Indian Startups - Funding & Investors Data 2022 [Exclusive] (2023)

Ideas, creativity, and execution are essential for a startup to flourish. But are they enough? Investors provide startups and other entrepreneurial ventures with the capital—popularly known as "funding"—to think big, grow rich, and leave a lasting impact. StartupTalky keeps a watch on the funding activity that happens in the Indian startup ecosystem. You'll find the startup's details, the funding it received, and the investors' information here.

This Indian Startups Funding data for 2022 is periodically updated, so stay tuned!

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Indian Startups Funding Data (2022 - Monthwise):

Indian Startups Funding Data - August 2022
Indian Startups Funding Data - July 2022
Indian Startups Funding Data - June 2022
Indian Startups Funding Data - May 2022
Indian Startups Funding Data - April 2022
Indian Startups Funding Data - March 2022
Indian Startups Funding Data - February 2022
Indian Startups Funding Data - January 2022

Indian Startups Funding Data - August 2022

|Ockypocky|2015|Haryana|Videogames|OckyPocky is a interactive and personalised language learning app for preschool kids.|Amit Agrawal|Goodwater Capital and AngelList Quant Fund|$400000|Seed|
|TartanHQ|2015|Banglore|Information&Technology|Tartan is a payroll connectivity API company enabling consent-driven employment and income verification in real-time.|Pramey Jain|Varanium Capital Advisors and 500 Startups|$4500000|Seed|
|Voiz|2022|Banglore|Proffesional Services|VOIZ is a ‘future of work’ platform for simple online gigs|Diego Espinosa, Vineet Patil, Yvonne Espinosa|Omidyar Network|$200000|Seed|
|WebEngage|2011|Mumbai|Enterprise Software"|WebEngage is a marketing automation software that helps B2C companies drive more revenues from their existing customers and anonymous users.
"|Ankit Utreja, Avlesh Singh|Singularity Growth Opportunities Fund and Blume Ventures|$21100000|SeriesB|
|Credit Fair|2018|Mumbai|Financial Services|Credit Fair operates as a consumer lending fintech startup.|Aaditya Damani|Nikhil Chandra Gupta and Caspian Impact Investments|$25500000|Seed|
|Dezerv|2021|Mumbai|Financial Services|Deserv offers an integrated portfolio approach to investment, providing higher returns with lower risk.|Sahil Contractor, Sandeep Jethwani, Vaibhav Porwal|GTM Ventures and Whiteboard Capital|$27700000|Series A|
|Bizongo|2015|Mumbai|Packaging Services|Bizongo develops a tech-enabled B2B platform for packaging, apparel, and other customized goods.|Aniket Deb, Ankit Tomar, Sachin Agrawal|Debt Financing|$265300000||
|Jify|2021|Mumbai|Financial Services|Jify is building employee financial wellness via earned salary access and better money management tools.|Anisha Dossa Aibara, Anusha Ramakrishnan||$||
|CredAble|2017|Mumbai|Financial Services|CredAble is a FinTech platform that helps capital financing for vendors, distributors, and dealers.|Nirav Choksi, Rajiv Ramnarayan, Ram Kewalramani|Axis Bank and OAKS Asset Managemen|$58800000|Undisclosed|
|Cultures To Love|2017|Mumbai|Food&Beverages|Cultures To Love is the leading provider of Kefir, Yogurt, Kombucha, Sourdough & Tempeh products in India|Abhishek Agarwal, Akash Sharma|Insitor Partners and Alkemi Venture Partners|$7700000|Series A|
|Nykaa|2012|Mumbai|Beauty|Nykaa is an online marketplace for different beauty and wellness products|Falguni Iyer|Little Black Book|$148500000|Undisclosed|
|Eyestem|2016|Bengalaru|Biotechnology|Eyestem is a cell therapy company founded by a top-class management team.|Dr. Jogin Desai, Jogin Desai, Rajani Battu|Natco Pharma and Kotak Private Equity|$6400000|Series A|
|Scripbox|2012|Bengalaru|Financial&Services|Scripbox is an online mutual funds investment platform.|Ashok Kumar, Atul Shinghal, Sanjiv Singhal, Varun Girilal|Wealth Managers|$5500000|SeriesD|
|Lysto|2021|Bengalaru|Financial&Services|Lysto builds tools to standardise and showcase gamer credentials and reputation across games and platforms|Sadiq Ahamed|. Better Capital and BEENEXT|$1200000|Seed|
|Produze|2022|Bengalaru|Food&Beverages|Produze enables agricultural farmers to sell directly to worldwide merchants, providing them with consistent quality and reasonable pricing|Ben Mathew, Gaurav Agrawal, Rakesh Sasidharan and Emil Soman|Thirukumaran Nagarajan and All In Capital|$2600000|Seed|
|Sunstone|2014|Gurgaon|Vacational Education|Sunstone a higher education company that offers career-oriented training interventions for undergraduate and postgraduate students.|Ashish Munjal, Piyush Nangru|Alteria Capital and Westbridge Capital|$68100000|SeriesC|
|Enguru|2014|Banglore|Education|enguru offers an application that enables its users to learn English through interactive games and conversations|Arshan Vakil, Tahem Verma|LetsVenture and Arihant Patni|$4200000|Seed|
|Webnyay|2019|Delhi|Fintech|Webnyay is a sophisticated online dispute resolution ecosystem|Ishita Jindal|SucSEED Indovation and Inflection Point Ventures|$||
|Mojocare|2020|Banglore|Healthcare|Mojocare is a digital-first judgement-free wellness platform.|Ashwin Swaminathan|B Capital Group and Surge|$1800000|Series A|
|Winuall|2019|Banglore|E-Learning|Winuall is a teaching platform that creates online courses for schools, tutors, and content creators|Ashwini Purohit, Saurabh Vyas|Ankit Bhati and Inflection Point Ventures|$41000000|Series A|
|Merlinwand|2021|Hyderabad|E-Commerce|Tech enabled Personalized Storybooks|Sudarshan Vig||$1000000|Seed|
|Zlade|2015|Pune|Health|Zlade offers both male and female skincare products, as well as Ballistic trimmers.|Suraj Chaudhari|Corporate Round from Velocity|$110000|undisclosed|
|Redeminds|2021|Banglore|Edtech|Redeminds is an end-to-end career guidance platform that blends AI & behavioral science to empower students to discover their true potential|Nabarupa Chatterjee, Shiv Shankar Patnaik|Surfboard Ventures and Nishant Patel|$2200000||
|The Health Factory|2017|Mumbai|Food&Beverages|The Health Factory provides high-protein bread that transforms the guilty pleasure of chocolate into the high-protein and high-fiber.|Mohit Sankhala|Venture Garage and Vikas D Nahar|$2000000|Seed|
|Renkube|2017|Bengalaru|Solar|Renkube is a business with a focus on renewable energy, and its innovators are in the field of solar panel Motion Free Optical Tracking|Renkube. Balaji|K4 Forum Mumbai Network and Halliburton Labs|$2400000|Seed|
|Yostra labs|2014|Bengalaru|Healthcare|The firm manufactures devices to treat diabetes-related complications|Maruthy K N, Ram Mohan Rao, Sanjay Sharma, Vinayak Nandalike|Villgro USA and Indian Angel Network|$7380000|Seed|
|Coffeee|2021|Gurgaon|Information Technology|coffeee is an AI-backed pre-assessment and recruitment platform.|Gaurav Narang|Rameez Menon and Renu Satti|$4700000|Preseed|
|AutoNxtAutomation|2016|Thane|Automation|AutoNxt Automation is the world's first electric autonomous tractor company.|Kaustubh Dhunde|Virya Mobility 5.0 and Keiretsu Forum|$100000|Seed|
|Naagin|2019|Mumbai|Food&Beverages|Naagin Sauce is a food production company that makes hot sauces, chilli oils and spice essentials|Arjun Rastogi, Kshitij Neelakantan, Mikhel Rajani|8i Ventures and Abhishek Bachchan|$7500000|Seed|
|BuyEazzy|2021|Delhi|Fashion|BuyEazzy is a female-focused online group buying app|Hariher Balasubramanian|Superb Capital and M Venture Partners (MVP|$1300000|seed|
|Sunday Design|2021|Delhi|Manufacturing|Sunday Design offers modern products made in India but designed in Italy.|Gautam Baid|QRG Investments and Holdings and KC/LLC|$2800000|seed|
||2021|Bengalaru|Information&Technology| is a single stop platform that enables product teams to define, manage, and collaborate on their products|Prashant Mahajan, Vaibhav Devpura|BEENEXT and Radiant SFO|$3400000|seed|
|Prolance|2020|Bengalaru|SaaS|Prolance is a B2B SaaS based marketplace for the interior industry.|Vivek Parasuram|Force Ventures and Foundamental|$2000000|seed|
|Metamorphosis|2015|Hyderabad|Communities|metamorphosis is an Entrepreneurial Spirit that seeks to aware young minds|Pavan Allena|BuiltWith|$||
|EyemyEYE|2020|Gurgaon|Internet|EyeMyEye provides a wide range of eyewear from in-house collections and international brands.|Deepak Arora, Ganesh Iyer, Manish Kumar, Nikhlesh Madan, Sunil Raut, Vinay Kumar|LetsVenture and LC Nueva Investment Partners|$598800000|Series A|
|RuskMedia|2019|New Delhi|Digital Media|Rusk Media is a content studio that distributes their own premium IPs and branded content across social media platforms|Pankaj Yadav|Audacity Venture Capital and Mistry Ventures|$11900000|Series A|
|Exponent Energy|2020|Bengaluri|Electronics|Exponent Energy focuses on developing fast charging technology for electric vehicles.|Arun Vinayak, Sanjay Byalal Jagannath|Lightspeed India Partners and YourNest Venture Capital|$17800000|Series A|
|Phyllo|2021|Sanfrancisco|Software|Phyllo provides economy-focused data infrastructure that connects with every creator platform.|Achintya Gupta, Akhil Bhiwal, Mohit Kumar|Sima Gandhi and Nexus Venture Partners|$17800000|SeriesA|
|Liquide|2021|Bengalaru|Trading Platform|Liquide is an on-demand investment advisory platform for stock investors|Kunal Ambasta|Ruchi Kalra and Sandeep Singh|$2200000|Seed|
|Servify|2015|Mumbai|Consumer Software|Servify is a self-learning platform that provides device management services and warranty solutions|Sreevathsa Prabhakar|Singularity Growth Opportunities Fund and BEENEXT|$114400000|Series D|
|Awign|2016|Bengalaru|E-commerce|Awign is a work fulfillment platform that specializes in the gig workforce and provides last-mile delivery services.|Annanya Sarthak, Gurpreet Singh, Praveen Sah|Amicus Capital Partners and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation|$20500000|series B|
|XYXX Apparels|2016|Surat|Fashion|XYXX Apparels is a retail and fashion company that offers clothing and accessories for men.|Siddhartha Gondal, Yogesh Kabra| and DSG Consumer Partners|$3500000|Undisclosed|
|Cricinshots|2022|Wilmington|Gaming|Wega Labs is a 'utility and gameplay' first web3 gaming studio, building fun strategy games with play and earn mechanics|Aditya Kasibhatla, Harsh Savergaonkar|Antler India and Pareen Lathia|$||
|Kedara Capital|2011|Mumbai|Financial Services|Kedaara Capital is an operations-focused private equity firm.|Manish Kejriwal, Nishant Sharma, Sunish Sharma|Oasis Fertility|$4000000|Undisclosed|
|Easy Salary|2015|Pune|Financial Services| is a new FinTech start-up in Pune. We are here to help you from being broke.|Akshay Mehrotra|TPG Growth and Norwest Venture Partners|$130300000|Series D|

Indian Startups Funding Data - July 2022

|Ensuredit|2019|Banglore|Artificial I ntelligence|Ensuredit provides an AI-based platform to help bring clarity and efficiency to the insurance distribution cycle.|Amit Boni, Rohit Rathi, Rohit Sadhu, Sachin Mandon, Vikas Ranga|. Venture Catalysts and 9Unicorns Accelerator Fund|$4900000|Seed|
|Zyla Health|2017|New Delhi|Healthcare|Zyla is transforming the way healthcare is delivered in India with specific focus on high-risk chronic patients|Tanmay Patil|Supermorpheus and Vivek Shah|$100000|Seed|
|AntWalk|2019|Banglore|E-Learning|AntWalk is a B2B Ed-Tech platform that helps companies accelerate and transform their L&D strategy|Basav Nagur, Joybroto Ganguly, Sriramkumar Sundararaman, Sudhanshu Shekhar, Sumit Gupta|Y Combinator and Matrix Partners India|$8800000|series A|
|Snooplay|2019|New Delhi|Marketplace|An online marketplace that leverages AI, striving to change the way people shop for toys & games.|Aanchal Mahajan|Amogh Kmar Gupta|$535000|Seed|
|Acefour Accesoeies||Mumbai|Travel|Acefour Accessories operates as a D2C travel accessories company.||Sixth Sense Ventures and Volrado Ventures|$8500000|Seed|
|BuildNext|2015|Kochi|Construction|Homes Crafted with Love and Data - Designed for Liveability, Built with Quality, Powered by Technology|Finaz Naha, Gopikrishnan Vadakkevededu|Vineet Kumar and Deep Gupta|$400000|Seed|
|Vegrow|2020|Banglore|Agriculture|Vegrow is a tech platform partnering with farmers, aggregating supply and selling to organized demand through partnership.|Kiran Naik, Mrudhukar Batchu, Praneeth Kumar, Shobhit Jain|Prosus Ventures and Ankur Capita|$40400000|SeriesB|
|Mokobara|2019|Banglore|E-Commerce|Mokobara is a luggage brand that offers luggages, suitcases, bags, duffels, and backpacks designed for modern travel|Navin Parwal, Sangeet Agrawal|Ashish Goel and Alteria Capital|$6800000|SeriesaA|
|Wheelocity|2021|Chennai|Warehousing|Wheelocity is a supply-chain network specialising in technology powered supply chain for fresh produce|Selvam VMS|Lightspeed India Partners and Anicut Capital|$1200000|SeriesA|
|Conscent|2020|New Delhi|Information&Technology|ConsCent is a codeless APIs can work seamlessly with and across all kinds of content platforms|Sunny Sen|PitchRight Venture and Vijay Sivaram|$172600000||
|Hyperface|2021|Banglore|Finance Services|Hyperface is a banking-as-a-service startup that helps companies create and launch their own credit cards.|Aishwarya Jaishankar, Ramanathan RV|Global Founders Capital and Flipkart|$10300000|Seed|
|Faarms|2020|Bengalaru|Agriculture|FAARMS is a new age digital platform catering to the needs of farmers.|Alok Duggal, Taranbir Singh|Boon Hwee Koh and Dr. Cornelius Boersch|$1200000|Seed|
|Detect Technologies|2016|Chennai|Atificial Intelligence|Detect Technologies is as Industrial AI enterprise, increasing industrial productivity with patented hardware and cutting-edge technologies.|Daniel Raj David, Harikrishnan Arangali Shaji, Karthik Rajasekaran, Tarun Mishra|BlueHill Asset Management and Elevation Capital|$43300000|SeriesB|
|Shri Chyawan|2018|Raipur|Retail|Shri Chyawan Ayurved offers herbal products.|Devkar Saheb|Vibhor Kanodia and Dhaval Shah|$15300000|Seed|
|Bugbase|2021|Banglore|National Security|India's First Consolidated Bug Bounty Platform|Dhruva Goyal, Kathan Desai|Anoop Mathur and Kushal Khandwala|$50000|pre-seed|
|Growcoms|2020|Cochin|Food&Beverages|Growcoms comes with a collective people work experience of more than 30 years in the agri-commodity export industry.|George Kurian Kannanthanam|Info Edge|$100000|Seed|
|Trainman|2014|Gurgaon|Travel|Book train tickets with IRCTC authorized partner , Find trains and predict availability OR know confirmation chances of your pnr.|Karan Kumar, Mohammad Amir, Vineet Chirania|Goodwater Capital and HEM ANGELS|$9500000|Seed|
|ElevateHQ|2021|Sanfrancisco|Software|SaaS to Automate Sales Incentives & Motivate Sales Teams|Apoorv Singh, Kartik Arora|PointOne Capital and Leo Capital|$1100000|pre-seed|
|Veg Route|2020|Chennai|Supply Chain Management|India's favourite online delivery platform that offers freshly hand-picked fruits & vegetables right at your doorstep|Shyam Prashad Rajasekaran, Shyam Prashad Rajasekaran|Abhishek Pandey and Jai Kumar|$1300000|Seed|
|xQ|2021|Mumbai|Education|xQ video lab is designed to help student learn video creation skills.|Kartik Talwar|Joseph Radhik|$111800000|Seed|
|Liberate Foods|2020|Banglore|Food&Beverages|Liberate Foods, a food-tech startup making plant-based meat for the Indian palate.|Anoop Haridasan|Blue Horizon Corporation and Panthera Peak|$200000|Seed|
|Jar|2021|Banglore|Finance Services|Jar is a fintech app that allows users to save money and invest in digital gold.|Misbah Ashraf, Nishchay AG|Paramark Ventures and Folius Ventures|$89100000|Series A|
|Burger Singh|2014|Gurgaon|Food&Beverages|Burger Singh is an India-based online food ordering web application.|Kabir Jeet Singh, Nitin Rana, Rahul Seth|VM Salgaocar family office and RB Investments Pte. Ltd.|$5100000|SeriesA|
|Plaeto|2020|Banglore|Fashion|Plaeto is a footwear startup that has designed and is offering unique, accessible, multi-purpose world-class footwear for Indian children|Ravi Kallayil|Florinetree Advisors|$400000|SeriesA|
|Eka Care|2020|Banglore|Healthcare|Eka.Care is a digitally enabled and connected healthcare ecosystem focused on better health outcomes|Deepak Tuli, Vikalp Sahni|Mirae Asset Global Investments and Verlinvest|$19500000|Series A|
|Evelabs|2016|Tirivanthapuram|Healthcare|India's First Consolidated Bug Bounty Platform|Sanjai Rajendran, Sruthy Gopal, Vishnu MS|JITO Angel N etwork|$200000|Pre-seed|
|UpGrad|2015|Mumbai|E-Learning|UpGrad is an online higher education platform providing various programs|Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ravijot Chugh, Ronnie Screwvala|Kaizenvest and Ets Global|$631900000|Unknown|
|Hesa|2020|Secundrabad|Consumer|HESA is connecting Bharat with India and India with Bharat Phygitally|Hema Nandiraju, Vamsi Udayagiri|We Founder Circle and Venture Catalysts|$6200000|Seed|
|Better Opinions|2021|Gurgaon|Financial Services|Better Opinions is a stock market of opinions platform that allow users to trade their opinion on an outcome of an event.|Betteropinions Media Private Limited|Tremis Capital and Goodwater Capital|$27500000|Seed|
|Crypso|2021|Banglore|Crypto Currency|Crypso is an infrastructure for people to engage with crypto influencers and creators to democratize crypto for millions.|Rakesh Raman|Better Capital and Jaynti Kanani|$24000000|Seed|
|Threado|2020|Banglore|SaaS|Threado is a community management platform that helps community builders get insights, automate tasks, and drive engagement.|Abhishek Nalin, Pramod Rao|Archana Priyadarshini and Vertex Ventures Southeast|$3100000|Seed|
|Chattybao|2022|New Delhi|E-Commerce|Chattybao platform connects users with local businesses for shopping experience over WhatsApp.|Kumar Aditya|. Info Edge ventures and Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India|$500000|Seed|
|GetSupp|2022|Banglore|Food and Beverages|GetSupp is an AI-based marketplace that allows users to learn, discover and buy nutrition supplements.|Arpit Gupta|Ankit Nagori and Kunal Shah|$9500000|Seed|
|Jai Kisan|2017|Mumbai|Agriculture|Jai Kisan is a fintech platform that provides sustainable financing for rural emerging markets.|Adriel Maniego, Arjun Ahluwalia|GMO VenturePartners and Snow Leopard Technology Ventures|$95600000|Series B|
|PriceLabs|2014|Chicago|Healthcare|PriceLabs is a provider of dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions for the short-term rental industry|Anurag Verma, Richie Khandelwal, Sana Hassan|Summit Partners|$3000000|Series A|
|Spare8|2021|Mumbai|Financial Services|Spare8 is the micro-investment app in India that helps you make small digital savings and investments in gold|Ronit Harisingani, Shardul Saiya|Ajay Adiseshann and MAGIC Fun|$6000000|Pre-seed|
|Knya Med|2015|Mumbai|Fashion|KNYA Med is a clothing and fashion company that designs and manufactures garments for medical workers|Abhijeet Kaji, Vanshika Choudhary Kaji|Narayana Hrudayalaya and DSG Consumer Partners|$|Seed|

Indian Startups Funding Data - June 2022

Company NameFoundedLocationSectorWhat it doesFoundersInvestorAmountStage
Bellatrix Aerospace2015CoimbatoreAerospace, ManufacturingBellatrix Aerospace is an Indian space R&D company that specializes in satellite propulsionRohan M Ganapathy, Yashas KaranamSurvam Partners and Inflexor Ventures$1,100,000Series A
Orange Health2020BangloreHealthcareOrange Health is a HealthTech startup that allows doctors to deliver diagnostic lab services to patients remotely.Dhruv Gupta, Tarun BhambraY Combinator and Accel$34,900,000Series B
Cuemath2013BangloreEducationCuemath is an international online learning platform that offers math and coding programs for K-to-10 students.Manan KhurmaSequoia Capital India and Unitus Ventures$121,500,000Unknown
CureFood2020BengaluruFood & BeveragesCurefoods democratize access to good food on a sustainable basisAnkit NagoriPotential Ventures and NB Venture$183,300,000Series C
TheGamingProject2018New DelhiSoftwareThe Gaming Project is a cloud gaming service that started when two friends wanted to play a game togetherManan MittalUpsparks and Black Kite Capital$50,000,000Seed
Text Mercato2015BangloreInformation&TechnologyText Mercato helps develop content using a custom-built platform and algorithms to deliver quality work.Kiran Ramakrishna, Subhajit MukherjeeTremis Capital and 1Crowd$3,600,000Seed
IVY Homes2021BengalaruInformation & ServicesIvy Homes provides instant offers and an easy and safe way to sell and buy homes.Abhilash Narahari, Pritam ThakurKhosla Ventures and Better Capital$7,100,000Seed
Money Boxx1994MumbaiFinancial&ServicesMoneyboxx Finance provides easy access to financing to the deserving micro enterprisesDeepak Aggarwal, Mayur ModiUC Inclusive Credit and Hinduja Leyland Finance$701,800,000
Cred2018BengaluruFintechCRED is a fintech startup that offers rewards for customers who use its platform to pay their credit card billsKunal ShahTiger Global Management and Sofina$801,500,000Series F
Arth2015LucknowMicro LendingArth is a financing company that provides loans and lending solutions to MSMEs and micro-entrepreneursShweta AprameyaMIT Alumni Angels and KFW DEG$2,500,000Seed
Physics Wallah2014NoidaE-learningPhysics Wallah offers live classes, video lectures, test series, and dynamic exercises for JEE, NEET entrance and board exams.Alakh Pandey, Maitri JoshiWestbridge Capital and GSV Ventures$10,000,000Series A
FlexiLoans2016MumbaiFinancial ServicesFlexiLoans is a lending platform for SMEs to access quick, flexible, and adequate funds to grow their businesses.Abhishek Kothari, Deepak Jain, Manish Lunia, Ritesh JainSanjay Nayar and Yogesh Mahansaria$194,200,000Series B
Pepper Content2017MumbaiMedia&EntertainmentPepper Content is a content-mediation platform that connects writers to organizations that require content.Anirudh Singla, Rishabh ShekharBessemer Venture Partners and GTMFund$18,700,000Series A
Jiraaf2021BengalaruFinancial ServicesJiraaf helps individual investors to earn returns by participating in high quality opportunities that go beyond equities, fixed deposits.Vineet Agrawal. Anuj Jhaveri and Aspire Family Office$57,700,000Series A
Samudai2021SingaporeInformation & TechnologySamudai organizes information and provides tools to enable seamless coordination through an all-in-one platform.Kushagra Agarwal, NavinSino Global Capital and Devfolio$2,500,000Pre-seed
Kissht2015MumbaiSales AutomationKissht is a financial technology platform that provides loans and credit for consumers.Karan Mehta, Krishnan VishwanathanBrunei Investment Agency and Endiya Partners$142,500,000Unknown
Purplle2012MumbaiBeautyPurplle is an online store selling cosmetics, fragrances, skin, and hair care products.Manish Taneja, Rahul DashKedaara Capital and Paramark Ventures$296,300,000Series E
Solar Square2015MumbaiCleantechSolarSquare Energy is a solar energy solutions providing companyShreya MishraAkhil Gupta and Lowercarbon Capital$30,800,000Seed
EduGorilla2019LucknowEducationEduGorilla is a tech enabled platform for the vernacular State Competitive examination of BharatRohit Manglik, Shashwat VikramVillage Capital and Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs$3,500,000Unknown
Way2News2015HyderabadNewsWay2News is a short Summarized News in Your Local Language.Raju VanapalaWestbridge Capital and Sashi Reddi$1,300,000,000Series A
Lenskart2010FaridabadEyewearLenskart is an India-based online shopping portal for eyewearAmit Chaudhary, Peyush Bansal, Peyush Bansal, Ramneek Khurana, Sumeet KapahiSchroder Adveq and Temasek Holdings$927,500,000Series I
HostBooks2009GurgaonInformation&TechnologyHostBooks is an Accounting Solutions company that provides a comprehensive platform for TDS, GST, eWay Bill, Accounting, Tax, and Payroll.Biswajit Mishra, Kapil RanaRazorpay$300,000Series A
Exprto2021GurgaonEducationOnline mentorship and experience sharing community for students.Rajan ChaudharyAngelList Talent and Sahil Mahaldar$639,600,000Seed
Queue Buster2015NoidaSoftwareSaas, POS, Mobile App, PaymentVarun TangriDMI Alternative Investment Fund and Omidyar Network India$63,300,000Series A
Newtrace2021BengalaruCleantechNewtrace builds electrolyzers to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen.Prasanta SarkarMicelio Fund and Speciale Invest$7,700,000Pre-seed
Vtion2016GurgaonMedia&EntertainmentVTION is a First Party Digital Consumer Behaviour Intelligence using patented technologyManoj DawaneYourNest Venture Capital and Netcore Cloud$2,100,000Seed
DPD Zero2022BangloreFintechDPDzero is a borrower data platform for all ambitious fintechs and NBFCs to automate end-to-end lending operationsAnant ShroffAbhishek Kothari and Ramanathan RV$3,900,000Pre-seed
Tessol2013MumbaiLogisticsTessol is a energy efficient and fuel saving refrigeration technologies for cold chain storage and logistics company.Rajat Gupta1Crowd and 1Fund$961,100,000Unknown
Rooba Finance2021GurgaonFinancial ServicesRooba.Finance is a network to enable the adoption of the web3 ecosystem by financial institutions, enterprises, and retail customersSrinivas LEndurance Capital and Inflection Point Ventures10,000,000Seed
MicroGo2016ChennaiBiotechnologyMicroGO is an R&D based manufacturing company.Rachna DaveAngel investors$6,000,000Seed
Gullak2015NoidaFinanceGullak is a dynamic and fast growing Noida based technology and data driven fintech product startup.Ajay Bidyarthy, Neeraj SrivastvaStellaris Ventures$1,300,000Unknown
Koovers2016BengaluruAutonomous VehicleKoovers assures workshops of spares with ease of ordering, doorstep delivery, genuine and complete basket of parts of all car makersSandeep Begur, Sathianarayanan Premkumar, Vinayak YadathoreCanbank Venture Capital Fund and JPIN$2,500,000Seed
Vahak2017BengalaruLogisticsVahak operates an online transport marketplace and directory platform for small and medium-sized businesses.Karan ShahaRTP Global and iSeed$18,300,000Series A
FinBox2015BangloreArtificial IntelligenceFinBox is a technology and data science product company that works with banks and NBFCs to digitize their customer journeys.Anant Deshpande, Rajat DeshpandeAditya Birla Sun Life AMC14,800,000Series A
Castler2020New DelhiCastler enables any Individual or Business to create a unique Instant Digital Escrow facility in less than 1 minute.Dinesh Kumar, Vineet Kumar Singh, Vineet SinghVenture Catalysts and 9Unicorns Accelerator Fund$1,400,000Seed
Chaayos2012New DelhiFood & BeveragesChaayos is a Chai tea cafe chain that leverages technology to serve a personalized cup of chai.Nitin Saluja, Raghav VermaThink Investments and Elevation Capital$85,500,000Series C
Statiq2020GurgaonAutomotiveStatiq is an electric vehicle charging network that allows customers to find the closest charging station, book a slot, and pay onlineAkshit Bansal, Raghav AroraShell Ventures and Y Combinator$28,200,000Series A
Annapurna Finance2019BhubhaneshwarFinance ServicesAnnapurna Finance is a microfinance venture firm that provides financial assistance for economic empowerment.Gobinda Chandra PatnaikProparco and Encourage Capital$163,500,000Series A
Perfora2021GurgaonRetailPerfora manufactures oral care products intended to elevate customers' everyday oral care regime.Jatan Bawa, Tushar KhuranaAshutosh Valani and Lotus Herbals$1,200,000Seed
Progcap2017New DelhiFinance ServicesProgcap is a financial service company that provides financial opportunities for micro and small businesses.Himanshu Chandra, Pallavi ShrivastavaTiger Global Management and Creation Investments Capital Management, LLC$10,200,000$Series C
Open Secret2019MumbaiFood&BeveragesOpen Secret is a food and beverages startup.Abhana GautamGautam Kumra and Sixth Sense Ventures1200000Series B
Sourcewiz2020GurgaonSoftwareSourcewiz provides a platform to digitalise operations of exporters.Divyaanshu Makkar, Mayur Bhangale, Vikas GargMatrix Partners India and Wami Capital5500000
Turno2022BengaluruFinance ServicesTurno is an EV-focused fintech companyHemanth AluroMatilde Giglio and Avaana Capital$3,100,000
GetVantage2019Finance ServicesGetVantage is India and Southeast Asia's first fintech enabled Revenue-based financing platform.Amit Srivastava, Bhavik Vasa, Sachin Tagra, Sachin TagraSony Innovation Fund and InCred Capita$4,100,000

Indian Startups Funding Data - May 2022

Company NameFoundedLocationSectorWhat it doesFoundersInvestorAmountStage
KiarX2020AhemdabadMiningKiarX is a mine management tech start-up focuses on the digitalization of the mining industry.Shuru Up Ventures$15,000,000Seed
Revoh2017ChennaiAutomobile ManufacturingElectric vehicle powertrain manufacturingVignesh DuraiVel Kanniappan and Ravi Renganathan$15,000,000Seed
FlexifyMe2021PuneHealthcare,WellnessFlexifyMe is to balance your Mind, Body & Soul Online & from Anywhere.Manjeet SinghSachin Anand and Dipen Shah$30,000,000Seed
Red Basil Technologies2021GurgaonFood&BeveragesRed Basil Technologies is a tech-driven and zero-inventory marketplace for wholesale food supply for restaurants and cloud kitchenPlanB Capital and Sat Industries$2,500,000Seed
FirstCure HealthNoidaHealthcare,WellnessFirstCure Health aims to simplify the surgery experience by bringing the best surgeons with modern and safe procedures at affordable costs$3,500,000Pre-seed
ForeignAdmits2018BengaluruCareer PlanningForeignAdmits is a mobile career coaching platform for higher education aspirants using data sciences, AI & human experiential guidance.Ashwini Jain, Nikhil Jain, Sarthak AgarwalBeerud Sheth and SEA Fund$67,600,000Seed
Sploot2019GurgaonConsumer ApplicationsSploot is a community-led platform for better pet parenting with the aim to create happier and healthier lives for petsRedstart Labs$50,000,000Seed
Fanztar2022GurgaonSoftwareFanztar is a a Web3 platform for the creator economy.India Quotient and Farid Ahsan$5,000,000Seed
Humpy Farms2016MumbaiAgricultureHumpy Farms provides a structured training of technology modules to farmers about innovative regenerative organic methods of cultivation.Jaywant Patil, Malvika GaekwadAnushka Iyer and Prattyush Shahane$5,000,000Angel
NutriTap2017GurgaonFood&BeveragesNutriTap is provides healthy food options in IoT-enabled vending machines.Rajesh KumarIK Capital and Venture Catalysts$12,000,000Seed
Agasta1997TokyoAutomobile VehiclesAgasta exports Japanese used cars at reasonable prices overseas.
Fyllo2019ChicagoEnterprise SoftwareFyllo is a software company that provides compliance-first solutions for highly regulated industriesAristotle Loumis, Chad Bronstein, Erik ShaniSol Global investments and JW Asset Management$9,800,000Series C
Goldenpi2017BangloreFinancial ServicesOne stop shop for Bonds and Debentures exclusively.Abhijit Roy, Samir Baran PratiharRainmatter Capital and Rainmatter Technology$200,000Seed
HOP Electric2019JaipurElectric VehicleHOP Electric offer smart electric scooters and integrated battery charging cum swapping solution.
Super Bottoms2014ThaneIndia's First Reusable Baby Diaper brandPallavi TyagiDSG Consumer Partners and Saama Capital$5,500,000Series A
Bytebeam2019InternetBytebeam is an IoT platform providing solutions such as over the air updates, device to mobile sync, data visualization, and alerting.Bharadwaaj Ramakrishnan, Gautam BT, Ravi TejaVijay Pravin Maharajan and Tanmai Gopal$3,300,000Seed
Multipl2020BangloreFinancial ServicesMultipl is a financial application platform that helps people with their savings, investments, payments and spending money.growX ventures and IIFL Finance$300,000Seed
Josh Talks2015HaryanaBroadcastingJosh Talks is a startup that produces videos and events that that aims to empower each individual to dream big and achieve even biggerShobhit Banga, Supriya PauRitesh Agarwal and Vijay Shekhar Sharma$500,000Series A
AssetPlus2016ChennaiFinancial ServicesAssetPlus focuses on offering digital-first solutions to financial advisors and mutual fund distributors.Kedar Kulkarni and Nithin Kamath$28,000,000Series A
Kolo2020SingaporeConstructionHome Construction AppAayush Sharda, Jery Althaf, Pranav Garg, Vivek MittalBetter Capital and RTP Globa$4,600,000Seed
2014GurgaonRetail TechnologyParallelDots is an image recognition platform that empowers FMCG companies to maximize their sales through in-store execution.Angam Parashar, Ankit Narayan Singh, Muktabh Mayank SrivastavaMultipoint Capital and Btomorrow Ventures6400000$Series A
BharatX2019BenglaruFinancial ServicesBharatX is a Embedded Consumer Credit company that enables Apps & give their users, Credit as a Feature.Eeshan Sharma, Mehul Nath Jindal, Shyam Murugan, Siddharth VenuAnkur Aggarwal and Vikas Choudhury$4,800,000Seed
Hono2008HaryanaSoftwareHono is a provider of HR solutions and services.Harsh Gupta and Amit Khanna$39,000,000Series A
MoEVing2021GurgaonElectric VehicleMoEVing is a technology-driven firm with the goal of transforming the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem in India and accelerating EV adoption.Mragank Jain, Vikash MishraStride Ventures and TradeCred$1,000,000Seed
ApnaKlub2020BangloreWholesaleApnaKlub is digitizing and organizing the FMCG procurement market by connecting buyers and brands through a single platformManish Kumar, Shruti ShrutiTiger Global Management and Google for Startups$13,300,000
Kandee Factory2013ChennaiOrganic FoodKandee Factory is a Plant-based, healthier confectioners startup.Mahesh DharamKeiretsu Forum and ah! Ventures$1,500,000
DocPlix2021LucknowHealthcareDocPlix operates as a digital healthcare platform that offers professional diagnostics and health check-up servicesVarun GargPankaj Pandey and Gurpreet Singh$1,500,000
ZORP2021LewesEnterprise SoftwareZORP is a platform to build native Android and iOS apps for your mobile workforce.Balakumaran PaneerselvamAshish Goel$60,000,000
Homi Lab2020DelhiE-learningHomi Lab is the nation's first future learning lab designed to produce the next generation of pioneersSrijan Pal SinghInflection Point Ventures$5,000,000
Decimal2020IndianapolisFinancial ServicesDecimal solves accounting operations for SMBs.Jacob Cloran, Matt TaitService Provider Capital and Arthur Ventures$9,200,000
Revamp Moto2020NashikElectric VehicleRevamp Moto Provides Electric Bikes built on Modular Utility Platforms that are Connected, Reliable and built to Adapt.Jayesh TopeVenture Catalysts and IDBI Capital Market Services$100,000
Vendakin2015DoverInformation TechnologyIndia-based end-to-end integrated intelligent vending solution.Aroon KhatterBetter Capital and CP Gurnani$1,100,000
Revidd2020VisakhapatnamInformation TechnologyRevidd is a No-dev video commerce platform tailored to content creatorsKiran PasavedalaCIIE.CO and Inovnis SA$1.1
ZFW Dark Stores2021New DelhiLogisticsDark Store platform enabling 30 Minute, 2 Hour, & Same Day Deliveries for E-commerce brands across India.Madhav KasturiaAmanpreet Bajaj and SEA Fund$1,600,000
Fitelo2016MohaliFitness&HealhcareFitelo offers natural diet plans based on people's lifestyles, choices, body types, and medical conditions for a healthy lifestyle.Mac SinghGuild Capital and Pareto Capital$1,500,000
Dvara E-Dairy2019ChennaiFinancial SevicesDvara E-Dairy aims to empower every small and medium dairy farmer in India with comprehensive financial and cattle management solutionsRavi KADvara Holdings and Axilor Ventures$200,000
Pumpumpum2018GurgaonAutomotivePumPumPum is a pre-owned car subscription service offering an affordable and convenient solution to car ownershipSameer Kalra, Tarun lawadiaLetsVenture and Founder's Room Capital$3,300,000
Hesa2020SecundrabadconsumerHESA is connecting Bharat with India and India with Bharat Phygitally.Hema Nandiraju, Vamsi UdayagiriWe Founder Circle and Venture Catalyst$6,200,000
GoSats2020BangloreCrypto CurrencyGoSats lets you earn bitcoin rewards whenever you shop online at your favourite brandsMohammed Roshan, Roshni AslamDraper Dragon and Dragon Capital Group$4,700,000
Bellatrix Aerospace2015CoimbatoreManufacturingBellatrix Aerospace is an Indian space R&D company that specializes in satellite propulsionRohan M Ganapathy, Yashas KaranamSurvam Partners and Inflexor Ventures$1,100,000
Eloelo2020BenglaruRetail,E-CommerceShort VideosBeauty Health LifestyleAkshay Dubey, Saurabh Pandey. WaterBridge Ventures and Kalaari Capital$1,500,000
O'2 Nails India2017NoidaBeautyO’2 Nails India is a consumer retail startup in QSK format for nail care digitally by just tap on your phone via 5 steps solution by AR/AI.Aditya Singh, Aparna Singh, Vikram SinghNitin Gupta and Amit Singhal$66,700,000
Sust Vest2018GurgaonRenewable EnergyA sustainable investment platform offering asset-backed ownership of renewable energy projectsHardik Bhatia, Prashanth Konda, Prashanth Sai Konda$160,000
QwikSkills2020DelhiEducationQwikSkills is an E-Learning platform offers online courses with cloud certification.Varun MahajanManish Sinha and Indian Angel Network$38,500,000
Monrow2016BenglaruRetailMonrow Shoes makes women's shoe brand.Veena AshiyaPlaybook Fund and LetsVenture$100,000
HappyLocate2016BenglaruLogisticsHappyLocate is India's first One Stop Relocation Platform, transforming the way Employee Relocations are managedAjay Tiwari, Sainadh DuvvuruVM Ventures and RMZ Corp$1,700,000
MasterChow2020DelhiFood ProcessingMasterChow is a ready-to-cook Asian cuisine brand.Sidhanth Madan, Vidur KatariaFluid Ventures and Anicut Capital$1,800,000
SpeedLabs2015MumbaiEdtechSpeedLabs is to provide a top-notch, technology-based Learning and Practice platform to studentsVivek VarshneyMumbai Angels and Ecosystem Ventures$143,100,000
GeoIQ2019BangloreRetail TechnologyML-ready location data and no-code AI for fintechAnkita Thakur, Tusheet ShrivastavaRohit Bansal and 9Unicorns Accelerator Fund$4,600,000
HobSpace2019MumbaiEducationHobSpace is a platform for extra-curricular activities online and offline for kids between 3-14 yearsBhaskar Raju Konduru, Dharmil Sheth, Harsh Jain, Nirupam Sheth, Priya Goel ShethDharmil Sheth and Siddharth Bhaskar Shah$4,900,000 is a venture-backed product company that builds marketing technology to power product-led growth.Aaron Bird, Dave Rigotti, Nakul Ezhuthupally Sibiraj, Oak NguyenBrewster Stanislaw and Arjun Pillai$6,300,000
Repos energy2017PuneE-Commerce of FuelRepos energy is a e-commerce of Fuel to move towards a carbon neutral futureChetan WalunjRatan Tata$7,200,000
BlissClub2019BengaluruFashionBlissClub is the community's first women's activewear brand.Minu MargeretSumer Juneja and Eight Roads Ventures$17,300,000
Coinshift2021WyomingCrypto CurrencyCoinshift is a crypto treasury management platform that helps businesses and decentralized autonomous organizations.Tarun GuptaVolt Capital and Polygon Studios$17,500,000
Wint Wealth2020NasikFinancial ServicesWint Wealth is a platform for retail investors to invest in assets that give higher fixed deposit returns that are less risky than equities.Abhik Patel, Ajinkya Kulkarni, Anshul Gupta, Shashank ChimaladariJJ Beshara Angel and 3one4 Capital$16,400,000
Neso Brands2022SingaporeEyewearNeso Brands is a global house of brands within the eyewear industry, investing in and enabling the brands of the futureBjorn BergstromKohlberg Kravis Roberts Japan and Alpha Wave Global$10,000,000
NutriFresh2019PuneFood & BeveragesNutrifresh is an agritech startup focusing on hydroponically-grown produce.Sanket MehtaFlorintree Advisors and Archer Investment$500,000
Liminal2021SingaporeInformation TechnologyDigital asset self custody wallet managementMahin GuptaNexus Ventures and Vauld$36,100,000

Indian Startups Funding Data - April 2022

Company NameFoundedLocationSectorWhat it doesFoundersInvestorAmountStage
Dyte2020BengaluruIT Services and IT ConsultingDyte provides the easiest way to add real-time communications using video and audio to your apps and platforms.Felix Lee,VivanMultiples$15.300,000
Kirana Bazaar2018GurgaonOline groceryKirana Bazaar is a neighborhood store network that changes the shopping experience.Abhishek Halder, Anilesh YadavMultiples$32.800,000
Phool2017kanpurEnviromental EngineeringPhool is a biomaterial startup.Ankit AgrawalMultiples$9.400,000
Doceree2019ParsippanyInformation Technology & ServicesDoceree is a fully integrated programmatic ad exchange for data-driven marketing exclusively to physicianDaleep Manhas, Harshit Jain, Stephen HoelperMultiples$12,000,000
Acko2016MumbaiHealth insuranceAcko is a digital insurance company with a license to underwrite and distribute bite-sized insurance productsMultiples$458,000,000
FirstCry2010PuneOnline shoppingFirstCry is an online shopping store offering a range of baby care products and toys.Amitava Saha, Prashant Jadhav, Sanket Hattimattur, Supam MaheshwariMultiples$741.4
Meesho2015BangaloreOnline shoppingMeesho operates as an online reselling platform that enables anyone to start a business without investment.Sanjeev Barnwal, Vidit AatreyMultiples$1,100,000,000
NoBroker2013BangaloreHousing rentNoBroker is a real-estate platform that makes it possible to buy, sell, or rent a house without paying any brokerageAkhil Gupta, Amit Agarwal,Multiples$426,000,000
Paytm2010NoidaFinancial servicesPaytm is a digital payments start-up that offers innovative and intuitive digital products and services for customers and merchantsAkshay Khanna, Vijay ShekharMultiples$1,200,000,000
ShareChat2015BangaloreSocial networkingShareChat is a social networking and regional content platform.Ankush Sachdeva, BhanuMultiples$1,400,000,000
Spinny2015Financial servicesSpinny is a used car buying platform enabling trustworthy and hassle-free transactions.Ganesh Pawar, Mohit GuptaMultiples$513.500,000
Swiggy2014BangaloreFood delivery platformSwiggy is a food delivery platform that brings food from neighborhood restaurants directly to customers' doors.Nandan Reddy, Phani KishanUndisclosed
Unacademy2015BangaloreE-learningUnacademy is an online learning platform that provides educational content such as video lectures and examinations.Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh SinghMultiples$838,500,000
Urban Company2014GurgaonE-commerceUrban provides a marketplace for freelance laborAbhiraj Singh Bhal, RaghavMultiples$445,900,000
Xpressbees2015PuneE-commerce LogisticsXpressbees is an e-commerce logistics company that offers customized express delivery services.Amitava Saha, SupamMultiples$577,600,000
Accel1983Palo AltoFinancial servicesAccel is an early and growth-stage venture capital firm that helps a global community of entrepreneurs.Arthur Patterson, Jim SwartzMultiples$18.300,000,000
MTR Foods1924BangaloreFood packagingMTR Foods is a food products companyYagnanarayana MaiyaMultiplesundisclosed
OYO2012GurgaonTravel ArrangementsOYO is a global travel tech company that connects its patrons and guests.Ritesh AgarwalMultiples$550,000,000
Eruditus2010BangaloreEducation ManagementEruditus provides global access to executive education programs.Ashwin Damera, ChaitanyaMultiples$1.200,000,000
Ola2010KormangalaTravel ArrangementsOla is a mobility platform and ride-hailing company that integrates city transportation for customers and driver partners.Ankit Bhati, Bhavish Aggarwal$5000,000,000
DailyHunt2007BangaloreMediaDailyHunt develops a mobile application software that gives updates on trending topics.Chandu Sohoni, Umang Bedi,$2.200,000
CARS242015GurgaonAutomobileCARS24 offers a tech-enabled marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned carsGajendra Jangid, Mehul Agrawal,Multiples$1.300,000,000
Pine Labs1998NoidaInformation Technology & ServicesPine Labs is a merchant commerce platform that provides financing and last-mile retail transaction technology to merchants.Rajul Garg, Tarun Upaday$1.200,000,000
BharatPe2018New delhiFinancial servicesBharatPe is a financial services platform that processes payments via UPI and POS, and provides credit or loans to their merchants.Ashneer Grover, Bhavik KoladiyaMultiples$700.500,000
Blackbuck2015BengaluruInformation servicesBlackbuck is an Indian logistics company that makes trucking simple for every shipper and trucker.Chanakya Hridaya, Rajesh Yabaji,Multiples$364,000,000
Droom2014HaryanaAutomotiveDroom is a tech and data science-driven online automobile marketplace.Sandeep AgrawalMultiples$333,000,000
MindTickle2011San FranciscoSoftware companyMindTickle is a software company that offers sales readiness and enablement tools for businesses.Deepak Diwakar, Krishna DepuraMultiples$281,000,000
Vedantu2011BangaloreE-learningVedantu is an interactive online tutoring platform for students.Anand Prakash, Pulkit JainMultiples$292,900,000
CoinDCX2018MumbaCurrency exchangeCoinDCX operates as a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator.Neeraj Khandelwal, Sumit GuptaMultiples$109,000,000
Razorpay2014Bangalorefinancial servicesRazorpay is a platform that enables businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments.Harshil Mathur, Shashank KumarMultiples$741,600,000
Licious2015BengaluruFoodLicious is an online meat and seafood ordering startup that follows an end-to-end business.Abhay Hanjura, Varun Sadana, Vivek GuptaMultiples$488,700,000
CoinSwitch Kuber2017Bangalorefinancial servicesCoinSwitch Kuber is a cryptocurrency exchange platform allowing its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, Vimal Sagar TiwariMultiples$300,600,000
Zeta2015San FranciscoFinancial servicesZeta is a modern banking tech company providing modern core and processing for FIs and embeddable banking for fintech and distributorsBhavin Turakhia, Ramki GaddipatiMultiples$30,000,000
Rebel Foods2010PuneOnline food serviceRebel Foods Private Limited, also popularly known as FaasosRvi Shankar venkatranam$14,500,000
Gupshup2004San FranciscoService providerGupshup enables better customer engagement through conversational messaging.Amit Shrivastav and Nilesh Shivaji$240,000,000
Indiqube2015BengaluruDesignIndiQube is a universe of offerings catering to the holistic needs of Enterprises, Unicorn startups, Offshore Development Centres & SolopreneursRishi Das,Meghna AgarwalAshish Gupta$30,000,000
VerSe Innovation2007BengaluruInternet PublishingVerSe Innovation facilitates content curation and tracks user preferences through recommendation tools.Umang Bedi, Virendra GuptaMultiples$1.700,000,000
Lenskart2010FaridabadE-CommerceLenskart is an India-based online shopping portal for eyewear.Amit Chaudhary, Peyush BansalMultiples$899,300,000
Upstox2010MumbaiFinancial servicesUpstox is a fin-tech company to allow innovative investment options for its users.Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Shrinivas ViswanathTiger Global Management and GVK Davix Technologies$29,000,000
AppsForBharat2020BangaloreInformation technologyAppsForBharat develops a range of mobile apps for the spiritual and devotional needs of Indian users.Prashant SachanMirae Asset Global Investments and MSA Novo$23.7Undisclosed
OkCredit2017FaridabadFinancial servicesOkCredit simplifies credit account management for shop owners and their customers.Aditya Prasad, Gaurav Kumar, Harsh PokharnaGoogle for Startups and Lightspeed India Partners$84.2undisclosed
Livspace2014BengaluruE-commerceLivspace is an interior design startup that offers a platform that connects people to designers, services, and productAnuj Srivastava, Ramakant Sharma, Shagufta AnuragJungle Ventures and Peugeot SA$431.6Series F
Rigi1871Vitznau, Luzern,TourismRigi is a tour and travel firm that provides transport facilities to adventure and entertainment locations.Content creator platform Rigi.Clubundisclosedundisclosed
MobiKwik2009GurgaonFinancial servicesMobiKwik is India’s leading fintech platform, operating businesses in consumer payments, payment gateway, and financial services.Bipin Singh, Chandan Joshi, Upasana TakuAbu Dhabi Investment Authority and Dosch$165.5Series G
Amagi Media Labs2008NewyorkMedia andEntertainmentAmagi Media Labs is a tech and media startup that facilitates the geographic targeting of TV advertisements.Baskar Subramanian, Srinivasan KA, Srividhya SrinivasanAvataar Venture partners$240.2undisclosed
Myntra2007BangloreE-commerceMyntra is an e-commerce platform for buying branded footwear, apparel, and accessories for men and women.Ashutosh Lawania, Mukesh Bansal, Raveen Sastry, Sankar Bora, Vineet SaxenaFK Myntra Holdings,QuickRoutes Internationalundisclosedundisclosed
Philips Electronics1929AmsterdamElectronicsPhilips Electronics is a company whose activities cover all aspects of healthcare and well-being, with a focus on improving people's lives.Frederik Philips, Gerard Philipsundisclosedundisclosed
WayCool2015ChennaiFood processingWayCool has adopted a tech-enabled supply chain approach to produce staples like rice, dairy, and value added productsKarthik Jayaraman, Sanjay DasariGAWA Capital and Lightbox$221.5Series D
MoEngage2014San FranciscoInformation technologyMoEngage is an internet company that features cloud-based marketing services for consumer businesses.Raviteja Dodda, Yashwanth KumarEight Roads Ventures, Matrix Partners Ind133,000,000Undisclosed
Mahindra Logistics2000MumbaiLogisticsSupply chain management and corporate people transport solutionJ C Mahindra, K C MahindraBirla Sun Life Insurance and HDFC Trustee$2,500,000,000Undisclosed
Enphase Energy2006PetalumaSolarEnphase Energy offers a micro-inverter system that delivers solar energy to homes and businesses.Isidoro Quiroga, Martin Fornage, Raghu BeluT.J. Rodgers and John Doerr$116,000,000Undisclosed
Allegis Group1983MarylandHuman resourcesA Global Network of Staffing Services.Jim C. Davis, Stephen BisciottiVouch Insurance$60,000,000Series C
Slice2010NewyorkFood &bevragesSlice is a provider of tools for pizzerias to manage the digital side of their businesses.Iler SelaKohlberg Kravis Roberts and Dick Costolo$125,000,000Series D
Tata Digital2019MumbaiInternetTata Digital build consumer-centric digital businesses for deep consumer engagement and their needs across multiple verticals.Temasek Holdings and SoftBank Capital$50,000,000Undisclosed
UpGrad2015MumbaiE-learnigUpGrad is an online higher education platform providing various programMayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ravijot Chugh, Ronnie ScrewvalaIIFL Finance and International Finance Corporation$201,000,000Undisclosed
Hitachi1959TokyoIndustrial ManufacturingHitachi is engaged in the manufacture and sale of electronic and electrical products worldwideNamihei Odaira, Nuri Nuranisari, Santana jordan isaiah HenryMountain View dataUndisclosedUndisclosed
Chargebee2011San FranciscoSoftwareChargebee provides subscription and recurring billing systems for SaaS and e-commerce businesses.KP Saravanan, Krish Subramanian, Rajaraman Santhanam, Thiyagarajan ThiyaguSequoia Capital India and Insight Partners$468.200,000Series H
Fivetran2012OaklandAnalyticsFivetran is a technology company that helps analysts replicate data into a cloud warehouse.George Fraser, Taylor BrownGeneral Catalyst and ICONIQ Capital$728.100,000Series-D
Euler2020LondonFinancial servicesEuler is a capital-efficient permissionless lending protocol that helps users to earn interest on their crypto assets.Doug Hoyte, Jack Prior, Michael BentleyDanilo S. Carlucci and CMT Digital VenturesundisclosedSeries A
Ecom Express2012New delhiLogisticsEcom Express is a logistics solutions company that allows for customization, scalability, and delivery service processing.K. Satyanarayana, Manju Dhawan, Sanjeev Saxena, T. A. KrishnanCDC Group and Partners Group$485Undisclosed
Wooden Street2015JaipurHome decorWooden Street is a online furniture platform that provides custom made & ready to order furniture.Dinesh Pratap, Lokendra Ranawat, Vikas Baheti, Virendra RanawatWestBridge Capital and IAN Fund$34.100,000Series B
Chalo2014MumbaiInformation technologyChalo develops a transport application that delivers real-time transit informationDhruv Chopra, Mohit Dubey, Nikhil Aggarwal, Priya Singh, Vinayak BhavnanMatrix Partners and Lightrock$61,000,000Undiclosed
FreshMenu2014BangloreFood processingFreshMenu offers food delivery service that provides fresh and tasty cuisines of the highest standard.Rashmi DagaFlorintree Advisors and Srinivas Anumolu$32.400,000Series C
Nykaa2012MumbaiBeauty,FashionNykaa is an online marketplace for different beauty and wellness products.Falguni nyerFidelity Management and Research Company and Alia Bhatt$148.500,000Undisclosed
Classplus2018NoidaE-learningClassplus offers a mobile-first SaaS platform for 3000+ tutors to offer their curriculum and operations completely online.Bhaswat Agarwal, Bikash Dash, Mukul Rustagi, Nikhil Goel, Vatsal RustagAlpha Wave Ventures and Chimera Investm$129.500,000Series D
Skillmatics2016MumbaiEducationSkillmatics provides education products and learning games for children in pre-school and primary school who are under the age of tenDevanshi Kejriwal, Dhvanil ShethSequoia Capital India and Sofina$23Series B
Mamaearth2016GurgaonHealth, WellnessMamaearth is a personal care brand that specializes in baby and toddler products.Ghazal Alagh, Varun AlaghEvolvence India Fund and Sofina$110.800,000Unknown
Digits2018San FranciscoAccountingDigits is a fintech company building tools for businesses and finance professionals by leveraging its proprietary Living Model technology.Jeff Seibert, Wayne ChangBenchmark and GV$97,500,000Series C
DealShare2018BangloreE-commerceDealShare is a fast growing social e-commerce startupRajat Shikhar, Sankar Bora, Sourjyendu Medda, Vineet RaoAbu Dhabi Investment Authority and Twenty Nine Capital Partners$624.800,000Series E
Mylab Discovery Solutions2016LonavalaHealth,wellnessMylab Discovery Solutions is provides a portfolio of diagnostic kits for pathogen detection and viral load monitoring.R.S maniAbhijit Pawar and Adar C. PoonawallaUndisclosedUndisclosed
Securden2018DelawareArtificial IntelligenceSecurden is a Windows Privilege Management SoftwareBalasubramanian Venkatramani, Kumaran BalanAccel and Tiger Global Management$11.700,000Series A
Doubtnut2016GurgaonEducationDoubtnut operates as an e-learning platform that enables users to ask study questions in Physics, Chemistry, and Math.Aditya Shankar, Ravi Sekhar KV, Tanushree NagoriSequoia Capital India and Lupa Systems$49.900,000Series B
Whitehar Jr2018MaharastraInformation technologyWhitehar Jr - leading and best computer programming learning websites teaching kids to code.Karan BajajBossanova Investimentos and Omidyar Network$11.300,000Unknown
Frigate2021TiruchirappallManufacturingFrigate provides fabrication, 3D printing, and CNC machining services quickly, risk-free and affordable for OEMs, SMEs, and startups.Adithya Narayanan Seetharaman, Chandrasekar Ch, Iniyavan Vasanthan, Vasanthan TamizhinianAbhishek Pandey and Srinath Ramakkrushnan$17,500,000Undisclosed
Leaf Round2022BengaluruFinancial servicesLeaf Round is a marketplace for leasing that provides investors options to buy assets and rent to businesses.Super Capital$300,000Preseed
Wildermart2021BengaluruFood and bevragesWildermart is a healthy and sustainable grocery store startup.Abhinav Mathur and 17 other investors$24,000,000Undisclosed
Myraah2020PuneWeb designMyraah uses AI to help SMEs create web presence in English and several Indian languagesArun Balakrishnan and Xcelerator Venture Partners$350,000Preseed
GROWiT2020SuratManufacturingAgri Tech & ManufacturingAkshay Agarwal, Saurabh AgarwaMukul Goyal and Coppermine Capita$30,000,000Undisclosed
Lauriko2021HyderabadHealth,wellnessLauriko is a Manufacture of food products and beverages company.Lavanya SunkariLakshmikant PB and Murthy Aradhi$37,000,000Undisclosed
Hbox2020MassachusettsHealthcareWe are developing therapies based on the principle of minimally invasive targeted hyperoxygenationundisclosedUndisclosed
iTribe2021BengaluruFinancial servicesiTribe is a one-stop solution for customers to get news related to stocks, advisors, and investment ideasNikhil,PruthviEximius Ventures and PlanBcapital$1,000,000Undisclosed
Zipy2013IsraelE-commerceZipy provides a platform for e-commerce that allows users to shop from Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, or Walmart.Anton GoldshteinUndisclosedUndisclosed
Pratech Brands2021MumbaiInternetPratech Brands is a digital-first house of brands that takes pride in uncovering consumer needs and building consumer brands.$3,000,000Undisclosed
Glip2020DelawareSoftwareGlip is a creator tool suite for gamers to create and monetise.Brett Paden, Claudio Pinkus, David Hersh, Jeff Strinko, Peter PezarisBetter Capita$3,000,000Seed
Hubble2014LondonCommercial Real StateA platform to search, set up, and manage your hybrid workplaceRohan Silva, Tom Watson, Tushar AgarwalPi Labs and Upscale$12,300,000Undisclosed
Eximpe2021Eximpe is Managing sellers, buyers, processes, payments, and financial services.Arjun ZachariaAxel Wehr and Rohit M.A.$270,000,000Seed
Limechat2020FaridabadSoftwareLimechat provides a personalised shopping experience for D2C companies on chat platforms using L3 conversational AI.Aniket Bajpai, Nikhil GuptaPi Ventures and Stellaris Venture Partners$5,000,000Seed
Medisage2019MumbaiHealthcareMedisage Connect with Global doctors, watch video case studies by subject matter expertsBessemer Venture Partners and Siddharth Sikchi$530,000,000Undisclosed
Spyne2018GurgaonSoftwareSpyne is a Deep Tech startup helping businesses and marketplaces create and upgrade high-quality product images and videos at scale with AI.Deepti Prasad, Sanjay KumarPentathlon Ventures and Core91 Fund$7,000,000Series A
Stockal2016NewyorkFinanceStockal is the platform for cross-border savings and investments.Rajan K Natarajan, Sitashwa Srivastava, Vinay BharathwajHashed and A'Z Angels$14,800,000Series A
YouKraft2020BanglorePublishingYouKraft is an e-commerce marketplace for all things interioGoel Family Office76,000,000Seed
EPNS2020BUIDLing World's First Decentralized Notification Protocol on EthereumHarsh Rajat, Richa JoshiBR Capital and LD Capital$66,000,000Seed
Securden2018DelawareArtificial IntelligenceSecurden is a Windows Privilege Management SoftwareBalasubramanian Venkatramani, Kumaran BalanAccel and Tiger Global Management$11,700,000Series A
Mesh2020San JoseEnterprise SoftwareMesh is a social performance management platform for today's workforce.Gaurav Chaubey, Rahul Singh, Saurabh NangiaAnkit Nagori and Sumon Sadhu$16,100,000Series A
Last92020Santa ClaraSoftwareLast9 is a Site Reliability Engineering platform that helps improve production systems.Nishant Modak, Piyush VermaBetter Capital and Sequoia Capital India$13,000,000Series A

Indian Startups Funding Data - March 2022

Company NameFoundedLocationSectorWhat it doesFoundersInvestorAmountStage
Locofast2019New DelhiTextilesLocofast is the fastest-growing B2B textile marketplace connecting manufacturers and suppliers to brands, export & buying houses.Deepak, Mohit PiplaniChiratae, Stellaris$15,000,000Series A
Snapmint2015MumbaiFinancial ServicesAt Snapmint, are eliminating the dependency on Credit Card and the hassle of physical documentation during loan applications, thereby making shopping a happy experience.Nalin Agrawal, Anil Gelra, Abhineet Sawa, Rahul AgarwalNegen Capital, Ramakant Sharma, Usama Fayyad$9,000,000Series A
Kuhoo2021MumbaiFinancial ServicesKuhoo is a student loan fintech NBFC platform that aspires to democratise education for all, especially for households that belong to humble socio-economic backgrounds.Prashant A. BhonsleWest Bridge$20,000,000Seed
RupeeRedee2018GurgaonFinancial ServicesRupeeRedee a division of Digital Finance International (Finstar Financial Group), is a digital platform that helps customers borrow money for their short-term needs at the click of a button.Jitin BhasinDigital Finance International$1,100,000Series B
Strawcture Eco2018New DelhiBuilding MaterialsStrawcture Eco is a Green building material company commercialising 100% Sustainable products by compressed agri- fiber technology.Shriti PandeySocial Alpha, Villgro Innovations Foundations, Brigade REAP$375,000Seed
WYLD2022MumbaiConsumer ServicesWYLD is a phygital payment card and mobile app exclusively designed for active social media usersDishant SanghviBetter Capital$350,000Pre-seed
Bebe Burp2018SuratFood & BeveragesBebe Burp is a company that has its core values embedded around helping working parents.Shruti Tibrewal, Bharat Tibrewal, Chirag GuptaMapro Foods, Ivy Growth Associates, Shreeji Brothers, Dholakia Ventures$280,000Seed
Prozo2016NoidaLogistics & Supply ChainProzo is an 'e-commerce enabler & accelerator' for SMEs, D2C brands and Enterprises.Ashvini JakharSixth Sense Ventures$10,000,000Series A
Pocketly2019BangaloreFinancial ServicesPocketly provides quick cash on hand, anytime - anywhere! For college students, and salaried people.Aarav Bhatia, Navdeesh AhujaDholakia Ventures$3,000,000Pre-series A
Zapkey2020MumbaiReal EstateZapkey is a home sale guarantee platform with a model that provides its customers with guaranteed home sales within 3 months of the listing dateShubhankar, Sandeep Reddy, Raja SeetharamanGruhas Proptech, DLF Family Office2,000,000Seed
Black Bow2016New DelhiWine & SpiritsBlack Bow is India's 1st Himalayan whisky by Ginglani Distillers, a homegrown alcobev startup with an aim to disrupt the Indian spirit scene by creating world-class local products.Shivam GinglaniSupermorpheus, Eagle10 Ventures$800,000Pre-series A
Lobb2015BangaloreTransportation/Trucking/RailroadLobb is the new way to match logistics Demand & SupplyJayaram Raju, Venu Kondur3one4 Capital, Srinath Ramakkrushnan$1,100,000Pre-series A
Beatoven AI2021BangaloreComputer SoftwareBeatoven AI is a simplified music creator tool that helps create music for videos and podcasts.Mansoor Rahimat Khan, Siddharth BhardwajRedstart Labs$1,000,000Seed
Ensologic2019New DelhiInternational Trade & DevelopmentEnsologic is India's numero uno cross border consumer goods e-commerce platform.Anil Agrawal, Kunal JainIndian Angel Network (IAN), Hyderabad Angels$520,000Seed
Eat Better Ventures2020JaipurFood & BeveragesMakes delicious healthy snacks and helps people eat better without compromising on taste.Mridula Kanoria, Shaurya KanoriaJava Capital, Mumbai Angels$700,000Seed
AjnaLens2014ThaneComputer HardwareAjnaLens presents the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality devices with solutions that deliver value instantly.Pankaj Raut, Abhishek Tomar, Abhijit PatilLet's Venture Angel Fund, JITO Angel Network$1,500,000
Just Dogs2011RetailAhmedabadJust Dogs is India’s largest specialty retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets.Ashish, Poorvi AnthonySixth Sense Ventures$7,000,000
Filo2020HaryanaE-learningFilo is the world's fastest growing on-demand tutoring platform that connects students with India’s top 1% tutors in less than 60 seconds.Imbesat Ahmad, Shadman Anwer, Rohit KumarAnthos Capital$23,000,000Series A
Pocket FM2018BangaloreAudio OTTPocket FM lets users discover and enjoy the greatest selection of audio content ranging from audiobooks, stories and podcasts from the most diverse creator community.Nishanth KS, Prateek Dixit, Rohan NayakGoodwater Capital, Naver$65,000,000Series C
TABPS Pets2018CoimbatoreFood ProductionPet Food And CosmeticsBrindha Vijay Kumar$500,000Seed
QPe2021New DelhiE-commerceDigitally Transforming Bharat to India & Bringing Offline Businesses Online.Manish Kaushik, Mohit ChoudharyDaniel KelohaUndisclosedSeed
Bonsaro2020MumbaiFoodTechBonsaro, the technology-driven supplier for seafood and meatSachin Shetty, Vinay DsilvaKlubUndisclosed
Chhotastock2022BangaloreFinancial ServicesChhotastock aims to democratise stock trading and retail investing, targeting users in tier II and beyond locations in India.Mithun TantriSC Innovations FundsUndisclosedPre-seed
Junio2020New DelhiFinancial ServicesThe startup’s goal is to nurture discipline and awareness in children about how to manage money in a fun and practical way.Ankit Gera, Shankar NathNB Ventures$6,000,000Pre-series A
CredAvenue2020ChennaiFinancial ServicesA debt platform for enterprises, lenders and investors, CredAvenue offers the most comprehensive bouquet of debt products.Gaurav Kumar, Vineet SukumarInsight Partners, B Capital Group, Dragoneer Investment Group$137,000,000Series B
Captain Fresh2019BangaloreLogistics & Supply ChainA B2B marketplace leveraging technology to deliver the fastest harvest-to-retail in the industry.Utham GowdaProsus Ventures, Tiger Global$50,000,000Series C
Otipy2020HaryanaAgriTechOtipy helps the farmer to deliver farm fresh vegetables & fruits at doorstep.Varun KhuranaWestbridge Capital32,000,000Series B
CureSkin2016BangaloreHealth, Wellness & FitnessArtificial intelligence-driven beauty and personal care brandGuna Kakulapati, Rama Rajanna, Charu SharmaJSW Ventures$5,000,000Series A
Hiver2011BangaloreComputer SoftwareWorld’s first helpdesk built for Google Workspace.Niraj, Nitish NandyKalaari Capital, Kae Capital$22,000,000Series B
Gamerji2019AhmedabadSportsAn eSports tournament platform where gamers can compete, communicate and share content to win cash prizesSoham ThackerUnicorn India Ventures$1,000,000Pre-series A
PensionBox2021BangaloreFinancial ServiceIndia's First Digital Pension Platform For Private WorkforceKuldeep Parashar, Shivam ParasharKishore Ganji, Keynote India$160,000
Adyaway2020GurgaonConsumer GoodsAdyaway is a purpose driven boutique lifestyle brand for the conscious you, seeking mindful living experiencesKeshav Kumarah! VenturesUndisclosed
Perfios2008BangaloreFinTechPerfios is a leading product technology company enabling businesses to aggregate structured and unstructured data, curate, analyze and help in decision-making.V.R. GovindarajanBessemer Venture Partners, Warburg Pincus$68,000,000
Emeritus2015MumbaiEdTechEmeritus is committed to teaching the skills of the future by making high-quality education accessible and affordable to individuals, companies, and governments around the world.Ashwin DameraCPP Investments$350,000,000
Propdial2017GurgaonReal EstateIndia's #1 Property Management Service PlatformAjay Mishra, Gopal Mishra, Vinay Prajapati$100,000
Oorjaa2021MumbaiLogistics & Supply ChainTechnology Powered Logistics Solutions for the Intra - City Supply ChainSandeep Patil, Prashant Mohite, Yogesh ParabInflection Point Ventures$1,000,000
Blue Tokai2012New DelhiFood & BeveragesCoffee speciality brandNamrata Asthana, Matt ChitharanjanNegen Capital, Mauryan CapitalUndisclosedPre-series B
Money View2014BangaloreFinancial ServicesMoney View is a leading online credit platform that offers a full suite of personalized credit products like instant personal loans, cards, BNPL, and personal financial management solutions.Puneet AgarwalTiger Global, Winter Capital, Evolvence India, Accel$75,000,000Series D
CredoPay2014ChennaiFinancial ServicesA new-age fintech company that enables Banks, Financial institutions, PayFacs and ISOs with our industry-ready unified payment acquiring platform.Dore SwamyEzSwype LLC, Zent International Limited5,000,000Pre-series A
Loco2018BangaloreEntertainmentLoco is India's leading live game streaming platform. 'Democratise gaming entertainment'Anirudh Pandita, Ashwin SureshHashed40,000,000Series A
Kuku FM2018MumbaiEntertainmentKuku FM is India’s leading audio content platform that create, produce, market and distribute exclusive premium audio contents in the form of audiobooksLal Chand Bisu, Vinod Meena, Vikas GoyalKRAFTON20,000,000Series B
Metasky2021BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesMetasky a Web3 platform to enable the next billion users of crypto and NFT powered communities, games, and experiences.Ankit Arora, Prakhar SharmaSequoia Capital India, Woodstock Fund2,000,000Pre-seed
Mentor Match2020ChennaiE-learningMentor Match is a self-study platform that helps students of classes 8-12 connect directly with expert mentors/tutors instantly through a 1 on 1 video call.Rohit Raheja, Rayhaan Shaik, Sachit DugaSapient Fund1,000,000Pre-seed
Nutrify Today2020BangaloreInternational Trade & DevelopmentNutrify Today is largest Nutraceutical industry, Food tech and Pharma OTC platform that enables and empowers nutraceutical business by way of curated supply chain, Market access, and Peer networking.Amit SrivastavaAnand Swaroop$500,000Seed
Data Science Wizards2019MumbaiInformation Technology & ServicesData Science Consulting, AI Solutions & Services CompanySandeep Khuperkar,Shivam ThakkarClover InfotechUndisclosed
SustainKart2021HyderabadE-commerceIndia’s largest ecommerce marketplace exclusively for sustainable products.Shilpa Reddy, Kanthi DuttSamantha Ruth PrabhuUndisclosed
HooLiv2020New DelhiHospitalityHooLiv intends to provide students with a modern form of CoLiving and improve their quality of life by focusing on three crucial aspects of Comfort, Convenience & Community.Chinmoy Mishra, Gaurav Vij, Abhishek VermaRecur ClubUndisclosed
Birdeye2012GurgaonComputer SoftwareBirdeye everyday to attract new leads with Listings, Reviews and Referrals, convert them into customers with Webchat and Appointments, and delight those customers with Surveys, Ticketing, and Insights - all in one place.Naveen Gupta, Neeraj GuptaAccel-KKR$60,000,000Series C
Ferns N Petals1994New DelhiRetailLargest Gifting ChainMeeta Gutgutia, Vikaas GutgutiaLighthouse$27,000,000
inFeedo2013GurgaonHuman ResourcesAsia’s leading employee experience platform that helps engage employees, predict attrition & answer FAQs with conversational AI that people loveTanmaya Jain, Varun PuriJungle Ventures, Tiger Global$12,000,000Series A
Licious2015BangaloreFood & BeveragesThe company is built with a vision to emerge as India’s most loved meat food brand by offering premium quality products.Vivek Gupta, Abhay HanjuraAmansa Capital, Kotak PE, Axis Growth Avenues AIF$150,000,000Series F2
BlueStone2011BangaloreLuxury Goods & JewelryBlueStone is India's leading destination for high quality fine jewellery with strikingly exquisite designs.Gaurav singh kushwahaHero Enterprise$30,000,000
LILA Games2020BangaloreEntertainmentMaking an innovative F2P Shooter GameJoseph Kim, Paul Leydon, Avinash PandeyRainfall Ventures$10,000,000Series A
Excellent Publicity2011AhmedabadMarketing & AdvertisingExcellent publicity has earned an envious reputation in the advertisement segment for creating, nurturing and enhancing brands like never before.Manan Joshi$500,000
Growfitter2016MumbaiHealth, Wellness & FitnessGrowfitter is a gamified digital health reward platform that adds financial benefits to your physical activity!Sanmati PandeInflection Point Ventures$1,000,000Pre-series A
GPS Renewables2012BangaloreRenewables & EnvironmentGPS Renewables is a Bangalore based clean-tech firmMainak ChakrabortyNeev Fund IIUndisclosedSeries B
Cosmofeed2021GurgaonContent monetisation platformHelping content creators make money and bringing them closer to their fans.Vivek Yadav, Vishnu PathakGrowx ventures, Waveform Ventures$1,500,000Seed
Shipskart2017New DelhiMaritimeShipsKart is a one stop shop for all marine needs.Dhruv Sawhney, Sunny Bagla, Vivek SahiTrail Mix Ventures, Hermes Offshore$2,700,000Series A
We360.ai2020BhopalInformation Technology & is a cloud-based employee monitoring software that helps you gain insights into your employees work environmentArnav GuptaCampus Fund, GSF, SucSeed Ventures$500,000
Amagi2008BangaloreBroadcast MediaAmagi is the world’s leading cloud-managed broadcast services and targeted advertising solutions company.KA Srinivasan, Srividhya Srinivasan, Baskar SubramanianAccel, Norwest, Avataar$95,000,000
ekincare2014HyderabadHealth, Wellness & FitnessFastest growing and patented health benefits platformKiran Kalakuntla, Srikanth Samudrala, Dr Noel CoutinhoHealthQuad, Sabre Partners$15,000,000Series B
Logically2017MysoreInformation Technology & ServicesLogically combines advanced AI with human expertise to tackle harmful & problematic online content at scale.Lyric JainVitruvian Partners$24,000,000
CommerceIQ2012BangaloreSoftware DevelopmentLeading consumer brands trust CommerceIQ to simplify AmazonGuru HariharanSoftbank Vision Fund 2, Insight Partners, Trinity Ventures$115,000,000Series D
Leverage Edu2017New DelhiHigher EducationLeading study abroad platform helping students from India & other emerging markets apply to universities abroad with an “outcome-focused counseling” approach that factors in employability + student success.Akshay ChaturvediKaizenvest Private Equity, DSP Mutual Fund Group, Artha Ventures$22,000,000Series B
Aquaconnect2017ChennaiFisheriesSouth Asia's pioneer full-stack aquaculture technology venture & marketplaceRajamanohar SomasundaramTrifecta Capital$7,000,000
O'hi2021JaipurInternet PublishingOhi is a new social network where people of different geographies, cultures, professions can connect with each other in restaurants.Rupal Sharma, Adeeti SinghDST's Managing Partner, Rahul Mehta, Angellist US$300,000Seed
Oxyzo2016GurgaonFinancial ServicesA tech-enabled smart financing solution providerAsish Mohapatra, Ruchi KalraTiger Global, Alpha Wave$200,000,000Series A
Stack Finance2021BangaloreFinancial ServicesIndia’s first automated investing appSmriti Tomar, Tushar Vyas, Vidit Varshney, Yashwardhan PauranikSucSEED Indovation Fund, Kunal ShahUndisclosed
Plum2013MumbaiSkincarePureplay Skin Sciences is a new-age, values-based, science-driven clean beauty & grooming companyShankar PrasadA91 Partners$35,000,000Series C
Stanza Living2017New DelhiHospiitalityIndia’s largest managed-living ecosystem. A tech-first approach to deliver a resident-first living experience.Anindya Dutta, Sandeep DalmiaKotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank$57,000,000
SIDBI Venture Capital1999MumbaiVenture Capital and Private Equity PrincipalsAn investment management company and a wholly owned subsidiary of SIDBI (, the Apex Financial Institution in the country for the MSME sector.Debashis GhoshUbharte Sitaare Fund$60,000,000
Aye Finance2014GurgaonFinancial ServicesAye Finance is a new-age finance company providing business loans to small and micro enterprises across India.Vikram Jetley, Sanjay SharmaTriple Jump, Northern Arc$9,000,000
MedisimVR2017ChennaiHospitals and Health CareMediSim VR was established to make comprehensive Virtual Reality medical simulation more accessible and affordable.Sabarish Chandrasekaran, Adith ChinnaswamiInflection Point Ventures$400,000Pre-series A
Pickyourtrail2014ChennaiTravel ArrangementsIndia’s biggest online D-I-Y travel booking platformSrinath Shankar,Hari GanapathyKunal Shah, Adit ParekhUndisclosed
The Ayurveda Co2021GurgaonManufacturingD2C ayurvedic brandParam Bhargava, Shreedha SinghWipro$3,000,000
Vivriti Capital2017ChennaiFinancial ServicesVivriti Capital is India’s first tech enabled marketplace that brings together capital markets investors with institutions, small enterprises and individuals.Gaurav Kumar, Vineet SukumarLightstone India, Creation Investments$55,000,000Series C
Pixxel2018BangaloreDefense and Space ManufacturingPixxel is a space technology company working towards creating the world's highest resolution hyperspectral imaging satellite-imaging constellation.Awais Ahmed, Kshitij KhandelwalRadical Ventures$25,000,000Series A
EdgeGrid2020HyderabadSoftware DevelopmentThe Energy Cloud of India - One energy platform where everyone can connect, transact and create Value.Sunil Talla, Prasad YerneniLightrock India$6,000,000Seed
Classplus2018NoidaEdTechClassplus, a B2B edtech startup that helps educators and content creators launch and scale their online coaching businessesMukul Rustagi, Bhaswat AgarwalTiger Global, Alpha Wave Global$70,000,000Series D
Pep Technologies Pvt Ltd2015MumbaiD2CPep Technologies Pvt Ltd, the parent of Mumbai-based direct-to-consumer (D2C) personal care brand mCaffeineTarun Sharma, Vikas LachhwaniParagon Partners$30,000,000Series C
Qure.ai2016MumbaiMedical Equipment ManufacturingMake healthcare more affordable and accessible through the power of Artificial IntelligencePrashant WarierNovo Holdings, HealthQuad$40,000,000
HackerRank2012BangaloreSoftware DevelopmentHackerRank is a technology hiring platform that is the standard for assessing developer skills for over 2800 companies around the world.Vivek Ravisankar, Harishankaran KSusquehanna Growth Equity$60000000Series D
CityMall2019GurgaonManufacturingCityMall is a community commerce platform focused on 300 million new to internet users living in small cities, towns, and villages in India.Angad Kikla, Naisheel VerdhanNorwest Venture Partners$75,000,000Series C
Pine Labs1998NoidaIT Services and IT ConsultingA merchant platform company that provides financing and last-mile retail transaction technology to merchantsAmrish RauVitruvian Partners$50,000,000
OSlash2020BangaloreSoftware DevelopmentOSlash is an enterprise URL manager that helps teams navigate, manage, and share information by internally naming all important links.Ankit Pansari, Shoaib KhanKunal Shah, Christian Oestlien$5,000,000Post-seed
SuperK2019Small Towns, AndhraRetailSuperK is a full-stack solution to empower small format retail stores in India.Neeraj Menta, Anil Thontepu021 Capital$5,500,000Pre-Series A
CARD912020BangaloreFinancial ServicesCard91 offers plug & play payment infrastructure as a service for the businesses who want to issue, control, view and approve payments.Vineet Saxena, Ajay Pandey, Kush SrivastavaInfinity Ventures, Point72 Ventures, Sabre Partners$13,000,000Pre-Series A
FarMart2015GurgaonFarmingFarMart is building an alternative food value chain that is transparent and financially rewarding for both farmers and businessesAlekh Sanghera, Mehtab SinghGeneral Catalyst$32,000,000Series B
Pi Beam Electric2013ChennaiMotor Vehicle ManufacturingAn end to end micromobility EV solutions company with data driven analytics. IIT Madras Incubated StartUp.Visakh SasikumarInflection Point Ventures$1,700,000Pre-Series A
Seekho.ai2021GurgaonE-Learning ProvidersSeekho is India's first micro-learning based platform to learn, mentor and hire.Divya Jain, Ajeet Singh Kushwaha, Arihant JainLetsVenture, Trica, Super Morpheus$3,000,000Pre-Series A
UPCRED2021BangaloreInternet PublishingFounded to empower the world’s creators to be as economically successful as possible.Sanjay Choudhary, Dharmpal Chaudhary, Aditya BhattacharjeeSyed Firdous Hussain, Gayatri Nikkam$400,000Pre-seed
TrustCheckr2017BangaloreIT Services and IT ConsultingTrustCheckr uses AI and statistically arrives at TrustScore for fraud prevention. We provide Real time APIs with simple Integration.Adhip Ramesh, Praveen Raj, ShivrajIIFL Fintech FundUndisclosed
Games24x72006MumbaiInternet PublishingGames24x7 is India's leading digital skill games company with an exciting full-stack games portfolio across skill games, fantasy sports and casual games.Trivikraman Thampy, Bhavin PandyaMalabar Investment$75,000,000
Finova Capital2015JaipurFinancial ServicesFinova Capital, a leading MSME focused NBFCMohit Sahney, Sunita SahneyNorwest Venture Partners, Maj Invest$65,000,000
HealthQuad2016New DelhiVenture Capital and Private Equity PrincipalsHealthQuad is a healthcare innovation fund with a vision to nurture models that transform healthcare in India.Abrar Mir, Amit Varma, Charles-Antoine JanssenMSD, the global biopharmaceutical company$160,000,000
Wiz Freight2019ChennaiTransportation, Logistics and StorageWiz is a tech-enabled freight forwarding platform for the modern day.Ramkumar Govindarajan, Ramkumar RamachandranTiger Global$36,000,000Series A
OneCode2020BangaloreFinancial ServicesA new age reseller platform in the e commerce space funded by the industry leaders.Manish Shara, Yash DesaiGeneral Catalyst$13,000,000Series A
Kogta Financial1996JaipurFinancial ServicesKogta Financial (I) Ltd is a retail focused Non Banking Finance Company with more than 25 years of experience in Asset Finance Business (AFCs).Radha Krishan KogtaMultiples$111,000,000Series D

Indian Startups Funding Data - February 2022

Company NameFoundedLocationSectorWhat it doesFoundersInvestorAmountStage
LoadShare2017BangaloreLogistics & Supply ChainLoadShare is one of India's fastest-growing logistics companies with a far-reaching express and logistics networkRaghuram Talluri, Pramod NairTiger Global$40,000,000Series C
Scaler2019BangaloreE-learningScaler is devoted to creating a growth ecosystem to help software professionals unlock talent and opportunities at every stage of their career.Abhimanyu SaxenaLightrock India$55,000,000
Chargebee2011ChennaiFinancial ServicesChargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management tool that helps SaaS and SaaS-like businesses streamline Revenue Operations.Krish Subramanian, Thiyagarajan T, Rajaraman Santhanam, Saravanan KPTiger Global, Sequoia Capital$250,000,000
Nautilus Mobile2014PuneComputer GamesNautilus Mobile is an independent mobile gaming studioRajan NavaniKRAFTON$5,400,000
Waterfield Advisors2011MumbaiFinancial ServicesIndia's largest Multi-Family Office and Wealth Advisory firm, providing holistic advice without any conflict of interestSoumya Rajan$6,000,000Series B
OneTo112020NoidaSportsOneTo11 is a tech driven gaming company.Ravindra KumarMaximus Capital, GDA Capital, Magnus Capital, NFT Technologies$2,500,000Seed
Scrut Automation2021BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesScrut Provides the deepest cloud integration, which monitors against 140+ vulnerabilitiesAyush Ghosh Choudhury, Kush KaushikLightspeed, Endiya Partners$3,000,000
The Renal Project2019MumbaiHospital & Health CareThe Renal Project (TRP) is a chain of dialysis micro-centres revolutionizing the availability and delivery of dialysis therapy.Shashank ModdhiaEmcure Pharmaceuticals, Aman Gupta, Sameer Mehta
ZERUND2018GuwahatiBuilding MaterialsZerund brick is known as Plastic Embedded Lightweight Brick. It is a patented lightweight brick of Zerund Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.Rupam Choudhury, Mousum Talukdar, David Pratim GogoiNEDFi Venture CapitalUndisclosedPre-series A
Zama Organics2016MumbaiFood & BeveragesZama offers fresh organic produce sourced from farmers and artisans around India.Shriya Naheta WadhwaAjay Kaushal, Arjun LambaUndisclosedPre-series A
Jar2021BangaloreFinancial ServicesJar is a daily gold savings app that lets you save money by taking spare change from your online transactions and investing it in digital gold automatically.Misbah Ashraf, Nishchay AGTiger Global$32,000,000Series A
Bombay Shaving Company2015New DelhiConsumer GoodsPersonal care and hair removal brandShantanu DeshpandeGulf Islamic Investments$6,000,000
Logibricks2017PuneComputer SoftwareLogibricks is a SaaS platform that helps online retailers manage their post-purchase operations from start to finish.Ameya Shah, Karan Kabra, Shereef MohammedShiprocket$1,500,000
Pillow2021BangaloreFinancial ServicesPillow aims to make participation in DeFi as simple as possible, by abstracting out all technical, security, and strategic concernsArindam Roy, Rajath KM, Kartik MishraElevation Capital$3,000,000Seed
SatSure2017BangaloreDefense & SpaceSatSure is an innovative decision analytics companyPrateep Basu, Rashmit Singh Sukhmani, Abhishek RajuBaring PE India, ADB Ventures$5,000,000Pre-series A
Trifecta Capital2015GurgaonVenture Capital & Private EquityTrifecta Capital is India's leading alternate financing platform for startups across their life cycle.Rahul Khanna, Nilesh Kothari$200,000,000
Kritsnam2015HyderabadInformation Technology & ServicesKritsnam Technologies has evolved from IIT Kanpur research and innovation centre with a vision towards data-driven water management.K Sri Harsha, Prudhvi Sagar, Vinay Chataraju, Neeraj RaiAshish Gupta, Kunal Shah, Vikram Karunakaram$800,000Pre-series A
Dvara SmartGold2019MumbaiFinancial ServicesInvestment service to financially integrate every household in the country through a uniquely curated gold savings plan.Sanjeev AgarwalAxilor, Dvara Holdings$2,000,000Pre-series A
GoalTeller2020BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesGoalTeller is a bootstrapped fintech startup with an aim to provide financial planning tools to individual investors.Vivek Banka, Abhisek PugliaDr Ranjan Pai, Pankaj Fitkariwala, Himanshu Bhagat$500,000Pre-series A
Goldsetu2021BangaloreSaaSGold Setu is a mobile-first SaaS platform for jewellery retailers that helps them to automate their workflows and digitally engage with their customers.Vikas Verma, Anuj SachdevVillage Global, Better Capital, Titan Capital, iSeed$1,200,000Seed
Meraqui2019PuneHuman ResourcesA SaaS-enabled platform for effective grey and blue-collar workforce management specializing in employee lifecycle management, jobs and requisition management, and training and/or interview assessments.Shalin Maheshwari, Lalit Singh$1,000,000Seed
Elever2020BangaloreFinancial ServicesIndia’s one-of-a-kind, fully personalised, goal-based investing app.Anshul Sharan, Ram Subramaniam, Santosh RMassimo Vita, Udaya Kumar$750,000
Hero FinCorp1991New DelhiFinancial ServicesDelhi-based Hero FinCorp, a non-banking finance companyAbhimanyu MunjalApollo, Hero MotoCorp$267,000,000
Livspace2015BangaloreHome interiorLivspace is a trusted interior design marketplace that connects interior designers, vendors and customers across India and Singapore.Anuj Srivastava, Ramakant SharmaIngka Group Investments, Jungle Ventures, Venturi Partners, Peugeot Investments$180,000,000Series F
ElasticRun2016PuneB2B E-commerceElasticRun is a Kirana Commerce Platform. It enables businesses to reach small Kirana stores in the deep rural parts of India.Sandeep Deshmukh, Saurabh Nigam, Shitiz BansalSoftBank, Goldman Sachs$300,000,000Series E
Mintifi2017MumbaiFinancial ServicesIndia's first Deep Tier Channel Financing PlatformAutomating your Receivables ManagementWorking Capital to SMEs
Anveya Living2018BangaloreConsumer GoodsAnveya is building powerful brands that create a positive impact for the consumer, the industry and the planet.Vivek Singh, Saurav PatnaikRukam Capital$1,000,000Seed
Kofluence2019BangaloreMarketing & AdvertisingKofluence connects Brands to Social Media Influencers.Sreeram Reddy Vanga, Ritesh UjjwalKunal Shah, Apoorva Mehta$4,000,000Pre-series A
Mango Point2018ChennaiFood & BeveragesNatural and Healthy Fresh Mangoes and Mango Gourmet ProductsManjula Gandhi Rooban, Prasanna VenkatarathnamThe Chennai Angels, Native Angel Network, Keiretsu Chennai$200,000
IndiaP2P2021MumbaiInvestment ManagementPeer-to-peer investment platformNeha Juneja, Ravinder Voomidisingh, Mohit GuptaAntler IndiaUndisclosedSeed
Sprinto2020BangaloreComputer SoftwareSprinto helps SaaS companies become SOC-2 compliant, close enterprise deals, and pass vendor security assessments easilyGirish Redekar, Raghuveer KancherlaElevation Capital$10,000,000Series A
Xpressbees2015PuneLogistics & Supply ChainFastest growing express logistics service provider in India catering to end-to-end supply chain solutions.Amitava Saha, Supam MaheshwariBlackstone Growth, TPG Growth, ChrysCapital$300,000,000Series F
Wealthy.in2015BangaloreFinancial ServicesEnable professionals to grow wealth for investorsAditya Agarwal, Prashant GuptaAlpha Wave Incubation$7,500,000Series A
xto10x2019BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesHelping startups all over the world scale meaningfully into world-class companies.Binny Bansal, Saikiran Krishnamurthy$25,000,000Series A
Karbon Card2019BangaloreFinancial ServicesKarbon Card is a B2B payment solution for India's finance leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives.Pei-fu Hsieh, Amit Jangir, Kartik Jain, Sunil SinhaOlive Tree Capital, Harmony, Avenir Growth Capital$15,000,000Series A
Oloid2018BangaloreComputer SoftwareOloid is a physical identity software platform committed to providing secure and privacy-forward authentication for the modern workplace.Madhu Madhusudhanan, Mohit GargDell Technologies Capital$12,000,000Series A
Bugworks2014BangaloreBiotechnologyPath breaking solutions to large unmet needs in Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and immuno-oncology.Anand AnandkumarLightrock India$18,000,000Series B1
Peakperformer2020BangaloreProfessional Training & CoachingEmpowering organizations by building leaders at all career levels.Aishwarya Goel, Nilesh AgarwalAntler India, Blume Founders Fund$3,000,000Seed
Carbanio2017HyderabadB2B MarketplaceIndia's largest Chemicals Bazaar for buying and selling chemicals onlineDr Rafi S, Vijay DevarakondaQuantico Group USA$1,300,000Seed
Life & Pursuits2016NoidaHealth, Wellness & FitnessLife & Pursuits is an Ayurveda beauty & wellness brand that focuses on global demand for organic, safe and effective products.Mudit Consul, Aditi Consul, Manshu Aneja, Mani AgarwalPankaj Agrawal, Supermorpheus and Eagle10 Ventures$500,000
Cercle X2020CoimbatoreEnvironmental ServicesInfinite Cercle is the parent company of a group of companies dealing predominantly with enabling a circular economy and sustainability.Vishnu Vardhaan, Divya ShettyInflection Point Ventures$250,000Seed
Spacejoy2019BangaloreDesignBuilding the future of home designs by weaving art and interactive 3D technology to enable the joy of designing homes in simple and easy steps.Arnab Saharoy, Vinay IndreshAccel Partners$4,000,000Pre-series A
Better Opinions2021GurgaonFinancial ServicesBetter Opinions, an even trading platformSamay JainJava Capital, Soma Capital$1,000,000Seed
Prolance2020BangaloreFurnitureProlance, a manufacturing platform for interior design companiesRama Harinath K, Vivek Parasuram, Raghunath Gururajan, Jaisimha Sathyanarayana, Manoj KSrini Anumolu, Karthik Bhat$500,000Pre-series A
Runo2019SecunderabadComputer SoftwareRuno delivers the functionalities of a full-function Customer Relationship Management suite, all built into a mobile app.Rajsekhar Pattnaik, PV VamsiUnicorn India Ventures$500,000Pre-series A
RENEE Cosmetics2019AhmedabadCosmeticsRENÉE Cosmetics is an Indian makeup brand empowering bold & beautiful women with innovative, cruelty-free products.Aashka Goradia Goble, Ashutosh Valani, Priyank ShahMensa Brands$1,000,000Series A
Altigreen2012BangaloreAutomotiveAltigreen is a leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology and solutions for Last Mile Transportation (LMT) through 2, 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles for commercial use.Amitabh Saran, Lasse Mocklegaard, Shailendra Gupta, John Bangura$40,000,000Series A
InMobi’s Glance2019BangaloreSoftwareGlance is an artificial intelligence based software company that delivers personalised content to the lock screens of smartphones.Naveen TewariJio Platforms$200,000,000
Kenko Health2019MumbaiHospital & Health CareKenko Health is a new take on Health financing, with deeper and wider coverage options at significantly lower prices. Check out our plans with wide OPD coverageAniruddha Sen, Dhiraj GoelSequoia Capital India$12,000,000Series A
Aulerth2021GurgaonLuxury Goods & JewelryAulerth is bridging the gap between two worlds by creating jewelry that is couture-inspired and consciously made.Vivek RamabhadranTarun Tahilian, M Venture Partners$1,100,000Seed
AltUni2013MumbaiEducation ManagementCommunity-based alternative digital universityAnkit DoshiAmit Gupta, Mukesh Maniar, Rahul Gupta, Gautam Gurnani$500,000
GreenPod Labs2019ChennaiBiotechnologyProvide cost-effective post-harvest solutions to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables during storage and transport.Deepak RajmohanIndian Angel Network$500,000Pre-seed
RapiPay2021New DelhiFinancial ServicesA single app for all banking and financial needs.Nipun JainVarun Jaipuria$15,000,000
Entri.app2015KochinE-learningE-learning Entri is a vernacular language learning platform for India, focused on helping people acquire relevant job skills.Mohammed HisamuddinOmidyar Network India, Innospark Ventures$7,000,000Series A
GOQii2014MumbaiHealth, Wellness & FitnessGOQii is a smart preventive healthcare ecosystem which enables you to live a healthy and active life!Vishal GondalSumeru Ventures$50,000,000Series C
Proactive For Her2020BangaloreHealth, Wellness & FitnessProactive For Her is a digital platform for women, offering accessible, personalized and confidential healthcare solutions.Achitha JacobVertex Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners$5,500,000Series A
Actyv.ai2019BangaloreComputer SoftwareLarge enterprises are using to transform their supply chains and to empower their Channel Partners.Raghunath Subramanian, Raghu Venkat, Ramkumar Thirumurthi1Digi Investment management$5,000,000Pre-series A
Lummo2019BangaloreSaaSLummo exists for entrepreneurs filled with motivation and a zeal to grow.Krishnan MenonJeff Bezos$80,000,000Series C
Uniphore2008ChennaiComputer SoftwareUniphore is the global leader in Conversational Service Automation (CSA), which combines the power of artificial intelligence, automation technology and machine learning.Umesh Sachdev, Ravi SaraogiMarch Capital$400,000,000Series E
Join Ventures2020MumbaiVenture Capital & Private EquityJoin Ventures, house of D2C brands for celebrations, is building leadership through its growing portfolio of brands, including IGP.comTarun JoshiDSG Consumer Partners, Rajiv Dadlani Group, 9Unicorns, Venture Catalysts$1,000,000Series A
AGRIM2020GurgaonAgriTechA B2B Agri-Input e-commerce marketplace, which brings small retailers and manufacturers on one platform.Avi Jain, Mukul GargKalaari Capital$10,000,000Series A
DealShare2018BangaloreSocial commerceDealshare is a fast growing social e-commerce startup, an online buying platform for multi-category consumer products, focused on the new 'WhatsApp first' India.Rajat Shikhar, Sankar Bora, Sourjyendu Medda, Vineet RaoAbu Dhabi Investment Authority$45,000,000Series E
GrowFitter2016MumbaiHealth, Wellness & FitnessGrowfitter is a gamified digital health reward platform that adds financial benefits to your physical activity!Harshit Sethy, Sanmati PandeDevX Venture Fund$1,200,000
Stellapps2011BangaloreComputer SoftwareStellapps is an end-to-end dairy technology solutions company – the first of its kind in India.Ranjith MukundanIDH FarmFitUndisclosed
Propelld2017BangaloreFinancial ServicesPropelld is a series-B funded fintech company that enables flexible financing solutions through fully digital journeys for learners pursuing education programs at vetted partner institutions.Victor Senapaty, Bibhu Prasad DasWestBridge Capital$35,000,000Series B
Pine Labs1998NoidaInformation Technology & ServicesA merchant platform company that provides financing and last-mile retail transaction technology to merchantsLokvir Kapoor, Rajul Garg, Tarun UpadhyayAlpha Wave Venture$150,000,000
Increff2016BangaloreComputer SoftwareIncreff is a business partner to Fashion and Lifestyle brands and retailers to deliver significant and sustainable increase in sales and inventory efficiency.Rajul JainTVS Capital Funds, Premji Invest$12,000,000Series B
Krishify2019GurgaonSocial MediaRural social networkRajesh Ranjan, Manish Agrawal, Avinash KumarAnkur Capital, Omidyar Network India, Orios Venture Partners$6,200,000Pre-series A
Fleetx.io2017GurgaonComputer SoftwareFleetx is an AI-Driven Freight Movement Platform that helps supply chain and logistics stakeholders digitize their operations and helps them make smart decisions based on real time actionable insights.Abhay Jeet Gupta, Udbhav Rai, Parveen Kataria Vishal MisraIndiaMart$19,000,000Series B
MediBuddy2002BangaloreHealth, Wellness & FitnessMediBuddy - India’s Largest & most Trusted Digital Healthcare Platform for inpatient, outpatient, wellness & fitness needsSatish Kannan, EnbasekarQuadria Capital, Lightrock India$125,000,000Series C
Happilo2016BangaloreFood & BeveragesHappilo is a gourmet healthy food brand from Bangalore.Vikas NaharMotilal Oswal$25,000,000
V-Ensure2010MumbaiPharmaDevelopment of Pharmaceutical dossiers for the regulated markets.Sathyanarayana vemulaInvestcorp$10,000,000
Chargeup2019New DelhiRenewables & EnvironmentCharge-up offers Battery as a Service, solving the high cost problem and inconvenience of long charging hours, through its distributed network of battery swapping hubs.Varun Goenka, Ankur MadanCapital A, Anicut Capital$2,500,000Pre-series A
RetainIQ2021BangaloreE-commerceRetainIQ enables ecommerce stores & brands globally, to convert and retain their customersSitakanta Ray, Arpit Gupta, Sulakshan KumarAccel Partners$2,300,000Seed
Adicube2019BangaloreMarketing & AdvertisingAn influencer marketing platformSreetam PandaPitcherlabs Ventures$1,600,000Pre-seed
Com Olho2019GurgaonInformation Technology & ServicesCom Olho is a leading cloud-based cyber security as a service platform.Abhinav BangiaInflection Point Venture$2,000,000Seed
CertifyMe2021BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesA Credential platform that enables Event producers and TechEd firms to maximize their brand's presenceRanjith TharayilAnas Rahman JunaidUndisclosedSeed
Wholsum Foods2016GurgaonFood & BeveragesMillet-based food startupMeghana Narayan, Shauravi MalikInvestment Corporation of Dubai$7,000,000
SandLogic2018BangaloreComputer SoftwareSandLogic (SL) is an Enterprise AI company, born with a passion to deliver the AI that powers Enterprises.Kamalakar Devaki, Jesudas Fernandes, Radhika Kanigiri, Ravi Kumar RayanaSanjay Singhania, Sai Kumar$4,000,000Pre-series A
Xoxoday2012BangaloreComputer SoftwareXoxoday provides technology infrastructure to enable businesses to automate rewards, incentives & payouts for employees, customers & channel partners.Sumit Khandelwal, Manoj Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar, Kushal AgrawalGiift$30,000,000
Shipsy2015GurgaonComputer SoftwareEmpower organizations handling trade and logistics to accelerate business growth, optimize costs and enhance customer experiences using our smart end-to-end global logistics management platform.Soham, Himanshu Gupta, Dhruv Agrawal, Sahil Arora, Harsh KumarA91 Partners, Z3 Partners$25,000,000Series B
Arrivae2017MumbaiFurnitureArrivae, an interior designing startuYash KelaThink Investments, Havells$9,000,000Series B
IvyCap Ventures2011MumbaiInvestment ManagementIvyCap Ventures has launched a venture capital fund guided by an entrepreneur-centric investment approach.Vikram Gupta$215,000,000
Finarkein Analytics2019PuneInformation Technology & ServicesFinarkein Analytics are the builders of Flux: A responsible analytics platform.Nikhil KurheIIFL, Info EdgeUndisclosedSeed
StockDaddy2021GurgaonE-learningStockDaddy ''The Stock Learning App'' that has the power to turn even a rookie into a booming trader at the stock market.Alok KumarGurmimdar Pal Singh, Jatin ArnejaUndisclosed
Prime Venture Partners2011BangaloreVenture Capital & Private EquityAn early-stage Venture Fund managed by serial entrepreneurs.Shripati Acharya, Amit Somani, Sanjay SwamyInternational Finance Corporation$120,000,000
Bhanzu2020HyderabadEducation ManagementBhanzu aims to inculcate a love for math at a global level and change the way students perceive math for a better worldNeelakantha BhanuNitin Gupta, Maninder Gulati$2,000,000Seed
Kalvi2021BangaloreEducation ManagementWorld's first liberal engineering degree in Computer Science. Partnership with top universities and enterprises.Rajesh KumarNithin Kamath, Rahul Chari1,700,000Seed
Aastey2020MumbaiApparel & FashionBuilding India's first size inclusive brand for athleisure, activewear & essentials for women.Kanupriya Mundhra, Jeevika TyagiCXXO$1,300,000Seed
Accelero Vehicles2017New DelhiAutomotiveeBik™ developed by "Accelero Vehicles India Private Limited” aims to provide motorized mobility for all.Anant JainSocial Alpha, LetsVenture$200,000Seed
UP Funds2017BangaloreSaaSSaaS Accelerator for founders who care about optionalityShekar NairWestBridge Capital$9,000,000
Koo2020BangaloreMicrobloggingKoo App, the microblogging platformAprameya Radhakrishna,Mayank BidawatkaCapsier Venture Partner, Ravi Modi Family Trust, Ashneer Grover, FBC Venture Partners, Adventz Finance$10,000,000
DaMENSCH2018BangaloreApparel & FashionInnovative, sustainable, premium, essential fashion for men.Anurag Saboo, Gaurav PushkarA91 Partners$10,000,000Series B
TestSigma2019BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesA powerful open source test automation platform for modern teams.Rukmangada Kandyala, Pratheep Velicherla, Vikram Chaitanya, Rajesh ReddyAccel, STRIVE$4,600,000
Upswing Financial Technologies2021MumbaiFinancial ServicesEnable consumer companies to offer differentiated financial products and empower the financial institutions with greater reach through our Secure, Scalable and easy to integrate API platform.Anupam Bagchi, Nihar GuptaKunal Shah, Rajan Bajaj$4,000,000
ClaimBuddy2020GurgaonHospital & Health is a MediClaim support company that acts as one-stop solutions for Claim assistance for Patients & Hospitals.Ajit Patel, Khet SinghChiratae Ventures, Rebright Partners$3,000,000Pre-series A

Indian Startups Funding Data - January 2022

Company NameFoundedLocationSectorWhat it doesFoundersInvestorAmountStage
Mamaearth2016GurgaonHealth, Wellness & FitnessMaking products which are mum-baby friendly, toxin-free, meet stringent international standards & are basically ultra awesome, MamaEarth was born.Varun AlaghSequoia$52,000,000
EsportsXO2020BangaloreMobile GamesAn esports company which offers tournament management, creator management & contentUtsav Umang, Rohit Raj, Vikas GoelWe Founder Circle, Wami Capital, SucSEED Indovation Fund$1,000,000Seed
Geniemode2021GurgaonImport & ExportGeniemode is building an extensive online platform solution for global buyers ranging from Mom & Pop stores to global giant retailers.Tanuj Gangwani, Amit SharmaDeepinder Goyal, Kunal Shah, Prashant Malik, Pankaj Gupta$7,000,000Series A
Exotel2011BangaloreTelecommunicationsCustomer engagement platform, streamlining customer interactions for Swiggy, Ola, Flipkart, GoJek etc.Shivakumar GanesanSteadview Capital$40,000,000Series D
Innoviti Payment Solutions2002BangaloreFinancial ServicesInnoviti is India’s most exciting payments company that has always brought differentiation through innovative solutions to solve real-world payment problems for businesses.Rajeev AgrawalTrifecta Debt Fund, Patni Advisors, Bessemer Venture Partners$10,000,000
Pine Labs1998NoidaInformation Technology & ServicesPine Labs offers a merchant platform that includes technology and financial solutions for merchants to help them in increasing their revenue, reducing the cost and complexity of running business, and managing the risks involved.Amrish RauState Bank of India$20,000,000
Moneyboxx2018MumbaiFinancial ServicesA NBFC democratising access to capital to the undeserved micro entrepreneurs in Tier 3 and beyond cities of the country.MAYUR MODI$1,000,000
CASHe2016MumbaiFinancial ServicesCASHe is a credit-enabled financial technology platform that offers a wide range of consumer lending products and services including personal loansRamanTSLC$10,000,000
iD Fresh Foods2006BangaloreFood ProductioniD Fresh Food is professional assistant in the kitchen, helping rustle up 100% natural and authentic Indian meals in a jiffy; with no chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors.PC Musthafa, Abdul NaserNewQuest Capital Partner$60,000,000Series D
Freecultr2020New DelhiApparel & FashionFREECULTR is an inner, sleep, lounge and active wear brand where comfort meets style, premium meets affordable and skin meets its first love!Shrey Luthra, Harshit VijSixth Sense Ventures$5,000,000Series
Udaan2016BangaloreB2B E-commerceUdaan is India’s largest b2b eCommerce platform that is empowering small businesses through the power and scale offered by eCommerce.Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta, Sujeet Kumar$200,000,000
LivFin2017GurgaonFinancial ServicesLIVFIN is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India.Rakesh MalhotraBlackSoil$2,000,000
Bambrew2018BangaloreRenewables & EnvironmentEmpowering SustainabilityEradicating Single Use PlasticUplifting Rural DevelopmentVaibhav AnantBlue Ashva Capital, Supack Industries
Courseplay2012MumbaiE-learningAn AI-powered, talent development suite focused on maximizing training ROI for learning-led business growthArjun GuptaInflection Point Ventures$400,000Seed
Dunzo2015BangaloreE-commerceDunzo is an all-in-one 24X7 delivery platform, that picks and delivers anything and everything within the city while guaranteeing super-quick deliveries.Kabeer Biswas, Ankur Agarwal, Dalvir Suri, Mukund JhaReliance Retail Ventures Limited$240,000,000
Rupifi2020BangaloreFinancial ServicesBuilding Financial Solutions for B2B Transactions and PaymentsAnubhav Jain, Ankit Singh, Jawaid IqbalVenture Partners, Tiger Global$25,000,000Series A
AarogyaAI2019New DelhiHospital & Health CareAI-enabled SaaS that diagnoses drug-resistant tuberculosisPraapti Jayaswal, Avlokita TiwariRedstart Labs, Avaana Capital$700,000Seed
Avataar2014Bangalore3D AI companyAvataar is a 3D AI company that helps large enterprise customers create immersive and interactive shopping experiences for their end consumers.Prashanth Aluru, Sravanth Aluru, Gaurav Baid, Mayank TiwariTiger Global, Sequoia Capital India$45,000,000Series B
Power Gummies2018New DelhiHealth, Wellness & FitnessSell crafted Gummies with Vitamins in pursuit of health powered by happiness and backed by Science.Divij Bajaj9Unicorns, Wipro$6,000,000Series A
The ePlane Company2017ChennaiAviation & AerospaceThe ePlane Company was started at IIT Madras in April 2017 by Professor Satya Chakravarthy and Pranjal Mehta to transform the mobility landscape.Satya Chakravarthy, Pranjal MehtaSpeciale Invest, Micelio$5,000,000Pre-series A
Grip Invest2020GurgaonFinancial ServicesGrip offers investment opportunities to invest in physical assets leased to corporates, to earn fixed monthly returns.Nikhil Aggarwal, Vivek Gulati$1,000,000
Recykal2017HyderabadInformation Technology & ServicesDigital Technology company for Waste Management, Recycling IndustryAbhay Deshpande, Abhishek DeshpandeMorgan Stanley$22,000,000
DMI Finance2008New DelhiFinancial ServicesA pan-India technology-driven financial services company focused on digital lendingArindam DasSumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank$47,000,000
Rupeek2015BangaloreFinancial ServicesRupeek is India’s leading asset-backed, digital lending fintech platform.Sumit ManiyarLightbox$34,000,000
Ippo Pay2020ChennaiFinancial ServicesIppopay provides Payment Solutions for Businesses, SMEs, and Freelancers. IppoPay is the first Payment Gateway from TNJai KumarCoinbase Ventures$2,000,000
OneDios2019NoidaInformation Technology & ServicesOneDios founded in 2019 is a startup initiative to provide "direct from company" end customer service experience to all Indian customers.Nitin ChawalaIndia Angel Network, LetsVenture$1,200,000
zeda.io2021BangaloreComputer helps Product Teams and entrepreneurs to define, manage, and collaborate on their Products.Vaibhav Devpura, Prashant MahajanBEENEXT$1,200,000Seed
Glamplus2020BangaloreComputer SoftwareGlamplus is a SAAS platform in the beauty and wellness space to digitize $200bn economy of Salons, Spas and Gyms in India and the South-East Asia market. We are spread across 15+ cities.Divyanshu SinghBlume Ventures$700,000
Refyne2020BangaloreFinancial ServicesRefyne partners with organisations to extend on-demand Earned Wage Access (EWA) to their employees.Chitresh Sharma, Apoorv KumarTiger Global$82,000,000Series B
Lendingkart2014AhmedabadFinancial ServicesLendingkart Group aims to make working capital finance available at the fingertips of entrepreneursHarshvardhan Lunia, Mukul SachanBlueOrchard Finance$5,900,000
Muvin2020BangaloreFinancial ServicesMuvin aims to enable youth to get accustomed to banking from an early age.Vineet Gupta, Mukund RaoWaterBridge Ventures$3,000,000Pre-series A
Freadom2008GurgaonE-learningFreadom is India’s first comprehensive learning platform for children aged 3-12 to strengthen their English reading, speaking and conversation skills.Nikhil SarafTiger Shroff, Ashneer Grover$2,500,000
Traya2019MumbaiHealth, Wellness & FitnessTraya provides doctor prescribed treatment plans that help manage hair loss upto stage 4.Saloni Anand, Altaf SaiyedFireside Ventures$2,200,000Pre-series A
Praan2017MumbaiRenewables & EnvironmentPraan is a venture-backed deep tech start-up using breakthrough patent-pending technology for filter-less capture of particulates and carbon dioxide from ambient air.Angad DaryaniBetter Capital, Paradigm Shift Capital, Avaana Capital$1,500,000
Pepul2020ChennaiComputer SoftwarePepul is a new age Interest-based Social Networking platform from India, where people share their beautiful life stories & skills on their interests.Suresh KumarHourglass Venture Partners, Girish Mathrubootham, Vijay Shekhar Sharma$1,300,000Seed
Kaleidofin2017ChennaiFinancial ServicesKaleidofin is a fintech platform that propels under-banked customers towards meeting their real life goals by providing intuitive and tailored financial solutionsPuneet Gupta, Sucharita MukherjeeMichael & Susan Dell Foundation$10,000,000Series B
LEAD School2012MumbaiEdTechLEAD is one of the fastest-growing School Ed-tech companies of India.Sumeet Yashpal Mehta, Smita DeorahWestBridge Capital$100,000,000
Turnip2020BangaloreOnline MediaTurnip : Home of the mobile gaming community and gaming content creators.Aditya Sharma, Pooja DubeyGreenoaks, Elevation Capital$12,000,000Series A
Rooter2016New DelhiMobile GamesRooter is India’s Leading Game Streaming Platform.Piyush Kumar, Dipesh AgarwalLightbox, March Gaming, Duane Park$25,000,000Series A
ORAI Robotics2019BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesAI-Powered Robotic Virtual Assistant (RVA) for Amplifying Performance of Poor quality leads and bring more MQL and SQLSwapnil Jain, Sujit Das BiswasInflection Point Ventures$800,000Pre-series A
EVage2014ChandigarhAutomotiveEVage is India's leading all-electric, purpose-built commercial vehicle OEM and has fused automobile designing with the ingenuity of aerospace engineering to reimagine and transform the mobility industry.Inderveer SinghRedBlue Capital$28,000,000Seed
Chingari2018BangaloreEntertainmentA unique and fun short video app where you can create interesting videos and share them with the world.Sumit Ghosh, Biswatma Nayak, Aditya Kothari, Deepak SalviRepublic Capital, Onmobile, JPIN Venture Catalysts$15,000,000Series A
Your-Space2016New DelhiHospitalityYour space is an eco-system that serves as a safe residence for students.Nidhi Kumra, Shubha Lal, Karan KaushishShantanu Rastogi, AJAX Capital, Holy Basil Consultancy Private Ltd$10,000,000Series A
ZingHR2014MumbaiInformation Technology & ServicesFully-integrated Global HRMS HRTech platform to deliver outcomes for future ready enterprises, CXOs & leaders globally.Prasad RajappanTata Capital Growth Fund II$10,000,000
HEAPS2021BangaloreHealth, Wellness & FitnessHEAPS is a health tech platform and Software as a Service (SaaS) providerDr Suman KatragaddaNVS Wealth Managers$550,000,000Series A
nCORE Games2018BangaloreComputer GamesIndia's leading mobile game publishersGanesh Hande, Arindam Mitra, Vishal GondalAmitabh Singhal, Sandeep Nailwal$10,000,000Series A
CarzSo India2019GurgaonAutomotiveOffer a virtual reality of cars inside & out, helping check out the features online from the comfort of homeVaibhav SharmaMytash$700,000
Edustoke2016BangaloreEdTechEdustoke is India's Largest School Discovery, Selection & Reviews Platform.Pawas Tyagi, Rohit MalikIndus Initiatives$400,000Seed
NewsReach2018MumbaiOnline MediaNewsReach is a Mumbai based company that wants to create a disruptive ecosystem of original and local news content.Darshan Shah, Soniya KundnaniJITO Angel Network, Sharan AggarwalUndisclosed
Cloud Tailor2020HyderabadApparel & FashionWorld's Local Cloud Boutique mobile app - Exclusively for Ladieswear.Susmitha, Rudra Lakkakula35North Ventures, Mergerdomo$1,000,000Pre-series A
Arya.Ag2013NoidaAgriTechWorld's Local Cloud Boutique mobile app - Exclusively for Ladieswear.Chattanathan Devarajan, Prasanna Rao, ChandraAsia Impact SA, Lightrock India, Quona Capital$60,000,000Series C
Epigeneres Biotech2008MumbaiBiotechnologyEpigeneres is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes molecular medicines and nutrigenomic formulationsAshish TripathiLetsVenture Angel Fund, Moez Daya$60,000,000Series B
INDmoney2019GurgaonFinancial ServicesINDmoney is a Super Money App that brings all family's finances to one place.Ashish KashyapSteadview Capital, Tiger Global, Dragoneer Investment Group$75,000,000Series D
Addverb Technologies2016NoidaIndustrial AutomationAddverb is a global robotics company based out of India.Sangeet Kumar, Prateek Jain, Bir Singh, Satish Kumar Shukla, Amit KumarReliance$132,000,000
Qarmatek2011AhmedabadTelecommunicationsA credible after-sales service partner with customized & predictive solutions for electronic gadgets & appliance brands.Arun Hattangadi, Krunal ShahGujarat Venture Finance Limited, Caspian Debt$3,000,000
AppX2020New DelhiTech startupEnables creators to run their online businesses from their own storefrontSameer Sadana, Anuj GuptaY Combinator$1,300,000
MyCaptain2013BangaloreEdTechMyCaptain is an ed-tech startup that enables every human to pursue a career they love.Mohammed Zeeshan, Sameer Ramesh, Ruhan NaqashAnkur Capital$3,000,000Pre-series A
Mivi2016HyderabadElectrical & Electronic ManufacturingMivi is an electronic accessories startup founded by two engineers with the goal of making Quality AffordableViswanadh Kandula, MidhulaN+1 CapitalUndisclosed
HUVIAiR2016BangaloreComputer SoftwareHuviair is a construction technology company that helps business' to enhance on-site productivity and reduce progress monitoring time while cutting down on overall project costs.Vikshut Mundkur, Arjun P JananandaChiratae Ventures$3,200,000Series A
Aerostrovilos Energy2017ChennaiMachineryAerostrovilos is an IIT Madras-based startup company that manufactures micro gas turbines which can electrify heavy-duty long haul trucksRohit Grover, Pradeep ThangappanTube Investment of India, Murugappa Group Company$400,000Seed
Scripbox2012BangaloreFinancial ServicesScripbox is India's leading digital wealth management service.Ashok Kumar, Sanjiv SinghalAccel Partners, Transpose Platform, the Sparkle Fund$21,000,000Series D
Pluckk2017MumbaiFood & BeveragesFresh produce food-tech venturePratik GuptaExponentia Ventures$5,000,000Seed
Dogsee Chew2015BangaloreFood & Beverages100% Natural Dog Treats.Bhupendra Khanal, Sneh SharmaMankind Pharma, Sixth Sense Ventures$6,700,000Series A
Lummo2019BangaloreEntreprenurshipEmpower SEA entrepreneurs to grow their business by providing them with the best technology & partner solutionsKrishnan, Lorenzo PeracchioneTiger Global, Sequoia Capital India$80,000,000Series C
Threedots2021BangaloreFinancial ServicesA community investing platformPrakhar Bhardwaj, Rishu Garg, Akul AgarwalKalaari Capital$4,000,000Seed
MatchLog2019MumbaiLogistics & Supply ChainFirst Multi-Modal Marketplace with Power of Triangulation and Cargo network to DELIVER ZERO WASTAGEDhruv TanejaBlue Ashva Capital, Rainmatter Climate, Capital-A$3,000,000Pre-series
NowPurchase2017KolkataB2B marketplaceProduction driven procurement for India's 140B$ Metal Manufacturing IndustryNaman ShahOrios, InfoEdge Ventures$2,400,000Seed
Sahicoin2021GurgaonFinancial ServicesSahicoin aims to empower the next billion crypto enthusiasts to make faster and better investing decisions, by providing simple and actionable information from a global community of trusted friends and experts.Ankush Rajput, Amit Nayak, Melbin ThomasAlameda Ventures, Better Capital Ventures$1,750,000Seed
Finsall2019BangaloreFinancial ServicesFinsall is an end-to-end technology process for insurance premium financing and has built a multi-lender platform for banks and NBFCs.Prabal Khanna, Tim MathewsUnicorn India Ventures$1,000,000Pre-series A
GameEon Studio2013MumbaiComputer GamesGameEon is based in the sleepless city of Mumbai, India and deals mainly in game development.Nikhil MalankarMrunal Jhaveri, Ajay Upadhyaya$200,000
Trainn2020ChennaiComputer SoftwareTrainn helps SaaS companies accelerate product adoption with product training videos and academies.Vivekanandhan Natarajan, Sumana Abirami AmmaiyappanSpeciale Invest$700,000Seed
Diginoor2021ChennaiInformation Technology & ServicesA first of its kind NFT marketplace for the most exclusive and officially licensed Indian cinema collectibles.Shaamil Karim, Yash RathodContrary Capital, Polygon Fund$1,000,000Seed
Pi Ventures2016BangaloreVenture Capital & Private EquityPioneering deep-tech investments in India!ManishBinny Bansal, Varun Alagh$40,000,000
SaaS Labs2016NoidaSaaSBuilding high impact communication, workflow and productivity tools for sales and support teams throughout the globe.Gaurav SharmaSequoia Capital$42,000,000Series B
StockGro2020BangaloreFinancial ServicesMaking Investment Social- India's First Social Trading PlatformAjay LakhotiaBITKRAFT Ventures, General Catalyst, Itai Tsiddon$32,000,000Series A
GIVA2019BangaloreLuxury Goods & JewelryGIVA is an online first silver jewellery store aiming with a vision to provide authentic, elegant, and affordable jewellery.Ishendra Agarwal, Nikita Prasad, Sachin ShettySixth Sense Ventures, A91 Partners$10,000,000Series A
toothsi2018MumbaiHealth, Wellness & FitnessToothsi offers at-home smile makeover service.Dr Arpi Mehta, Dr Pravin Shetty, Dr Manjul Jain, Dr Anirudh KaleStride Ventures$9,000,000
Zuper2016ChennaiInformation Technology & ServicesZuper is an Enterprise mobility platform enabling organizations to manage, modernize and transform field and remote workforce.Karthik V, Vijay NarasimanSequoia Capital India, Prime Venture Partners$13,000,000Series A
CellStrat2018BangaloreComputer SoftwareCellStrat is an AI Product and R&D firm serving global AI customers via an innovative AI SAAS platform!Vivek, Vishal Singhal$1,40,000
StanPlus2016HyderabadHospital & Health CareProvide hospitals and enterprises with tech solutions that augment their existing medical response systems to respond faster, and offer the patients better experience throughout the emergency value chain.Prabhdeep Singh, Antoine Poirson, Jose LeonHealthQuad, Kalaari Capital, HealthX Capital$20,000,000Series A
Swiggy2014BangaloreFoodTechSwiggy is India’s leading on-demand delivery platform with a tech-first approach to logistics and a solution-first approach to consumer demands.Sriharsha Majety, Rahul Bothra, Dale VazInvesco$700,000,000
Ola Electric2017BangaloreAutomotiveCharging ahead to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable mobility.Bhavish AggarwalTekne Private Ventures, Alpine Opportunity Fund, Edelweiss$200,000,000
Hospals2018New DelhiHospital & Health CareHospals is ‘The most trust able’ medical travel company in India, connecting patients and doctors around the world, with the best hospitals and surgeons in India.Danish Ahmed, Obaidullah, Suneel KapurInflection Point Ventures, 9Unicorns, Singapore-based Wavemaker$3,500,000Pre-series A
HYPD2020New DelhiE-commerceHypd is a creator-driven marketplace, aimed at bridging the gap between getting excited and buying.Ashwarya Garg, Akshay BhatnagarBetter Capital, Sauce VC, Bhuvan Bam$1,500,000Seed
Oben Electric2020BangaloreAutomotiveOben EV is an electric vehicle company developing new electric 2-wheelers in-house with indigenously developed components to deliver high quality products for the Indian marketMadhumita Agarwal, Dinkar AgarwalKrishna Bhupal, Shajikumar Devakar$1,000,000Seed
SustainKart2021HyderabadE-commerceIndia’s largest ecommerce marketplace exclusively for sustainable products.Shilpa Reddy, Kanthi DuttIndia Accelerator$500,000Pre-seed
Super Scholar2019MumbaiEducation ManagementA mission to give every Indian access to the education they deserve.Rohan Lodha, Priyes BamneMAGIC Fund, 2am VC, Astir VC$400,000
NowPurchase2017KolkataMetal manufacturingNowPurchase is currently focused on the 19B$ foundry and castings industry.Naman Shah, Aakash ShahOrios, InfoEdge Ventures$2,400,000Seed
Darwinbox2015BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesA new-age, end to end HR Technology platform built for Enterprise.Chaitanya Peddi, Jayant Paleti, Rohit ChennamaneniTechnology Crossover Ventures$72,000,000Series D
Flint2021BangaloreFinancial ServicesCrypto investment startupAkshit Bordia, Anshu AgrawalSequoia Capital India, GFC$5,000,000Seed
Vajro2016ChennaiComputer SoftwareVajro is an Instant mobile app platform which builds exquisitely crafted native apps for your e-commerce store!Niwin Santhosh, Raghuraman RamamurthyFive Elms Capital$8,500,000Series A
Raise Financial2021MumbaiFinancial ServicesA better way to manage your money. Financing + Insurance + Investing + Payments + Wealth.Pravin JadhavBEENEXT, Mirae Asset Ventures$22,000,000Series A
Desi Hangover2014MumbaiApparel & FashionDesiHangover is a handcrafted, upcycled leather shoe brand that goes beyond just that.Hitesh Kenjale, Lakshya Arora, Abha AgarwalSocial Alpha,, Be An Angel Network$1,800,000
Vyapar2017BangaloreFinancial ServicesVyapar is the simplest and easy to use Accounting and Inventory management application.Shubham Agrawal, Sumit AgarwalWestBridge Capital$30,000,000Series B
MinIO2014BangaloreComputer SoftwareMinIO has pioneered the creation of high-performance, kubernetes-native object storage.Anand Babu Periasamy, Harshavardhana, Garima KapoorSoftBank Vision Fund 2, Dell Capital, General Catalyst$100,000,000Series B
Growth School2021BangaloreE-learningPartner with the top 1% of instructors to create high-impact Cohort Based Courses on personal and professional growth.Vaibhav SisintySequoia Capital India, Owl Ventures$5,000,000Seed
Kissht2015MumbaiFinancial ServicesKissht is a financial technology platform that enables instant, seamless credit for consumers to make purchases at digital points of saleKrishnan ViswanathanTrifecta Capital, Northern Arc$10,000,000
iMocha2012PuneComputer SoftwareiMocha offers the most comprehensive skills assessment solutions to help enterprises hire job-fit candidatesAmit Mishra, Sujit KarpeEight Roads Ventures$14,000,000Series A
Our Food2016HyderabadFood ProductionDemocratising food processing industry ~ Farmers becoming entrepreneursReddy, Raghu Prasad Mulukoju, Shashikanth Menchu3Lines Venture Capital, C4D Asia Fund$6,000,000
o9 Solutions2009BangaloreComputer SoftwareThe knowledge powered analytics, planning and learning platform for next-generation global enterprises.Sanjiv Sidhu, Chakri GottemukkalaGeneral Atlantic, BeyondNetZero$295,000,000
Hike2012New DelhiSocial MediaHike is building a new social future at the intersection of Social, Gaming & Crypto.Kavin Bharti MittalPolygonUndisclosed
SuperOps.ai2020ChennaiComputer is an early stage startup in the MSP space.Arvind ParthibanAddition, Tanglin Ventures$14,000,000Series A
Aqgromalin2020ChennaiFarmingAqgormalin is a tech driven farm diversification platform enabling farmers to diversify into Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture.Bharani CL, Prasanna ManogaranSequoia Capital India, Omnivore$5,000,000Pre-series A
Ekank Technologies2020New DelhiSoftwareVision is to create a gateway through which people can access content seamlessly without getting overwhelmed.Chandranshu, Chetan RexwalArchana Priyadarshini, Amit Jain, Amit Hooja, Deepak Jain$1,000,000
Broomees2020New DelhiInformation Technology & ServicesBroomees is revolutionizing the unorganized sector to bring to the customers, one curated platform for all their helper needs.Vaibhav Agrawal, Saurav Kumar2 AM VC, Magic Fund$600,000
Moglix'2015NoidaSoftwareAn Asia-based B2B commerce company intensively inclined towards B2B procurement of industrial suppliesRahul GargTiger Global, Alpha Wave Global$250,000,000Series F
Social Swag2020MumbaiE-learningA platform for infinite possibilities with favourite celebritiesRana Daggubati, Akshay KumarIMEF, Unicorn India Ventures$3,500,000
MoooFarm2019GurgaonInformation Technology & ServicesBuilding connected commerce to lift India’s 100 million dairy farmers out of poverty and ensure nutritious milk for over billion people.Param Singh, Aashna Singh, Abhijeet Mittal, Jitesh AroraAccel India, Navus Ventures$2,400,000Seed
Infurnia2014BangaloreInformation Technology & ServicesInfurnia is the world’s first cloud-based architecture and interior design platform created for professional users.Nikhil Kuma, Lovepreet MannYogesh Chaudhary, Pallavi Nadhani$500,000
Bold Finance2021MumbaiFinancial ServicesBuilding a technology and operations layer, which enables jewelers and pawnbrokers to work with multiple Banks and convert the unorganized business into an organized one with just an app.Nikhil Jain, Durgesh SutharAntler IndiaUndisclosedSeed
VDOC2021GurgaonHealth, Wellness & FitnessVDoc enables healthcare practitioners to offer evidence-based Care with feature-rich, data collecting, medical devicesSanjeev Malhotra, Siddharth SharmaVinod K DasariUndisclosedSeed
Kisanwala2020HyderabadInformation Technology & ServicesHelping farmers with end-to-end solutions for all farm needs by providing technology, information, inputs and support.Gundala MadhuSudanReddy, Parag Modi$1,000,000
Burgerama2018GurgaonFood & BeveragesA fast-casual, made for delivery burger experience, serving authentic, International, easy-to-eat comfort food, in eco-friendly packaging!Kabir Bose, Vivek Prakash, Viraaj BadhwarRishab Malik, Atul Singh$700,000Pre-series A
ZFW2020New DelhiD2CZFW is India's 1st platform to help F&B & D2C brands scale distribution rapidly using its network of 120+ dark stores across major cities.Madhav KasturiaEpigamia, Renee Cosmetics, Beardo$415,000Seed
PlantVita2020MumbaiHealth, Wellness & FitnessPlantVita offers irresistible plant-based products with no compromise on nutrition.Anmol Choubey, Sahil ShahJITO Angel Network, AIM Angel groupUndisclosedSeed


How many startups are there in India 2022? ›

Startup Ecosystem in India. India has emerged as the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups globally with over 77,000 DPIIT-recognized startups across 656 districts of the country as of 29th August 2022.

How many funded startups are there in India? ›

There are more than 800+ recently funded startups in India.

Who provides funds for startups in India? ›

Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has created Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS) with an outlay of Rs. 945 CR, which aims to provide financial assistance to startups for proof of concept, prototype development, product trials, market-entry, and commercialization.

Where can I find startup investors in India? ›

Table of contents
  1. Create a profile on AngelList.
  2. Prepare a record of investors to share your ideas with.
  3. Brush up your networking skills.
  4. Have a classy intro.
  5. Tell them why they should invest in your startup.
12 Oct 2021

Which is the fastest growing startups in India? ›

Top 10 Startups in India
  • PharmEasy. ...
  • Digit Insurance. ...
  • Meesho. ...
  • Groww. ...
  • Nykaa. ...
  • Udaan. ...
  • Dream11. Founded in the year 2008, Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that was developed in Mumbai. ...
  • Swiggy. Swiggy is a food delivery platform founded in 2014 by Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini, and Sriharsha Majety.
12 May 2022

Which startup became 100th unicorn in India? ›

Open. Open, the 100th Indian unicorn, is a neobanking fintech startup founded in 2017 by Anish Achuthan, Ajeesh Achuthan, Mabel Chacko, and Deena Jacob. Open offers business banking, payments, and expense management services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) across the country.

What is the best funded startup in India? ›

Top 20 Startups in India – 2022
  • CRED.
  • PharmEasy.
  • Digit Insurance.
  • Meesho.
  • Groww.
  • Nykaa.
  • Udaan.
25 Jul 2022

How many startups will raise funding this week? ›

This week, 33 Indian startups raised funding, of which 25 received a total of about $461 million.

Is AngelList Indian? ›

Indian investors can participate through AngelList India by applying to join a syndicate, lead a syndicate.

How do I find investors for my startup? ›

How to find investors for a startup
  1. Ask family and friends. The first people many startup entrepreneurs consider when they need investors are often their own friends and family. ...
  2. Look for equity financing sources. ...
  3. Apply for a small business administration loan. ...
  4. Find private investors.

Which funding is best for startups? ›

Funding for Startups: 12 Best Options for Raising Money
  • Self-Funding / Bootstrapping.
  • Friends and Family Investors.
  • Crowdfunding.
  • Incubators / Accelerators.
  • Angel Investors.
  • Venture Capitalists.
  • Loans / Credit Cards / Debt.
  • Small Business Grants.

Where can I find startup investments? ›

Ways To Raise Capital For Your Startup Business
  • Self-Finance your Start-up Business. ...
  • Finding an Angel Investor. ...
  • Look out for Crowdfunding. ...
  • Apply for Loans under Government Schemes. ...
  • Avail Loans from Private and Public Sector Banks. ...
  • Get Small Business Loans from NBFCs or MFIs. ...
  • Avail Business Credit Cards. ...
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending.
21 Sept 2022

Which is the best crowdfunding platform in India? ›

The Different Crowdfunding Platforms in India to Use
  • Indiegogo. ...
  • Start51. ...
  • GoFundMe. ...
  • Wishberry. ...
  • Mightycause - A Nonprofit's Guide to Online Crowdfunding. ...
  • Ketto. ...
  • SeedInvest. Another option for Indian startups is SeedInvest.
  • FuelADream. Another platform for India-based Crowdfunding is FuelADream.
30 May 2022

How do you ask an investor for money? ›

How to Ask Investors for Funding
  1. Keep your pitch concise and easy for the average person to understand.
  2. Stay away from industry buzzwords the investors may not be familiar with.
  3. Don't ramble. ...
  4. Be specific about your products, services, and pricing.
  5. Emphasize why the market needs your business.

Who is the best investors in India? ›

Top 10 Indian Share Market Investors
  • RadhaKishan Damani. ...
  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. ...
  • Ramesh Damani. ...
  • Ramdeo Agrawal. ...
  • Vijay Kedia. ...
  • Nemish Shah. ...
  • Porinju Veliyath. ...
  • Dolly Khanna.

Which startup is best in India in future? ›

The 300 Most Valuable Startups in India
  • Urban Company.
  • Classplus.
  • Paytm.
  • Apna.
  • Razorpay.
  • UpGrad.
  • Delhivery.
4 Aug 2022

How many startups in India fail? ›

According to the IBM-sponsored study, Entrepreneurial India– released in 2017– as many as 90 percent of Indian startups fail in the first five years.

Which country has most unicorns in 2022? ›

Globally, 254 new unicorns were added during the first half of 2022. The US tops the list with 625 unicorns. It is followed by China with 312 and India is in the third spot with 68.

How many unicorns are there in 2022? ›

In 2022, there are almost 900 unicorn startups in the world, valued at more than $3.5 trillion combined. Even bigger variations of unicorns have popped up since the birth of the original term: Decacorns are valued at more than $10 billion and hectacorns are valued at more than $100 billion.

How many Indian startups are profitable? ›

29.2% startups were profitable in Jan-June 2021, the number has fallen 25.7% this year. A total of 57 companies in India raised funding of $100 million or more during January-June 2022 as against 48 such firms during the corresponding period last year.

Which startups are most profitable? ›

Top 10 profitable startups in India – from Zerodha to Zoho and Firstcry, here's the list
  • MuSigma. ...
  • Games24x7. ...
  • Infoedge. ...
  • Dream11. ...
  • BillDesk. ...
  • Firstcry. ...
  • Mindtickle. ...
  • EaseMyTrip. Founded in 2008, the online travel company reported a profit of $9.4 million (approx.
11 May 2022

How many startups are successful in India? ›

471 to nearly 73,000: India's startups have increased 15,400% in last 6 years. NEW DELHI: The number of recognised startups in India has jumped 15,400 percent in the last six years. The new-age enterprises, spread across 56 diversified sectors, have risen from 471 in 2016 to 72,993 in 2022 so far.

How much total funding will Indian startups raise this week? ›

According to Fintrackr's data, 12 Bengaluru-based startups have raised funds this week amounting to $94.35 million or 21.54 % of the total funding.

What percentage of startups go public? ›

Of the 6,613 U.S.-based companies initially funded by venture capital between 2006 and 2011, 84% now are closely held and operating independently, 11% were acquired or made initial public offerings of stock and 4% went out of business, according to Dow Jones VentureSource.

Who is a startup tracker? ›

Startup Tracker is the startup company search engine. Find, track and discover the relevant companies in your space (and reach your target audience for free if you're a founder!)

Do startups hire freshers? ›

Startups prefer freshers more than experienced people and would also help you climb the career ladder much faster! Studies at successful startups show how freshers comprise 55% of the teams while experienced people just form 15% of the total workforce!

Is tyke legal in India? ›

Tyke Technologies Pvt Ltd is not authorized by the capital markets regulator to solicit investments. The securities traded on these platforms are not traded on any regulated exchange. Tyke also provides that it does not facilitate any online or offline buying, selling, or trading of securities.

Who is Utsav Somani? ›

Somani, who is responsible for bringing the U.S.-based startup funding platform, AngelList, to India, beams with pride when asked to speak about his personal investments. A prolific angel investor, his portfolio includes BharatPe, Sugar Cosmetics, Jupiter, Testbook, and Mosaic Wellness.

What is a fair percentage for an investor? ›

While these elements are essential in getting the business up and running, one needs to have their head on their shoulders to calculate a fair percentage. With most startups, the general rule is to offer approximately 20-25% of your business earnings to an investor.

How do you attract investors? ›

The Top 10 Traits That Attract Investors To Your Startup
  1. A Market They Know And Understand. ...
  2. Strong Leadership Teams. ...
  3. Investment Diversity. ...
  4. Scalability. ...
  5. Promising Financial Projections. ...
  6. Demonstrations Of Consumer Interest. ...
  7. Clear, Detailed Marketing Plan. ...
  8. Transparency.
14 Sept 2021

What are the 3 sources of capital? ›

Some of the top ways to raise capital are through angel investors, venture capitalists, government grants, and small business loans.

What are the 5 sources of finance? ›

5 Major Sources of Finance
  • Commercial Loans. The most trustworthy source of finance for your business is commercial loans. ...
  • Venture Capital. It is another source of capital for business owners. ...
  • Trade Credit. These are the self-generation source that is based on short-term finance. ...
  • Installment Credit. ...
  • Friends and Family.
12 Jan 2022

Do incubators provide funding? ›

Most accelerators and incubators provide mentorship and funding to startups in exchange for some equity, while others do it for a separate programme fee. Both programmes mentor startups and help turn promising ideas into sustainable businesses.

What are the 3 types of investments? ›

There are three main types of investments: Stocks. Bonds. Cash equivalent.

How do investors get paid back? ›

There are a few primary ways you'd repay an investor: Ownership buy-outs: You purchase the shares back from your investor depending on the equity they own and the business valuation. A repayment schedule: This is perfectly suited to business loans or a temporary investment agreement with an assumption of repayment.

How can I get funding? ›

  1. Determine how much funding you'll need.
  2. Fund your business yourself with self-funding.
  3. Get venture capital from investors.
  4. Use crowdfunding to fund your business.
  5. Get a small business loan.
  6. Use Lender Match to find lenders who offer SBA-guaranteed loans.
  7. SBA investment programs.

Is crowdfunding illegal in India? ›

'Yes! ', Raising funds online through crowdfunding is legal in India. There are many Online Crowdfunding platforms offering a secure, dependable, and simple way to raise funds online.

Who runs Ketto? ›

Varun Sheth - Co-founder & CEO - Ketto | LinkedIn.

Can we trust Ketto? ›


Ketto works to ensure a smooth, successful, and secure fundraising process for all. Transparency and authenticity are never compromised.

How much money do startups need? ›

It depends on the type of tech startup and the stage of development, but typically a startup will need between $150k and $250k in seed funding (first round). A venture capital firm will usually provide investors with enough leverage to get up to 10% equity in a company.

How do I reach an angel investor? ›

8 Ways To Find Angel Investors
  1. AngelList. AngelList is a popular website where startups can go to hire as well as look for investors to partner with for funding. ...
  2. Angel Capital Association. ...
  3. Gust. ...
  4. Angel Forum. ...
  5. Angel Investment Network. ...
  6. Social Media. ...
  7. Networking Events. ...
  8. Friends & Family.
25 Oct 2021

How much money should I ask an investor for? ›

If your company is early stage and has a valuation under $1M, don't ask for a $5M investment. The investor would be buying your company five times over, and he doesn't want it. If your valuation is around $1M, you can validly ask for $200K–$300K, and offer 20–30% of your company in exchange.

Who has largest portfolio in India? ›

For some, he is the Warren Buffett of India. Others call him the big bull. After all, he did create an empire worth Rs 31,833 crore as of August 2022 from a starting capital of just Rs 5,000. As of August 2022, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's portfolio (networth) is worth a whopping Rs 31,833 crore.

Who is the biggest FII in India? ›

Government of Singapore: The Government of Singapore has invested not only as FII in India, but also in FDI. It was the top source of FDI in India in the year 2021, with a 40% increase YoY.

Who is the richest Indian investor? ›

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala (5 July 1960 – 14 August 2022) was an Indian billionaire business magnate, Chartered Accountant, stock trader, and investor. He began investing in 1985 with a capital of ₹5,000, with his first major profit in 1986.

How many startups are there in India now? ›

Currently, there are 75,000 start-ups in the country, which coincides with the 75th year of independence. The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has recognized more than 75,000 startups- a milestone which coincides with 75th year of independence.

How many startups are there in India in 2021? ›

"Sustained government efforts in this direction have resulted in increasing the number of recognised startups from 726 in FY 2016-17 to 65,861 in FY 2021-22 (as on 14th March 2022)," Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha.

How many startups are running in India? ›

India has about 50,000 startups in India in 2018; around 8,900 – 9,300 of these are technology led startups 1300 new tech startups were born in 2019 alone implying there are 2-3 tech startups born every day.

How many startups are there in India per year? ›

There's little doubt that India is now in the age of tech as the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, as per our report, and is home to over 57K startups.

Which industry has most startups in India? ›

Q. Which industries have the most startups? A. Currently, industry sectors such as artificial intelligence, e-commerce and healthcare technology (AI), educational technology (EdTech) and financial technology (Fintech) have more number of startups.

Which Indian state has most startups? ›

Maharashtra has the maximum number of government-recognised startups, followed by states such as Karnataka and Delhi, data shared by the industry department showed.

Which city has the most startups in India? ›

Three Indian cities — Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai — made it to the list of top 40 startup ecosystems in the world, according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report of 2022 by Startup Genome.

How many Indian startups are profitable? ›

29.2% startups were profitable in Jan-June 2021, the number has fallen 25.7% this year. A total of 57 companies in India raised funding of $100 million or more during January-June 2022 as against 48 such firms during the corresponding period last year.

How many unicorns are there in India 2022? ›

And, there is more to come. According to a PwC report, over 50 Indian startups have the potential to enter the unicorn club—startups valued at over $1 billion each—in 2022. The year 2021 saw the emergence of 44 startup unicorns against a cumulative number of 33 unicorns from 2011 to 2020.

How many startups fail in India? ›

According to the IBM-sponsored study, Entrepreneurial India– released in 2017– as many as 90 percent of Indian startups fail in the first five years.

Which startup is best in India in future? ›

One 97 Communications (PayTM), Ola cabs, Dream 11, Swiggy and Razorpay are a few of the rich valued Indian startups across the world. The country is now getting more startup unicorns, including companies from the sectors like Healthtech, social commerce, finance, and more.

What is the success rate of startups in India? ›

About 90% of startups fail. 10% of startups fail within the first year. Across all industries, startup failure rates seem to be close to the same. Failure is most common for startups during years two through five, with 70% falling into this category.

What is the future of startups in India? ›

The Rising Counts

Over the last six years, India's startup scene has exploded from 733 in 2016-17 to over 14,000 in 2021-22, the number of newly recognized startups has surged rapidly. Last year, India emerged as the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world after the USA and China.

Which country has most unicorns in 2022? ›

Globally, 254 new unicorns were added during the first half of 2022. The US tops the list with 625 unicorns. It is followed by China with 312 and India is in the third spot with 68.

What is the status of startups in India? ›

What is the State of Startups and Unicorns in India? Status: India has become the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem in the world after the US and China. 44 Indian start-ups have achieved unicorn status in 2021 taking the overall tally of unicorns to 83, most of which are in the services sector.

How many startups start every day in India? ›

With more than 80 start-ups getting recognised per day- India holds the highest rate in the world. This further encourages the future start-up culture that is promising and encouraging for budding entrepreneurs.

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