Software Training, Certification and Learning | SAP (2023)

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Software Training, Certification and Learning | SAP (1)

Achieve your goals faster with learning solutions from SAP.

Achieve business transformation and grow your career

Access a broad portfolio of self-paced and premium learning opportunities that meet you when, where, and how you learn best.

Upskill in the latest SAP solutions on the SAP Learning platform

Build knowledge andprepare for skill validation opportunities inone place with future-focused content.

SAP Learning Hub

Benefit from digital, guidedlearning, designed for various roles and learning styles, covering the full SAPportfolio.

SAP Learning Class

Join instructor-led coursesavailable onsite or online, and benefit from guided training and directinteraction.

SAP Certification

Differentiate yourself as a certified expert and take your career to the next level with SAP Certification.

Support success with SAP Certification

Drive career growth and strengthen the confidence in your skills with in-demand certifications.

Software Training, Certification and Learning | SAP (3)

Stand out from the crowd with certified SAP expertise

Validate your SAP knowledge with certifications available for key roles and future-focused SAP solutions areas to get ahead of the competition.

Software Training, Certification and Learning | SAP (4)

Search for registered SAP partners

Get help understanding your unique training requirements and develop a plan.

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SAP University Alliances

Access a global network of educational institutions and learning resources for SAP solutions to help students gain the skills needed for the digital future.

SAP Next-Gen

Join a purpose-driven community that enables companies, partners, and universities to connect and innovate with objectives linked to United Nations Global Goals.

SAP Young Thinkers

Enable young people to use tools of the digital age and explore how they can shape the world of tomorrow with the SAP Young Thinkers program.

Additional Resources

Developer tutorials

Find hundreds of tutorials in dozens of product areas with step-by-step instructions for building applications and learn about the capabilities of the products and tools we offer.

Product road maps

See what’s new and coming for our SAP software portfolio. Get an up-to-date overview of planned and available innovations, as well as technical information, through an interactive road map experience.

SAP Support Portal destination

Visit SAP Support Portal and SAP ONE Support Launchpad to search our knowledge base, find solutions to issues, and report incidents.


Software Training, Certification and Learning | SAP? ›

58%, 12/5/2022.

What is the pass rate for the SAP exam? ›

58%, 12/5/2022.

Is SAP easy to pass? ›

SAP certification is certainly not easy. It is a challenging course of study that requires a great deal of dedication and hard work. The SAP certification program is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of individuals who want to become certified SAP consultants.

Is SAP worth learning in 2023? ›

In 2023, SAP Basis is still considered a valuable skill in the field of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and is used by many large organizations worldwide. It provides a platform for businesses to manage their financials, logistics, and other key business processes.

Will I get a job if I learn SAP? ›

It is possible to find new opportunities in one's job after passing the SAP certification exam. Professionals in various fields, including SAP consultants, network experts, and SAP data administrators, can benefit from the technology. Learning SAP is one of the world's most respected certifications in technology.

What is the highest paid SAP salary? ›

The highest-paying job at SAP is a Account Director with a salary of ₹85.3 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹32.03 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹88.03 lakhs per year.

Is SAP highly paid? ›

As per the salary structure, it has been found that an average salary of INR 594,545 per annum is earned by an SAP consultant. However, the salary depends of the candidate's experience, qualification as well as the skill.

Can we learn SAP in 3 months? ›

The SAP Blended Learning Academy is a guided, modular training program that lasts 2-4 months. It combines virtual sessions, which are moderated by SAP instructors, with self-study using SAP Learning Hub and concludes with an SAP S/4HANA certification exam.

How many days it will take to learn SAP? ›

Duration of the SAP course varies depending on the area of specialisation. Typically, the course takes around thirty to sixty days. Full-time SAP courses and SAP online courses can both have similar significance. For obtaining SAP certification, you require a bachelor's or master's degree.

What happens if you fail SAP? ›

If you fail to meet SAP standards, you will be placed on financial aid restriction. Students on financial aid restriction are not eligible to receive Federal, state, or institutional financial aid. However, you may be eligible to receive private (alternative) loans, which can be found here.

Can I learn SAP in 2 months? ›

The SAP Blended Learning Academy is a guided, modular training program that lasts 2-4 months. It combines virtual SAP Learning Class, virtual option sessions, which are moderated by SAP instructors, with self-study using SAP Learning Hub and concludes with an SAP S/4HANA certification exam.

Can SAP be self learned? ›

Open online courses by SAP

With openSAP Microlearning, you can watch self-contained videos to complement your knowledge. Whether you're an expert or just getting started, you can choose the videos that appeal most to your individual learning goals. All videos are prepared and brought to you by SAP experts.

How can I learn SAP on my own? ›

Free open online courses with openSAP

openSAP delivers innovative learning for everyone with expert-led content, made for you by SAP. Learning is lifelong, and with our free online learning available globally, you can upskill wherever and whenever you need it.

Is SAP career stressful? ›

SAP Consulting is an extremely engaging and rewarding career, but it is also a highly competitive arena and can be stressful at times. By adopting some healthy habits for SAP consultants, these busy professionals can make themselves happier and more productive.

Can a non engineer learn SAP? ›

The functional area includes modules like FICO and technical includes modules like ABAP, BASIS, etc. Students from non-technical backgrounds can opt for SAP FICO courses or SAP FICO online training to pursue a career in this lucrative field.

Does SAP require Coding? ›

Its not necessary to work in SAP you need to be strong with Programmings. Anyone can work with SAP. And it is not necessary to know programming to work in SAP Technology. There are different modules in SAP viz.

What is the highest SAP score? ›

SAP ratings run from 1 to 100. Attaining a score of 100 means there will be zero costs for energy in future. The lower the score, the more the building will cost to run.

How many people are SAP certified? ›

There are approx. 170,000 SAP-certified professionals globally, as of October 2020. To cater to the growing market demand for skilled and certified SAP professionals, ~131k core certification exams were taken by SAP professionals (including partners and customers) across various solution areas in the last year alone.

Is SAP FICO tough? ›

No, SAP FICO is not as difficult as CA (Chartered Accountancy). Both SAP FICO and CA involve mastering a complex system of accounting principles and procedures, but the similarities between the two end there.

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