Peaco*ck Bass Orlando Florida 2024 - Are Peaco*ck In Orlando? (2024)

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Peaco*ck Bass Orlando Florida

Are you a freshwater angler? If so, have you heard about the peaco*ck bass? Peaco*ck bass, besides the largemouth, happens to be one of the most interesting and exciting species to catch. One of the main reasons is all its exotic features from the explosive fights to the beautiful colors, each experience is something unique. Travelers come to Central Florida in hopes to catch peaco*ck bass. Unfortunately, these exotic characteristics make it only reside in South Florida and there is no peaco*ck bass in Orlando Florida.

Why no peaco*ck bass Orlando Florida?

Many people ask “Is there Peaco*ck Bass in Orlando Florida?” There is NO peaco*ck bass in Orlando, Florida. Peaco*ck bass resides in South Florida, where the weather and water temperatures are warm. South Florida provides the most exotic environment for the bass. In just a short drive, you can access some of the BEST fisheries for Florida peaco*ck bass.

Peaco*ck Bass Orlando Florida 2024 - Are Peaco*ck In Orlando? (1)Peaco*ck bass are very fragile when it comes to cooler water temperatures. Since they originate from South America, when water temperatures get too cold, they die. As a result, this explosive, aggressive, and colorful species only resides in South Florida.

Peaco*ck bass are an exotic species that originated from the Amazon. Many years ago, FWC introduced the peaco*ck bass to South Florida. The main reason for doing so was to manage the population of other exotic species. As a result, the explosive growth of peaco*ck bass began.

Interestingly enough, peaco*ck bass spread rapidly throughout South Florida. Whether it was through the vast canal systems or anglers relocating fish, you can almost find a peaco*ck bass in every freshwater system.

Now, whether from a boat or bank, every angler has a chance to enjoy this wonderful freshwater species.

Where can you catch peaco*ck bass in Florida?

Are you wondering, “Where can I catch peaco*ck bass in Florida?” Several locations are incredibly productive almost all year round for catching peaco*ck bass in Florida.

Palm Beach County Bass Fishing

The furthest north, especially if you were traveling from Orlando, FL, would the best Lake Osborne-Ida Chain of Lakes in Palm Beach County near Boynton Beach, FL. This location is 182 miles or 2 hours, 40 minutes away from Orlando, FL.

This urban fishery provides exceptional bass fishing. Peaco*ck Bass is the most dominant species to catch when traveling to this location. As well, you have several other great species to explore and experience including the clown knife fish and largemouth bass.

Broward County Bass Fishing

As you travel further south, you can enjoy catching peaco*ck bass in the Everglades. Just on the edge of the glades is a beautiful park known as Markham Park. Whether you want to bring your family there for camping or strictly fishing, it is a great spot for an introductory peaco*ck bass fishing trip.

This location is 213 miles or 3 hours, 15 minutes away from Orlando, FL.

Further inland, you can find peaco*ck bass swimming in the canals of the Florida Everglades. By far, the most productive area to catch peaco*ck bass in the Everglades is along Alligator Alley. These protected areas have allowed for some healthy, big, and beautiful peaco*ck bass to grow and be caught by anglers of all levels.

Peaco*ck Bass Orlando Florida 2024 - Are Peaco*ck In Orlando? (2)

Miami-Dade County Bass Fishing

The best peaco*ck bass fishing resides in Miami-Dade County. Miami, FL, is home to some of the most aggressive and most prominent peaco*ck bass in the nation. Anglers of all ages can come to enjoy catching fish of all sizes. If you are looking for a trophy, Florida peaco*ck bass, Miami, FL, is the place to visit.

This location is 236 miles or 3 hours, 45 minutes away from Orlando, FL.

Trophy peaco*ck bass in Florida is characterized by a fish over 5 pounds. Any fish over this weight is considered a trophy and is quite a large fish. You have the chance to catch a peaco*ck bass of this size at all the Florida locations but Miami happens to be the strongest and most consistent destination for them.

Two main locations are prominent when it comes to peaco*ck bass in Miami: Miami Airport Lakes and Miami’s Falls Mall Canal System. Both of these locations are urban fisheries holding some giant peaco*ck bass.

The Miami Airport Lakes is perfect for the traveler looking to fly in and fly out. Anglers fly into Miami International Airport every month to come to explore what peaco*ck bass in Florida has to offer. This would be the perfect location for you, giving you chances at catching trophy peaco*ck bass with our local experts.

Another fantastic location with a quieter and remote atmosphere is the Falls Mall Canal System. This system is located in Miami, FL, in the heart of the action. Hop on board and fish and experience something you never knew was there. The abundance of scenery, wildlife, and incredible catches make fishing there something special. Enjoy reeling in some of the biggest peaco*ck bass of your life with our local experts.

Collier County Bass Fishing

Peaco*ck bass fishing exploded all over South Florida, especially in southwest Florida. In Collier County near Naples, FL, you can experience peaco*ck bass fishing as well. When visiting the west coast of Florida, check out the peaco*ck bass fishing in Naples, FL.

This location is 193 miles or 3 hours, 45 minutes away from Orlando, FL.

The hottest and best location to catch peaco*ck bass is the Golden Gate Canal System. This is an urban fishery that can get you on some beautiful peaco*ck bass. Since there is very little bank access, Peaco*ck Bass Orlando Florida 2024 - Are Peaco*ck In Orlando? (3)getting out with a local expert is the best way to experience bass fishing.

Deepwater canals also call for a different technique, which our local experts have locked in on to land some big bass. Enjoy fishing behind some beautiful homes, catching peaco*ck bass, largemouth bass, and so much more.

When can you catch peaco*ck bass in Florida?

When it comes to bass fishing, whether peaco*ck bass or largemouth bass, the best fishing comes around their spawn. Peaco*ck bass spawn during April-May and September-October. This will give you the best chance of catching a trophy peaco*ck bass.

Otherwise, the summer months, when the weather is warm, are always a great time to catch peaco*ck bass. As the sun penetrates the water and the surface warms, the peaco*ck bass becomes active.

The warmer the temperatures, the better the peaco*ck bass fishing will be. Always come ready if you are going to come during the warmer months of the year. Fishing for peaco*ck bass can get hot. Always stay hydrated and wear protective clothing when embarking on peaco*ck bass fishing charters.

All the top locations mentioned above get fired up and are exciting to explore. Each adventure and location will give you an experience that is unique to itself.

How to catch peaco*ck bass in Florida?

Knowledge and experience are everything when it comes to catching peaco*ck bass. Even though there is no peaco*ck bass in Orlando, you can enjoy catching fish in South Florida. Most of the canal and freshwater systems in this region hold exceptional bass fishing.

You have two options when it comes to catching peaco*ck bass: you can fish for them by boat or by land. The urban canals are perfect areas to go fishing with a rod, reel, and bait. If you are looking for the best experience, by boat, and with a local expert is the best way to go.

Years of knowledge and time on the water have led them to know precisely where, when, and how to land peaco*ck bass.

Live bait is the best way to catch peaco*ck bass in Florida. Whether free-lining or on a bobber, you can really enjoy a great fishing adventure. For the more seasoned angler, artificial bait can also be effective. We always suggest throwing either a loud topwater bait or jerk bait in exotic colors.

Feel free to reach out, and we can connect you with a local expert who can give you further guidance on how to catch peaco*ck bass in Florida.

Updated Florida Peaco*ck Bass Fishing Report:

Miami-Dade County – Falls Canal Fishing

Meet Don, his daughter Martha, and his son-in-law Josh. They were traveling from Georgia to explore the Miami Falls Canal System. They had a two-day fishing adventure that landed them several beautiful peaco*ck bass. Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of fishing with this family.

Luckily, the conditions paired up for some incredible fishing and nonstop action. After two days of fishing, they caught over 60 Florida peaco*ck bass. Most of the fish weighed 2-4 pounds. The biggest fish caught was right at 5 pounds on live bait.

Don, Martha, and Josh had a fantastic time on the water and are looking forward to coming back soon!

Palm Beach County- Lake Ida-Osborne Chain of Lakes Fishing

Meet Dave and his two sons. They were traveling from Chattanooga, Tennessee looking to cash in on some peaco*ck bass fishing action. Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of fishing with them as well.

Air temperatures were warm sitting at 92 degrees with a nice breeze on the water. Dave and his sons enjoyed the weather along with catching 10 quality peaco*ck bass on this fishing trip. They also caught an elusive clown knife fish, which was a great addition to their fishing trip.

After moving around and getting to see the urban fishery of Palm Beach County, they finished their fishing trip strong. They caught several peaco*ck bass in the 4-5 pound range.
Dave and his sons really enjoyed their tour and journey through this canal system. Captain Miley is looking forward to getting the opportunity to catch more big bass in South Florida.

Broward County – Markham Park & Everglades Fishing

Broward County is another great option to explore when looking to go peaco*ck bass fishing. Since peaco*ck bass is an exotic species, they are sensitive to temperature changes. Broward County doesn’t have as many lakes with deeper water, making it the first destination to have a slower bite.

Markham Park is a productive fishery for big numbers of bass. You can catch 20-40 fish on one fishing trip. It is not known for very large bass but is a great place to be introduced to peaco*ck bass fishing. You can also enjoy catching largemouth bass, exotic snakeheads, cichlids, and so much more!

Another fantastic location near Broward County is the Florida Everglades. Deeper water canals make this fishery perfect for both peaco*ck bass and largemouth bass. If you are looking to get the true outdoor experience with an abundance of wildlife, including birds, alligators, and large numbers of bass, this is your destination.

All year long, the peaco*ck bass bite on Alligator Alley. Each stop will yield a different result. Make sure to explore this long stretch of canals with our local experts for the best trip possible.

Collier County – Golden Gate Canal Fishing

Meet Steve and his significant other. They were traveling from Nevada, looking to explore something new. Peaco*ck bass fishing was something they never did before. Captain Mark Rogers had the pleasure of fishing with them on this fishing trip.

This couple really enjoyed sitting back and using live bait. They caught fish all trip long, especially with cloudy, rainy, and windy conditions. Captain Mark adjusted and helped them bring peaco*ck bass and largemouth bass to the boat.

Steve and his significant other caught peaco*ck bass and largemouth bass in the 4-pound range. It was a full day of great fishing, and everyone on board had a lot of fun. One of the most rewarding experiences for a captain or guide is getting a client on their first fish of any species.

Captain Mark is looking forward to seeing you back out on the water for Peaco*ck Bass in Orlando, Florida, soon!

So if there is NO peaco*ck bass in Orlando Florida, where do I go?

Since there is no peaco*ck bass in Orlando, traveling to the nearest location would be the best bet for you. How far you want to travel is solely up to your vacation plans. One thing we can say is that making that journey to catch peaco*ck bass in Florida will be worth it.Peaco*ck Bass Orlando Florida 2024 - Are Peaco*ck In Orlando? (4)

Utilize our knowledge and expertise in order to maximize your time. We would not want you to travel to one of the additional destinations and you do not have the best time possible. Our local experts are beyond exceptional and are the best at what they do.

We hope you use this information on Peaco*ck Bass in Orlando Florida to guide you in the right direction. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to gain more knowledge about your upcoming fishing trips. We are always here to help and assist you.

We hope to see you on the water next time you are looking for Peaco*ck bass in Orlando!

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Peaco*ck Bass Orlando Florida 2024 - Are Peaco*ck In Orlando? (2024)
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