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Often our customers ask, “What Odoo system requirements”, “What hardware should I select for my Odoo on-premise instance (Community and Enterprise)”?

Odoo is an undemanding system. For 5-employee companies, a 2 CPU 2 RAM server would be enough, raising to 4 CPU 8 RAM for 20 employees. We would recommend splitting application and database servers for 90 employees. Load balancing (LB) of application server would be needed for a company of 250+ employees.

Let’s assume you have a system with 4 CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 30 concurrent Odoo users.

To determine the number of workers needed, divide the number of users by 6. In this case, 30 users divided by 6 equals 5, which is the theoretical number of workers required.

To calculate the theoretical maximum number of workers, multiply the number of CPU cores by 2 and add 1. For 4 CPU cores, (4 * 2) + 1 equals 9, which is the theoretical maximum number of workers.

Based on these calculations, you can use 5 workers for the Odoo users and an additional worker for the cron worker, making a total of 6 workers.

To estimate the RAM memory consumption, use the following formula:

RAM = Number of workers * ((0.8 * 150) + (0.2 * 1024))

In this case, 6 workers multiplied by ((0.8 * 150) + (0.2 * 1024)) equals approximately 2 GB of RAM.

Therefore, based on these calculations, the Odoo installation will require around 2 GB of RAM.

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Inspect this interactive chart to find a suitable hardware set for your Odoo (Community and Enterprise) based on the amount of active users.


Note, we recommend
– Splitting application and database servers if you have more than 90 employees
– Load balancing (LB) of application server for a company of 250+ employees

Also, when you installing Odoo, consider the following requirements:

Software Requirements: Ensure compatibility with the operating system, web server, and supporting software versions specified by Odoo.

Hardware Requirements: Evaluate CPU, RAM, storage, and network capabilities to determine the optimal hardware configuration for efficient system performance.

Odoo Installation Requirements: Follow Odoo’s recommendedinstallation steps, including database setup, security configuration, backup procedures, and proper system administration.

Odoo Inventory Hardware: For inventory management, integrate compatiblebarcode scanners,label printers, and other devices to enhance accuracy and streamline operations.

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Odoo hardware requirements | VentorTech (2024)
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