Stages Of Inspection (2023)

Stages of Inspection

(1) Inspection of incoming material

(2) Inspection of production process

(3) Inspection of finished goods.

(1) Inspection of incoming materials.

It is also called receiving inspection. It consists of inspecting and checking of all the purchased raw materials and parts that are supplied before they are taken on to stock or used in actual manufacturing. Inspection may take place either at supplier’s end or at manufacturer’s gate. If the incoming materials are large in quantity and involve huge transportation cost it is economical to inspect them at the place of vendor or supplier.

(2) Inspection of production process.

The work of inspection is done while the production process is simultaneously going on. Inspection is done at various work centres of men and machines and at the critical production points. This had the advantage of preventing wastage of time and money on defective units and preventing delays in assembly.

(3) Inspection of finished goods.

This is the last stage when finished goods are inspected and carried out before marketing to see that poor quality product may be either rejected or sold at reduced price.

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