New Recruit (2024)

Voice Of Command

If your Army Faction is ASTRA MILITARUM, OFFICER models from your army with this ability can issue Orders. Each OFFICER's datasheet will specify how many Orders it can issue and which units are eligible to receive those Orders. Each time an OFFICER model issues an Order, select one of the Orders below, then select one eligible friendly unit within 6" of that OFFICER model to issue it to. OFFICER models can issue Orders in your Command phase and at the end of a phase in which they disembarked from a TRANSPORT or were set up on the battlefield.Until the start of your next Command phase, the unit you selected is affected by that Order. Unless otherwise stated, a unit can only be affected by one Order at a time (any Order subsequently issued to that unit replaces thecurrent one). If a unit being affected by an Order becomes Battle-shocked, that Order ceases to affect that unit.MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!Add 3" to the Move characteristic of models in this unit.FIX BAYONETS!Improve the Weapon Skill characteristic of melee weapons equipped by models in this unit by 1.TAKE AIM!Improve the Ballistic Skill characteristic of ranged weapons equipped by models in this unit by 1.FIRST RANK, FIRE! SECOND RANK, FIRE!Improve the Attacks characteristic of Rapid Fire weapons equipped by models in this unit by 1.TAKE COVER!Improve the Save characteristic of models in this unit by 1 (this cannot improve a model’s Save to better than 3+).DUTY AND HONOUR!Improve the Leadership and Objective Control characteristics of models in this unit by 1.


While a Bodyguard unit contains a Leader, it is known as an Attached unit and, with the exception of rules that are triggered when units are destroyed (pg 12), it is treated as a single unit for all rules purposes. Each time an attack targets an Attached unit, until the attacking unit has resolved all of its attacks, you must use the Toughness characteristic of the Bodyguard models in that unit, even if a Leader in that unit has a different Toughness characteristic. Each time an attack sucessfully wounds an Attached unit, that attack cannot be allocated to a Character model in that unit, even if that Character model has lost one or more wounds or has already had attacks allocated to it this phase. As soon as the last Bodyguard model in an Attached unit has been destroyed, any attacks made against that unit that have yet to be allocated can then be allocated to Character models in that unit.
New Recruit (2024)
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