Will my previous scores be included in my score report? – AP Students (2024)


Yes. Your score report includes all your scores from all the AP Exams you took in the past. Your entire score history will be sent to your designated college, university, or scholarship program unless you choose towithholdorcancelany of your scores.

When you look at your online score report, check that it’s complete. Some scores may take longer to process because of later testing dates or other circ*mstances (e.g., late arrival of testing materials or extra time needed to match records). We’ll email you when your score is added to your score report.

If you notice that exams that you tooklast year or earlier are missing, it might be because you have multiple accounts. To resolve a multiple account issue, contact AP Services for Students. During score release in July, AP Services for Students will have longer than usual response times.

If you took your last AP Exam before 2018, your AP scores are no longer viewable in our online score reporting system. They have been archived and can only be sent to a college, university or scholarship program through arequest made via mail or fax.

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Will my previous scores be included in my score report? – AP Students (2024)


Will my previous scores be included in my score report? – AP Students? ›

Does my score report show my scores for all the AP Exams

AP Exams
The Advanced Placement® Program (AP) enables willing and academically prepared students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. The AP Program develops college-level courses that high schools can choose to offer and corresponding AP Exams that are administered once a year.
https://apcentral.collegeboard.org › about-ap › ap-a-glance
I've ever taken? Your score report will include all your AP scores from any exams you've taken in the past. It also includes all AP awards
AP awards
The AP Scholar Awards recognize high school students who have demonstrated exemplary college-level achievement on AP Exams. A roster of award recipients is provided online to their secondary schools and districts.
https://apcentral.collegeboard.org › awards › scholar-awards
and recognitions you may have earned in the past.

Can teachers see your past AP scores? ›

Authorized school administrators may share their school access code to provide access to AP Score Reports for Educators with up to five staff members. School administrators are advised to keep access codes in a secure place and distribute only to staff with the appropriate permissions to view student-level data.

Can I withhold AP scores from previous years? ›

Another option is to choose to withhold one or more AP Exam scores from any college or scholarship program that you choose as a score recipient. The score will be withheld from any future score reports sent to that college or scholarship program.

Should I report my AP score if I got a 2? ›

You don't have to worry about the score of 2 being part of your official transcript, as AP scores don't usually appear there. You have the choice to report this score, but since it doesn't reflect a passing grade that could earn you college credit, it might be better to omit it from your college applications.

Do colleges see all of your AP scores? ›

Your score report includes all your scores from all the AP Exams you took in the past. Your entire score history will be sent to your designated college, university, or scholarship program unless you choose to withhold or cancel any of your scores. When you look at your online score report, check that it's complete.

Can colleges see your AP scores if you don't send them? ›

Do Colleges Look at AP Scores for Admission? While you don't typically need to send official AP score reports to colleges you're applying to, some schools will have space on their applications for you to self-report your AP scores. And if your scores are on your application, admissions committees will see them.

Is a 50% a 5 on the AP test? ›

As a general guide, though, you can consider roughly more than 70% correct as being in the 5 range, 50-69% for a score of 4, 40-49% for a score of 3, 30-39% for a 2, and below 30% would likely be a 1. Again, these ranges are approximations and can vary by subject and by year.

Is a 70% a 5 on the AP exam? ›

Usually, a 70 to 75 percent out of 100 translates to a 5. However, there are some exams that are exceptions to this rule of thumb. The AP Grades that are reported to students, high schools, colleges, and universities in July are on AP's five-point scale: 5: Extremely well qualified.

What is a 50% on an AP test? ›

A 50% is considered a 3 or passing. This is when your AP credit is considered in colleges for being qualified, well qualified or extremely well qualified. Also, most exams have multiple parts to them.

Should I send bad AP scores to colleges? ›

Will a bad AP exam score impact college admission decisions? No, colleges consider many factors outside of AP scores when deciding whether to admit an applicant. Generally, students should only submit high AP scores and for subjects related to their major.

Will colleges reject you for bad AP scores? ›

A bad exam score doesn't affect your application that much if you are taking other AP classes and do well in those, make sure that your GPA isn't affected by this score. Colleges look at AP scores to analyze how well you would do in a basic college course, but don't worry about it too much.

Will colleges rescind for bad AP scores? ›

Once you've been accepted to a college, the likelihood of having your admission rescinded due to low AP scores is very low. Schools are more concerned about maintaining a strong GPA, taking rigorous courses, and avoiding any disciplinary issues.

Should I cancel a 2 AP score? ›

To cancel a score is to completely remove it from the College Board's and your record. For that reason, you should not cancel unless you are certain that you never want anyone to know you took the exam in the future.

Is reporting a 3 on AP exam bad? ›

The first thing that you should do is check the AP Score credit policy for the colleges that you are applying to. If they will give you credit for the 3, then by all means report it! On the other hand, if they only give credit for a 5 on that exam (not even for a 4), you may want to hold off.

Should I report my bad AP scores? ›

AP scores have very, very little impact on college admissions, especially if the exam has nothing to do with your major. If you don't report, they probably won't really notice. They can't assume you failed, as maybe you never took the exam in the first place. They care more about your grade in the class.

Can teachers check your history? ›

A school may find your browsing history if you use a school computer, but it's not as simple for them if you use your own device. However, they can still view the cache of websites that have been visited so far in this session.

Are AP scores confidential? ›

The AP Exam is intended to be a fair assessment of your academic ability. Sharing exam information in any unauthorized way compromises the integrity of the exam for all AP students, and for the colleges and universities that grant credit or advanced placement for qualifying AP scores.

What can teachers see in AP Classroom? ›

The ability for teachers to see time spent per question, for assignments given online—including class averages and individual student details. The availability of answer sheets to support automated scoring of multiple-choice questions and online teacher-scoring of free-response questions for paper assessments.

Do teachers have access to AP exams? ›

Once your administrator approves your AP Course Audit form, you'll be able to access free, downloadable AP Practice Exams (for all courses except AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing). These complete AP Exams are only available to teachers; students can't access them.

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