SAP Simple Logistics - MIGO (2024)

SAP Simple Logistics - MIGO (1)

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In SAP ERP Business Suite, you have MB transactions which are used to maintain and display goods movement in the system. These MB transactions are replaced by single screen generalized transaction called MIGO.

Following points should be noted about MB transactions −

  • These MB transactions - MB01, MB02, MB03, MB04, MB05, MBOA, MB11, MB1A, MB1B, MB1C, MB31. MBNL, MBRL, MBSF, MBSL, MBST, and MBSU has been removed.

  • Transaction - MMBE_OLD has been replaced by transaction MMBE.

  • You can also use a Fiori App with name Stock Overflow.

  • Above mentioned MB transactions can’t be used in customer coding.

  • These transaction codes still exist in the system. However, when they are called from SAP Easy access it results in an error message.

  • These transactions will be discontinued soon. Hence, customer codes using these transactions should be replaced using functional module BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.

Transaction Elimination/Dead Code

In SAP S/4 HANA, few of the transactions (Ex: ME21) have not been removed yet and few others are redirecting to a new transaction, VK01 is pointing to BP and MB03 is redirecting to MIGO or throwing error messages that these transactions are no longer available.

Note− Codebase for these transactions still exists in the system and has not been eliminated so you can have a dead code in my system.

SAP Simple Logistics - MIGO (2)

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SAP Simple Logistics - MIGO (2024)
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