13 Coldest Places in India You Must Experience (2022) (2024)

Here is the list of 13 Coldest Places in India You Must Experience

1. Dras - The Coldest Place in India 1.5 /5

Known For : Dras War Memorial Minamarg Matayen

Dras is alonely town in the infamous Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir, popularly known as 'The gateway to Ladakh'.Dras is the coldest place in India and often touted as second to the coldest place inhabited on Earth. Dras is a convenient staging point for treks to Amarnath, Suru valley and Sialkot. On an average during the freezing winters, the temperature can drop down to a bone-chilling -45℃. The lowest temperature to have ever been recorded here was in the winter of 1995 when the temperature fell down to -60℃.

Best Time: June to September

7 Dras Attractions

Known For : Mulbekh Monastery Drass war memorial Kargil main street

Making news more often than not, the town of Kargil isone ofthe coldest places in India. It is situated along the banks of Suru river (Indus) and perched at an altitude of 2,676 m. The temperature here often drops to as low as -48°C in winters. Closest to Kargil at distance of 15 kms from it is a historic town of ruins of castles on hillocks called Pashkum. A little further is an interesting small Buddhist village called Mulbek on the Kargil-Leh road.

Best Time: June to September

6 Kargil Attractions

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3. Hemkund Sahib - The Highest Gurudwara In The World

Hemkund Sahib, also known as Gurudwara Sri Hemkund Sahib Ji is a Sikh pilgrimage located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The place adorned by a glacial lake is surrounded by seven snow-clad peaks, each bearing a Nishan Sahib. At an astounding altitude of 4,362 m, Hemkund Sahib attracts a great number of tourists every trekking season. It is only accessible during summer as it is totally snowbound during the winter season. During the coldest months, the temperatures can dip to as low as -10°C to -11°C .

4. Leh Ladakh - One of the Lowest Summer Temperature in India 4.6 /5 View 92+ photos

Known For : Pangong Lake Khardung La Nubra Valley

The capital of the ancient kingdom of Ladakh, Leh is a very popular tourist destination. As much as it is rich in culture and history, it makes an ideal place to visit in summer in India where a temperature of 7°C is nothing extraordinary. Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Pangong lake and a multitude of other lakes and monasteries make Leh a must visit. The average minimum temperature in the region is between -20℃ to -15℃. The lowest temperature ever recorded at Leh-Ladakh is generally around -28.3 °C.

Best Time: Jun to Sep

73 Ladakh Attractions

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5. North Sikkim 4.5 /5 View 35+ photos

Known For : Gurudongmar Lake Lachung Yumthang Valley

A district in the popular state of Sikkim, North Sikkim is home to one of the tallest peaks in the world, Kanchenjunga. With the temperature dropping to as low as -40°C in the extreme winters, North Sikkim place is one of the coldest places in India. Thick vegetation all the way up till alpine heights before disappearing into Tundra and numerous waterfalls only make it the most picturesque place. Zero points, Yumthang valley, Lachung monastery, Crows lake and the list doesn't seem to end. Go here to make the most of your summer vacations.

Best Time: April to June, October to December

10 North Sikkim Attractions

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6. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh 4.8 /5 View 54+ photos

Known For : Chandratal Lake Key Monastery Kunzum Pass

A valley so surreal and strangely enchanting that it is hard to believe it exists, just like any other place. Spiti means the 'Middle land' i.e. the land that lies between India and Tibet. It is famous for its rich Buddhist culture similar to what is found in Tibet and Ladakh. Kaza, which is the sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti is perched at an altitude of 3,800 m on the lofty Himalayas. As much as it is known for its unique Yak momos, it is also quite popular for its monasteries, Ki and Tabo being one of them. A lesser-known cousin of Leh-Ladakh, this is one of the best summer holiday destinations. Spiti Valley is one of the coldest places in India with temperatures dropping to -30°C in the winter months.

Best Time: Mid May to Mid Oct

31 Spiti Attractions

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7. Sela Pass, Tawang 4.2 /5 View 8+ photos

Located in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, Selang is a high altitude pass which connects the Buddhist town of Tawang to Tezpur and Guwahati. It remains snow clad throughout the year making it ideal for aesthetes. Sela Pass sits high in the mighty Himalayas at a height of 4,170 m and the temperature here can drop to as low as -15°C in winter. There is also a tremendous number of lakes around it which are revered to Buddhists. Take a beautiful, spiritual journey to one of the best summer holiday destinations in India.

8. Munsiyari, Uttarakhand 4.6 /5 View 13+ photos

Known For : Birthi falls Maheshwari Kund Panchachuli Peak

A small village with an awe-inspiring panorama of snow-capped Himalayan Range; Munsiyari is located in the Pithoragarh District. Offering splendours of natural beauty in their most captivating form, this place is famous for its some highly adventurous and nerve-wracking trekking trails. In terms of the coldest months, the winter months can see temperatures dropping to as low as -3° C.

Best Time: April to June, October to November

16 Munsiyari Attractions

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Known For : Amarnath Cave Amarnath Yatra Baltal

What's better than a long summer trek across cold mountainous terrains and valleys that lead to a huge rocky cave known for its icy stalagmites? Beats the summer fatigue, doesn't it? Amarnath is as good for us peripatetics as it is for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Although it is a very cold place in India, this pilgrimage site is thronged with devotees. It is only open during the summer for 45 days when tourists are welcome to spectate the marvellous ice Lingam which is considered to be miraculous and holy. Amarnath Yatra starts from the picturesque Pahalgam. The lowest temperature in Amarnath can go down to - 20°C. A temperature of 7.5°C in peak summer season is but natural here.

Best Time: May to September

4 Amarnath Attractions

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Known For : Dal Lake Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden Shankaracharya Temple

Famously known as ‘Heaven on Earth’, Srinagar is every bit the epitome of paradise on earth. As picturesque as the most stunning painting to ever be painted, Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, lies on the banks of the Jhelum river, and has a cool, pleasant climate for most of the year, contributing to the perpetual influx of tourists visiting this city which offers a plethora of gorgeous scenic vistas.

During the coldest months, temperatures can average a from -3°C to 0°C. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Srinagar in recent years was -7.6°C.

Best Time: April to October

42 Srinagar Attractions

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11. West Sikkim

It's a favourite among trekkers due to its high elevations with Geyzing, Pelling and Jorethang among popular towns of this district. At an altitude of about 3,800 m, it experiences a temperate climate. Khecheoperi lake, Dubdi monastery and Rabdentse palace are among the many attractions. The minimum temperatures in the winters drop to around 0°C to -1°C in the low lying regions. The higher regions, however, experience chilling temperatures of -15°C and below.

12. Rohtang Pass, Manali 4.4 /5 View 5+ photos

We all have visited Manali in our summer vacation but what really deserves a visit to Rohtang Pass which connects Kullu valley with Lahaul and Spiti valley. Located at an altitude of 3,978 m and snow clad in the most picturesque way almost throughout the year. Especially since it is a tourist destination, it is widely regarded as one of the coldest places in India and it is infamous for unforeseen snowstorms and blizzards. The coldest months are December and January. In these months, on an average, the temperatures can dip down to around -5°C to -6°C.

13. Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh 4.0 /5 View 25+ photos

Known For : Kinnaur Kailash Trekking to Chakka Suicide Point

Kalpa, the main village of Kinnaur, in the Sutlej River Valley is a place to remember and cherish. Known for its many beautiful temples and monasteries, this town is also famed for its apple orchards. The majestic Kinnaur-Kailash range peeking from across the Sutlej River makes for a blissful break.

The lowest temperature recorded inKalpa in recent years was -15°C making it one of the coldest places in India.

Best Time: March to September

10 Kalpa Attractions

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Are you 'chill' with this list of coldest places in India? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

This post was published by Shikhar Lohia

13 Coldest Places in India You Must Experience (2022) (2024)


Where is it coldest in 2022? ›

Oymyakon is the coldest permanently-inhabited place on Earth and is found in the Arctic Circle's Northern Pole of Cold.

Which is the hottest place in India in 2022? ›

Titlagarh. Titlagarh, in the state of Odisha, is the hottest spot in India, especially in the summer.

Which is coldest place in India today? ›

Dras - The Coldest Place in India

Dras is a lonely town in the infamous Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir, popularly known as 'The gateway to Ladakh'.

What country stays cold all year? ›

Iceland is characterized by a Polar Tundra climate and consequently, remains cold throughout the year. Temperatures in summer are as low as 50°F which fall even lower in winters, reaching as low as 37°F on average in January.

Which city in India is always cold? ›

Drass, Jammu and Kashmir

Situated at an elevation of 3350 m, Drass is the coldest place in India and second to the coldest inhabited region on Earth. The average temperature during winter season goes down to -23 ºC.

Does Ooty have snowfall? ›

Being a hill station, Ooty experiences extreme cold; however, it never snows here.

Which city in India has worst weather? ›

Mawsynram–Reportedly the wettest place on Earth, Mawsynram lies in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya in northeast India. Even for people staying here and close to this place can have the most uncomfortable time, especially during the monsoon months when the rain is above 2000mm.

Is Delhi hotter than Dubai? ›

Delhi as hot as Timbuktu, hotter than desert cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat | India News | Zee News.

Which city in India has best climate? ›

5 best cities to live in based on pleasant weather conditions
  1. Pune. Pune is the second most popular district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. ...
  2. Belgaum. Located in the Western Ghats, the Belgaum city of Karnataka. ...
  3. Bangalore. ...
  4. Hyderabad. ...
  5. Chandigarh.
11 May 2022

What city has lowest temperature? ›

Oymyakon, Sakha Republic, Russia

Oymyakon, Russia is widely believed to be the coldest inhabited place on the planet. The town is home to 500 people, who withstand an average winter temperature of minus 58 degrees (minus 50 Celsius).

Does Delhi get snow? ›

Can snowfall occur in Delhi? Delhi's temperature doesn't touch 0 degree celsius, it is highly unlikely to have snowfall in Delhi. However, there are numerous hill stations near Delhi to witness snowfall.

Which is world hottest place? ›

Death Valley, California, USA

The aptly named Furnace Creek currently holds the record for hottest air temperature ever recorded. The desert valley reached highs of 56.7C in the summer of 1913, which would apparently push the limits of human survival.

What is the top 20 hottest country in the world? ›

Top 20 Hottest Countries in the World
  • Mali. Dogon Village of Songo in Mali, the hottest country in the world. ...
  • Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso, which borders Mali, is the second-hottest country on earth. ...
  • Senegal. Burkina Faso isn't the only hot country that borders Mali! ...
  • Tuvalu. ...
  • Djibouti. ...
  • Mauritania. ...
  • Bahrain. ...
  • Palau.

What are the 6 coldest countries? ›

If you are wondering what the coldest countries in the world then this article will answer your question. Some of the countries that fall into this category include Antarctica, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, United States, Russia, Venezuela and Chile.

Which country has no summer? ›

Year Without a Summer
VolcanoMount Tambora
Start dateEruption occurred on 10 April 1815
LocationLesser Sunda Islands, Dutch East Indies (now Republic of Indonesia)
2 more rows

What is the coldest country in Asia? ›

Complete answer: The coldest region in Asia is currently the region around Verkhoyansk, in the north-eastern part of Siberia, Russia. The lowest temperature ever recorded was - 67.5 ° C (-90 ° Fahrenheit).

Which is the oldest place in India? ›

Varanasi. It's perhaps India's oldest continually inhabited city, and has been a cradle of Indian vedic culture. Varanasi has bustling with cultural and religious activity since the Bronze Age collapse.

Is Kargil colder than Leh? ›

More from Travel News. A MET department official said, "At minus 20 degree Celsius as the minimum temperature, Kargil was the coldest town in Jammu and Kashmir followed by Leh at minus 10.9 degree Celsius.

Which is the coldest month in India? ›

The cold weather season in India starts mid-November. December and January are the coldest months in Northern India.

Which is better Ooty or Shimla? ›

Shimla is a city in North India, at an elevation of 2276 meters above mean sea level. Ooty is in South India, rising to 2240 meters above mean sea level. Despite very similar attitudes, it is much colder in Shimla than in Ooty.

Does Darjeeling have snow? ›

Snowfall is rarely seen in Darjeeling. But sometimes, the temperature can drop down to -2 degree Celsius, so make sure you pack some woollens. July to September: Starting July till August, heavy rainfall is observed in Darjeeling.

Why Ooty is very cold? ›

Since Ooty is situated on higher altitudes, by the time this air reaches there it has become very much cool and pleasant. This is the main scientific reason behind the low temperature in hill stations like Ooty.

Which Indian state has best climate? ›

Most of them are South Indian states as the lower half of the country experiences less extreme weather conditions compared to the North.
  • Belgaum: The Sleepless City. ...
  • Nashik: The Wine Capital of India. ...
  • Hyderabad: The City of Pearls. ...
  • Pune: Oxford of the East. ...
  • Nainital: The Lake City. ...
  • Bengaluru: The Green Lungs of India.
12 Feb 2020

Which state is hottest in India? ›

However most of the Indian places experience same amount of hotness but Rajasthan is the hottest state of India, here is list of hottest places in India.

What are the 5 climate zones in India? ›

Following are the name of climate zones of India:
  • Tropical rainy climatic zone.
  • Humid subtropical climatic zone.
  • Tropical Savanna climatic zone.
  • Mountain climatic zone.
  • Desert climatic zone.

Does Dubai ever get cold? ›

Dubai's weather is warm all year round with two distinct summer and winter seasons. The lowest average temperatures are around 20⁰C in January, while the summer months (between June and August) have averages of around 30⁰C.

Is Dubai smaller than Mumbai? ›

Comparing the land area results on Wiki, Mumbai is only 600 sq km compared to 4000 sq km for Dubai and even 3500 sq km for Karachi.

Do you sweat in Dubai? ›

Yes, it's going to be sweaty hot, but it's also a city built to deal with the extreme temperatures. A summer stopover in Dubai may not be as unbearable as you think – let's see what you can expect!

Which is the best place to settle in India? ›

Best Cities to Live and Work in India
  • Hyderabad.
  • Pune.
  • Bengaluru.
  • Chennai.
  • Delhi.
  • Dehradun.
  • Indore.
  • Vadodara.
27 Jan 2022

How cold is space? ›

Space is very, very cold. The baseline temperature of outer space is 2.7 kelvins (opens in new tab) — minus 454.81 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 270.45 degrees Celsius — meaning it is barely above absolute zero, the point at which molecular motion stops.

What city has the worst winters? ›

No matter how you measure it, among major cities in the United States it's at the Minneapolis—St Paul region of Minnesota where you'll find the coldest winter weather. The Twin Cities have the most cold days, chilliest nights and overall the lowest average temperatures among the largest urban areas in United States.

Which country has the world's 10 coldest cities? ›

Here are 10 of the coldest cities in the world where you'll be able to have some freezing winter fun.
  • Novosibirsk, Russia. ...
  • Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. ...
  • Winnipeg, Canada. ...
  • Irkutsk, Russia. ...
  • Harbin, China. ...
  • Fairbanks, United States. ...
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Credit:tanukiphoto/iStock. ...
  • Yakutsk, Russia. Credit: Tatiana Gasich/Shutterstock.

Where is the coldest place at the moment? ›

The Polar Plateau of the Antarctic is unquestionably the coldest place in the world. Dome A, the highest point on the East Antarctic ice sheet and the coldest spot there, has an mean annual temperature of -58.3 degrees Celsius (-72.9 degrees Fahrenheit).

What was the coldest temperature recorded in 2022? ›

Support Local Journalism. A low temperature of minus-48 degrees was recorded in Peter Sink on Thursday, making it the lowest temperature recorded in the United States in 2022 so far.

What's the coldest place right now in the world? ›

The coldest place on the planet today is the South Pole, Antartica with a brutal -48ºC.

What is the hottest place on Earth today 2022? ›

Death Valley's Furnace Creek also holds the official record for the highest ground temperature in the world, with 201.0 °F (93.9 °C) registered on July 15, 1972. The 1913 air temperature was exceeded in 2020 and 2022, but those higher figures have not yet been certified by the WMO.

What is coldest city in world? ›

If you miss winter, think of the poor souls in the coldest city on Earth. Winter temperatures in Oymyakon, Russia, average minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 50 degrees Celsius). The remote village is generally considered the coldest inhabited area on Earth.

How cold is space? ›

Space is very, very cold. The baseline temperature of outer space is 2.7 kelvins (opens in new tab) — minus 454.81 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 270.45 degrees Celsius — meaning it is barely above absolute zero, the point at which molecular motion stops.

Do people live in Death Valley? ›

Death Valley is no stranger to heat. Sitting 282 feet below sea level in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California near the Nevada border, it is the lowest, driest and hottest location in the United States. It is sparsely populated, with just 576 residents, according to the most recent census.

What was the hottest day in 2022? ›

07/20/2022: The hottest day of the year. Please enter a search term.

Why is Death Valley so hot? ›

Why so Hot? The depth and shape of Death Valley influence its summer temperatures. The valley is a long, narrow basin 282 feet (86 m) below sea level, yet is walled by high, steep mountain ranges. The clear, dry air and sparse plant cover allow sunlight to heat the desert surface.

How cold can a human survive? ›

At an internal temperature of 95 degrees, humans can experience hypothermia, shivering and pale skin. At 86 degrees, they become unconscious and, at 77 degrees, cardiac arrest can occur. Most people cannot survive if their core temperature drops to 75 degrees.

What's the hottest place on Earth? ›

Death Valley holds the record for the highest air temperature on the planet: On 10 July 1913, temperatures at the aptly named Furnace Creek area in the California desert reached a blistering 56.7°C (134.1°F). Average summer temperatures, meanwhile, often rise above 45°C (113°F).

What is the second coldest place in the world? ›

Dras, India. Often called as The Gateway to Ladakh, Dras in Kargil district is the second coldest inhabited place in the world. The population of this small town is around 1200.

What is the top 20 hottest country in the world? ›

Top 20 Hottest Countries in the World
  • Mali. Dogon Village of Songo in Mali, the hottest country in the world. ...
  • Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso, which borders Mali, is the second-hottest country on earth. ...
  • Senegal. Burkina Faso isn't the only hot country that borders Mali! ...
  • Tuvalu. ...
  • Djibouti. ...
  • Mauritania. ...
  • Bahrain. ...
  • Palau.

What are the 20 hottest cities in the world? ›

  • Wadi Halfa, Sudan. ...
  • Turbat, Pakistan. ...
  • Basra, Iraq. ...
  • Ahvaz, Iran. ...
  • Mitribah, Kuwait. ...
  • Tirat Zvi, Israel. ...
  • Kebili, Tunisia. ...
  • Death Valley, California. Signs entering Death Valley National Park warn visitors of the risk.
13 Apr 2021

What is the 10 hottest place on Earth? ›

12 of the hottest places on Earth
  • Death Valley, California.
  • Kebili, Tunisia.
  • Mitribah, Kuwait.
  • Turbat, Pakistan.
  • Dallol, Ethiopia.
  • Aziziyah, Libya.
  • Wadi Halfa, Sudan.
  • Dasht-e Lut, Iran.
9 Aug 2022

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