What Is a Capstone Course? - The Scholarship System (2024)

What Is a Capstone Course? - The Scholarship System (2024)


What Is a Capstone Course? - The Scholarship System? ›

The definition of a capstone course can vary depending on the school your student attends and their major. Some focus on students completing a final paper that showcases their understanding. Others may require the creation of a portfolio or a presentation that your student will have to give in order to graduate.

What is the purpose of the capstone course? ›

A capstone project aims to demonstrate a student's mastery of a particular subject or field of study. It is typically a culminating project that integrates and applies the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course of a degree program.

What happens if you fail capstone? ›

Potential Consequences of Failing a Capstone Project

Sometimes, a student may be required to complete additional coursework or resubmit the project to graduate. In other cases, a student may be required to repeat the entire capstone project or may be allowed to choose a different one to complete.

Are Capstone courses difficult? ›

1 answer. Hi there! I would say that AP Capstone is worth it ONLY if you're very much interested in it and not only doing for the sake of whichever college you wish to be in. The program is definitely tough and demanding.

What is a capstone course at GCU? ›

Specifically, capstones involve demonstrating knowledge and skill in applying concepts and principles learned in their program of study in the form of an end of program project. CAPSTONE NEWS. Hands-on engineering capstones get thumbs up. Students' capstones showcase creativity, tech savvy.

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