Weiser Motorcycle LED Lights Reviews | Weiser Technik (2024)

"I found the installation of the Weiser UltraBRIGHTs to be easy and once installed, the running/brake/turn signal LEDs are extremely bright."

John BoydBMW Owners News

"When I'm on the bike, I want to be noticed as much as possible with my presence and with my actions while on the road. These turn signals are great! Big difference over the standard bulb from the factory and even look nice inactive as you do not see a distorted amber bulb through the lenses. Very glad I got these! The folks at Weiser are super cool and supportive!"

Aram GegaregianCustomer

"These Weiser directionals are very bright. I showed a buddy of mine and he was duly impressed with their visual output. At dusk, I believe they could be seen from 50 yards away quite easily. They're most assuredly will get people’s attention as to my intent to move into another lane. They are set up with my Denali controller so when I use my emergency flashers, they alternate between them and my running lights."

Robin BrownUK Customer

“Weiser LED kits can be expensive. But considering how intense and bright the lighting is and their component quality, you really can’t expect them to be cheap. You get what you pay for. And in Weiser’s case, they’re worth the money. In summary, we really liked the Weiser LEDs. Adding additional lighting and increasing conspicuity in today’s inattentive driver, cell phone environment can only be a good thing.”

Mike BotanAdventure Rider

"I’ve loved my UltraBRIGHTS 2-in-1's front and rear ever since I installed them. They rock for the Zero. Since it is so silent, anything to increase visibility is a must. I live in Australia and when one light faulted slightly I feared the worst. The service from Weiser is amazing. I'm not from any magazine, or bike shop, I have no affiliations, and I got straight though to Mark Atkins who immediately talked over my problem and sent a replacement. I can't thank you enough. The lights are all go again and I will always buy a new pair with every bike."

Luke WAdventure Rider

"I now ride my 1970s BMW’s that have the full complement of turn signals, and these upgrades are great! I already feel safer, and that makes me happy, and my wife thanks you too! Since that wreck she worries terribly every time I get on a bike. So, thank YOU! Anything to be more visible is welcome."

Ray LCustomer

"I called and had a good conversation with Mark Atkins today. He totally solved my dilemma and answered all my questions. I recently purchased your product and am more than very pleased with it and especially the way Mark handled my situation, he is a gem! After seeing my lights, my best mate went out and purchased them also."

Fred DealCustomer

“Finally got some time to install the Weiser LED turn and driving lights. Overall, very easy to install, even for a mechanically challenged person like me. Very well detailed step by step instructions, plus good tips on their instructional video. Took me a few hours with a lunch pause in between.”

SR DigitalCustomer

“A 'must-have'! Apart from the obvious advantages of LED lights, the dual function of this newest generation of super bright LED lights from Weiser now offers the combination of both turn signal AND brake lights. That's just tickles my techie - my credit card started wiggling out of my wallet the moment I saw these!”

Erik MunckCustomer

“In short, they work very, very well. We have not experienced a single problem with any of the lights or their LED elements. The SA-R has been ridden in all types of weather conditions and in places where electronics can really take a beating. Places like potholed gravel and dirt roads, muddy two-track and salt air environments. But the Weiser LED lights just kept on going with zero issues.”

Mike BotanAdventure Rider

"The 2-in-1 lights are installed on my G310GS and they are fantastic. Great safety product and the extra visibility at night is very helpful. Using the turn indicators as auxiliary lights is so logical; it is the very first thing people should do to their dual sport and cruising bikes. It gets the auxiliary lighting up above fallen tree branches and rocks, and uses the hardware that is already installed on the bike. Just brilliant, I love it."

Michael ShawAdventure Rider

"These are the best lights I’ve put on my motorcycle yet. The service is outstanding. They are so bright. I recommend everybody put a set of Weiser on your motorcycle. Be seen!"

Jason LiechtyAdventure Rider
Weiser Motorcycle LED Lights Reviews | Weiser Technik (2024)
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