things that can make the world a better place. Try protesting injustices, recycle, and spread informative news that will motivate people to do better in the world.

Can humans change their behavior if given enough time? ›

People can change when they're self-aware, receive support, and become intentional about behaving differently. But, change takes time and it may be challenging in some cases. For example, if you live with a mental health condition that involves lifelong symptoms that may impact your attitude, habits, and behaviors.

How can I give to the world? ›

By doing your part, you can help others and help yourself.
  • Volunteer Abroad. ...
  • Donate Money to Global Organizations. ...
  • Take Your Skills Online. ...
  • Sponsor a Child. ...
  • Offer Material Donations. ...
  • Contribute to Local Efforts. ...
  • Advocate for Animals.
Jul 27, 2021

Is the world a better place today? ›

But again, for the world as a whole, everything has improved since 1990 except for the indicators of personal safety, personal rights, and inclusiveness, as the below chart shows. 1990 is grey and 2020 is dark blue.

How to get over hating the world? ›

How can I stop hating everyone?
  1. Identify the root causes of your hatred. ...
  2. Focus on the positive. ...
  3. Express your thanks. ...
  4. Separate the opinions from the person. ...
  5. Ramp up the communication. ...
  6. Reduce stress. ...
  7. Learn to love yourself. ...
  8. Protect yourself with boundaries.

Is it normal to not like the world? ›

It's normal to feel discouraged about the world.

Research has shown that people who feel depressed often make more accurate predictions of events than people who don't [1]. Lots of bad things happen in the world, and feeling bad about them is a normal reaction.

What to do when the world hate you? ›

How to Cope When You Feel Like Everyone Hates You
  • Check in.
  • Challenge your thoughts.
  • Distract yourself.
  • Address conflict.
  • Practice self-love.
  • Get support.
Jun 18, 2020

Why is there so much hate in the world today? ›

Rising political and economic tensions and a global pandemic have led to increased expressions of hate. Meanwhile, longstanding structures of power often perpetuate bias, stigma and enmity.

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