Why computer vision is the future of inventory management system? (2023)

With the state of the world today and the many supply chain problems we are currently experiencing, inventory management has never been more important.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management, a strategic element of the supply chain, refers to the tracking of inventory from manufacturers to warehouses and then to a point of sale. The goal of inventory management is to have the right products in the right place at the right time and it is where all elements of the supply chain converge.

How Computer Vision Works?

Computer vision works the same way as human vision, except humans are one step ahead. Human sight has the advantage of being able to train itself to distinguish objects, to determine their distance, to know if they are in motion and if something is wrong in an image. Computer vision trains machines to perform these functions, but it must do so in much less time with cameras, data, and algorithms than with retinas, optic nerves, and visual cortex and can quickly overwhelm human abilities.

Inventory Management Challenges

Different concerns loom large in the world of inventory management. Different industries face different struggles, although a basic level of uncertainty remains one of the most prominent issues at the moment. Many challenges arise together, creating an increase in struggle for small businesses and large corporations alike. These challenges include inconsistent tracking, changing demand, limited visibility, manual documentation, supply chain complexity, overstocking, inventory loss among others.

How computer vision can help

To say that artificial intelligence is part of our daily lives and logistics is obvious. It is also evident that technology is an ally to further improve all supply chain processes. AI opens an infinite number of scenarios to explore and develop. Most companies have opted for automation to support their development. However, the latest advances in AI show that companies need to go further and make better use of the potential of machine intelligence if they want to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Examples of businesses that integrate computer vision into their workflow

1. Unilever: The consumer goods company also uses computer vision to audit stores. It sent a crowd-based workforce to a number of stores selling its goods to grab pictures of store shelves. The pictures were then processed by a computer vision-enabled platform. The goal was to provide its managers with an accurate picture of in-store shelf conditions. The analytics and insights received from shelf images analyzed with CV allowed Unilever to identify irregularities in store, respond accordingly, and measure results.

2. Amazon: Amazon launched its fully automated Amazon Go stores based on algorithms and computer vision. The stores filled with cameras and sensors are capable, autonomously, of tracing the customer's journey between the shelves and of recording the products that they put in their carts. When the customer goes to one of the automated checkouts, he will automatically be debited with the total amount of his purchases.

3. Car manufacturers: Autonomous CV vehicle systems continuously process a lot of visual data like traffic signs, other vehicles, and pedestrians to determine the right course of action.

4. Auchan: One of Europe’s biggest grocery retailers, Auchan deployed computer vision-enabled robots for shelf-monitoring in 34 of its stores in Portugal. The robots, which use computer vision and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, captured pictures of every shelf in each aisle of a store three times a day. Computers then digitized the data to generate reports with actionable metrics and insights.

The future of AI in inventory management

In the future of inventory, we are going to see even more updates in technology. From virtual reality, to artificial intelligence and even inventory-less stores, there are constant changes being made to improve business and attract customers. Inventory management systems have become more real-time, giving retailers more data about demographics, spending habits, shopping preferences, etc. This will help retailers improve their efficiency with their inventory, and continue to serve their consumers better.


Computer vision will continue to drive automation and the convergence of solutions. Computer vision specialists are constantly innovating to offer the market cutting-edge solutions with a high return on investment. And this is what allows their customers to gain in efficiency and competitiveness thanks to more automation and better logistics management which is an undeniable asset for the year to come. With good inventory management, a business has a better chance of profitability and survival.


Why computer vision is the future of inventory management system? ›

With innovation, computer vision in retail inventory management is becoming more user-friendly, cost-effective and accurate. This is encouraging retail business owners to leverage technology to boost their business without major changes in business operations.

How computer technology is useful in inventory management? ›


The technology offers several key features, which may include: Real-time data management:Data is updated in real-time throughout every computing system connected to the network. This process provides greater clarity on actual inventory levels and customer sales order history.

What is the future of Computer Vision? ›

The computer vision market has been expanding across multiple industries in the past years, leading to an expected growth of $17.4 billion in revenue by 2023 and $41.11 billion by 2030 (according to Allied Market Research).

What is the vision of inventory management? ›

Vision helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers maximize profitability by ensuring that the right inventory is in the right place at the right time.

What are the new technologies for inventory management? ›

Emerging trends in inventory management largely focus on incorporating new technologies and mitigating supply chain disruption risks. Technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, and data analytics are all used to better maintain inventory levels.

What are 5 benefits of using technology to improve stock control? ›

Let's look at five major benefits of using technology in supply chain management.
  • Improved Access To Information. Supply chain technology that works well connects previously isolated data. ...
  • Improved Insight. ...
  • Improved agility. ...
  • Better Collaboration. ...
  • Improved customer loyalty.

What is the benefits of computer vision? ›

Computer vision can automate several tasks without the need for human intervention. As a result, it provides organizations with a number of benefits: Faster and simpler process - Computer vision systems can carry out repetitive and monotonous tasks at a faster rate, which simplifies the work for humans.

Why is computer vision important now? ›

Computer vision has also been an important part of advances in health-tech. Computer vision algorithms can help automate tasks such as detecting cancerous moles in skin images or finding symptoms in x-ray and MRI scans.

What problems does computer vision solve? ›

Some of the common e computer vision problems include image classification, object localization and detection, and image segmentation. Computer vision applications include fields like: facial recognition technology, medical image analysis, self-driving cars, and intelligent video analytics.

What are the four 4 aspect of inventory management? ›

Four major inventory management methods include just-in-time management (JIT), materials requirement planning (MRP), economic order quantity (EOQ) , and days sales of inventory (DSI).

What are the three key objectives of inventory management? ›

The objectives of inventory management are to provide the desired level of customer service, to allow cost-efficient operations, and to minimize the inventory investment.

What are 3 areas in industry where computer vision is currently being used? ›

Computer vision technology is based on the concept of teaching computers to process an image or a visual input at pixels and derive meaningful information from it. Nowadays, Computer vision is in great demand and used in different areas, including robotics, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

Where is computer vision used today? ›

Applications of Computer Vision

Computer Vision has a massive impact on companies across industries, from retail to security, healthcare, construction, automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture.

What are the three 3 tools used to improve inventory management? ›

Inventory management tools and techniques
  • Barcode data collection. The perpetual inventory system is highly dependent on timely and accurate reporting. ...
  • Cycle counting to improve accuracy. ...
  • ABC analysis for prioritisation. ...
  • Integrated planning and execution. ...
  • Lot tracking and traceability.
Apr 19, 2021

What technology does Amazon use in inventory management? ›

Amazon inventory management systems are specialized software that can be used to keep track of your inventory levels, deliveries, sales, and orders originating from your Amazon sales channels. They aim to reduce your carrying cost, mitigate fees, and synchronize inventory across all your listings.

What are the three types of inventory management systems? ›

There are three types of inventory management system: manual, periodic, and perpetual.

How a computerized system will aid a company to have better control over its inventory? ›

Also known as inventory management software, businesses can stay updated with inventory orders, counts and sales. A computerized inventory system can help you avoid costly mistakes, know what is and isn't moving, get your whole team on the same page, and help you keep track of inventory from anywhere.

How does technology impact supply chain management? ›

One way is to streamline the process of tracking and distributing inventory. But the biggest benefits of technology in supply chains Management come from reducing costs, improving customer service, and increasing operational efficiency.

What are the main advantages of an inventory management system? ›

Inventory management helps companies identify which and how much stock to order at what time. It tracks inventory from purchase to the sale of goods. The practice identifies and responds to trends to ensure there's always enough stock to fulfill customer orders and proper warning of a shortage.

What is the difference between machine vision and computer vision? ›

A machine vision system uses a camera to view an image, computer vision algorithms then process and interpret the image, before instructing other components in the system to act upon that data. Computer vision can be used alone, without needing to be part of a larger machine system.

What is the conclusion of computer vision? ›

In conclusion, computer vision is a field of computer science that uses tools like deep learning and convolutional neural networks to develop different ways to help computers see and understand different types of media, such as photos and videos.

Is computer vision booming? ›

Computer Vision is a branch of AI that provides a machine high-level understanding of an image and the power to perform tasks on images that even humans cannot perform. 2022 has been the year of boom for Computer Vision.

How is computer vision used in industry? ›

Usually, computer vision in manufacturing is used for product and quality inspection, structure surveillance, and tracking for damages or faults. Cameras allow manufacturing plants to inspect their products for tiny defects. They can be much more sensitive than the human eye, and machines' attention is never tired.

What is the biggest challenge in computer vision? ›

The top 4 challenges in computer vision:
  • High costs.
  • Lack of experienced professionals.
  • Size of required data sets.
  • Need for regular monitoring.
Jan 4, 2023

How will computer vision change the world? ›

It can help doctors identify diseases, businesses to improve customer service, and social media companies to moderate content. Computer vision needs to be monitored by humans to ensure that it is used ethically and legally.

Why is computer vision challenging? ›

Machines See Numbers Not Images

One of the other reasons why computer vision is challenging is that when machines see images, they see them as numbers that represent individual pixels. Whereas humans perceive photos as objects, in a highly visual and intuitive manner.

What are the top three to five principles of inventory management? ›

There five key principles of inventory management:
  • demand forecasting,
  • warehouse flow,
  • inventory turns/stock rotation,
  • cycle counting and.
  • process auditing.

What are 5 stages of inventory management process? ›

The 5 step inventory management process
  • Receive and inspect products. The first step in the inventory management process includes receiving your order from the supplier. ...
  • Sort and stock products. ...
  • Accept customer order. ...
  • Fulfil, package and ship order. ...
  • Reorder new stock.
Sep 27, 2021

What is the most important aspect of inventory management? ›

One of the most critical aspects of inventory management is managing the flow of raw materials from their procurement to finished products. The goal is to minimize overstocks and improve efficiency so that projects can stay on time and within budget.

What are the smart objectives of inventory? ›

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. So instead of saying “we'd like to increase our stock turnover” it becomes “we'd like to increase our stock turnover by 2% by the end of this year”.

What is the prime objective of inventory management? ›

The primary goal of inventory management is to ensure that all kinds of materials are accessible whenever the production department needs them, ensuring that production is not stopped or slowed down due to a lack of resources.

What is the motivation of inventory management system? ›

The main purpose of inventory management is to help businesses easily and efficiently manage the ordering, stocking, storing, and using of inventory. By effectively managing your inventory, you'll always know what items are in stock, how many of them there are, and where they are located.

What are the three types of computer vision? ›

Different types of computer vision include image segmentation, object detection, facial recognition, edge detection, pattern detection, image classification, and feature matching.

What is a real life example of computer vision? ›

Doctors can identify tumors, internal bleeding, blocked blood arteries, and other life-threatening illnesses by using computer vision to analyze CT and MRI data. Because robots can now recognize nuances that are unseen to the human sight, automation of the process has been demonstrated to boost accuracy.

What is the computer vision methodology? ›

Computer vision tasks include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e.g. in the forms of decisions.

What is the future of computer vision? ›

In 2022, increased development in augmented and VR applications will enable computer vision developers to extend their skills into new domains, like developing intuitive and efficient methods of replicating and interacting with real objects in a 3D space.

What is the future scope of computer vision? ›

Among growth areas for computer vision, we can expect to see edge computing, healthcare, LiDAR (mapping), retail, health and safety, and autonomous driving. In all of these areas, computer vision will be used to detect and analyze a growing stream of data.

What is the difference between computer vision and image processing? ›

Image processing algorithms are used to extract information from images, restore and compress image and video data, and build new experiences in virtual and augmented reality. Computer vision uses image processing to recognize and categorize image data.

What is the future of computer vision in 2025? ›

It's anticipated to reach $26.2 billion by 2025, developing more than 30% for every year. Artificial intelligence is the future, and computer vision is the most amazing appearance of that future. Before long, it will be anyplace and all over the place, to such an extent that you won't even notice it.

Is computer vision a promising career? ›

The job outlook for Computer Vision Engineers is very positive and will only improve in the coming years. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that jobs for Computer and information research scientists will grow by 15% between 2019 and 2029.

Is computer vision the next big thing? ›

Computer Vision is an exciting technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence. With the explosive rise in data analytics and machine learning, this technology has found its place among the list of 'technologies of the future'.

How will computers achieve vision 2030? ›

Computer based control systems can be combined with manufacturing technology, such as robots, machine tools, automated guided vehicles, to improve manufacturing operations. In this role, the computer can assist integrating these technologies into a lean and efficient factory capable of competing in world markets.

What will the future hold in the computer industry? ›

The future of computing is being shaped by transistors made from materials other than silicon. It's being amplified by approaches that have nothing to do with transistor speed, such as deep-learning software and the ability to crowdsource excess computing power to create what amounts to distributed supercomputers.

Who is computer vision competitor? ›

We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Microsoft Computer Vision API, including OpenCV, Amazon Rekognition, Google Cloud Vision API, and IBM Watson Visual Recognition.

Is computer vision better than data science? ›

Data Science offers high job security and flexibility. It also presents the opportunity to explore the business side of things if one is interested in pursuing it. Computer Vision will require one to work on cutting-edge technology.

What major is best for computer vision? ›

You should have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or some other IT-related degree. You should also have experience and demonstrable skills in programming with languages like Java, C++, or Python, and in working with machine and deep learning libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch.

What is the largest computer vision model? ›

ViT-22B is the largest vision transformer model at 22 billion parameters and achieved state-of-the-art performance with critical architecture changes.

Is computer vision just machine learning? ›

In simple terms, computer vision is a technology that attempts to train computers to recognize patterns in visual data in a similar way as humans do. On the other hand, machine learning is a process that enables computers to learn how to process and react to data inputs based on precedents set by previous actions.

What are the benefits of Vision 2030? ›

Vision 2030 has facilitated the entry of new enterprises to the market, by facilitating financing for small and medium businesses and creating bold capital funds, which will lead to an increase in their contribution to GDP.

What is the main focus of Vision 2030? ›

This aims at improving the prosperity of all Kenyans through an economic development programme, covering all the regions of Kenya. It aims to achieve an average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 10% per annum beginning in 2012.

What is the goal of Vision 2030 Tech? ›

According to Saudi Vision 2030, "In technology, we will increase our investments in, and lead, the digital economy." The plan suggests that "sophisticated digital infrastructure is integral to today's advanced industrial activities.

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