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We’ve talked before about the allure of NYU. Located at the heart of New York City, NYU offers students a rigorous education, easy access to jobs and internships, and a vibrant cultural and social scene. With no boundaries to separate the university from the rest of the city, NYU encourages its 29,700 undergraduate students to explore New York as part of their undergraduate education.

Within the school, undergraduate students can pursue over 230 possible areas of study, spread over 17 different schools and divisions. On its New York campus, some of the most popular schools include:

College of Arts and Science: CAS contains many of the traditional college majors, ranging from art history to physics to economics.

Leonard N. Stern School of Business: Stern offers opportunities for students interested in business and entrepreneurship.

Tisch School of the Arts: Students interested in performing and media arts will want to explore Tisch, which has undergraduate programs in dance, drama, and performance studies.

Tandon School of Engineering: Located in Brooklyn, Tandon gives students the chance to dive into many areas of engineering.

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development: Founded as the first school of pedagogy in the U.S., Steinhardt currently offers programs in education, applied psychology, media, and music.

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Gallatin School of Individualized Study: Perhaps NYU’s most unique school, Gallatin invites students to design their own interdisciplinary program of study. For example, one past student developed a concentration bringing together computer science, public policy, and colonial theory.

In addition to its New York offerings, NYU also has degree-granting campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, which offer 26 and 19 undergraduate majors, respectively.

You Should Consider NYU If…

You’re independent: NYU’s full immersion in the city of New York can be wonderful for some students—and overwhelming for others. Before applying, ask yourself whether you’d thrive in a fast-paced, urban environment that lacks a traditional campus feel. (Take a look at NYU’s virtual tour to get a sense of the school’s environment for yourself.) If you’re excited about exploring a new city and a new school at the same time, then NYU could be the perfect place for you.

You have a global outlook: NYU President Andrew Hamilton has described the university as “urban,” “rigorous,” and—pointedly—“global.” In addition to its three degree-granting campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, NYU also offers study abroad locations in places like Berlin, London, and Tel Aviv. Pre-pandemic, over 40% of NYU students studied abroad during their college career—more than at any other American university! If you’re interested in exploring the world, NYU has great opportunities for you.

You’re an international student: As we’ve said for years, international students are at a disadvantage in the U.S. college admissions process. While colleges deny having quotas for international students, most top schools limit them to 8-12% of each incoming class. NYU is an exception to this rule: last year, 19% of admitted students were international. In fact, surveys by the Institute of International Education have consistently found that NYU admits the most international students of any school in the U.S. If you are an international student hoping to study in America, you’ll definitely want to take a look at NYU.

By the Numbers: NYU’s Acceptance Rate

NYU’s acceptance rate has been dropping precipitously over the past few years. Just 10 years ago, the university had a 33% acceptance rate. Last year, however, the university admitted just 12.8% of applicants. While this increase in selectivity matches the larger trend among top universities, NYU’s narrowing admit rates have been particularly striking. Take a look at the recent data:

NYU Acceptance Rates Over the Past Five Years

In part, the extreme selectivity of recent years is due to NYU’s decision to go test-optional. While NYU has long had a flexible testing policy that allows students to submit alternatives to the SAT and ACT, the university went fully test-optional in 2020 in response to the pandemic. This flexibility—coupled with the university’s great programs and the appeal of living in New York—sent NYU’s application numbers sky-rocketing. Last year, the university received over 100,000 applications (an increase of 15,000 from the previous year). NYU has remained test optional for the Class of 2026, so we can expect to see a similarly large number of applicants this year.

Potential applicants who love NYU can improve their odds in the admissions process by applying in the Early Decision round. As we’ve noted before, applying Early Decision significantly boosts applicants’ chances of admission, and NYU is no exception to this rule. The university admitted 27.8% of students who applied for the Class of 2023 in the Early Decision round, but only 13.8% of those who applied in the Regular Decision round. (NYU has not released precise Early Decision numbers for more recent years, but you can be sure that the “Early Decision advantage” still exists.)

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Keep in mind that NYU offers two rounds of Early Decision: Early Decision I (due November 1) and Early Decision II (due January 1). While NYU does not release data on the number of students admitted per round, most colleges admit more students in EDI than in EDII.

Applying to NYU

If you’re planning to apply to NYU, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

Grades and Test Scores: As NYU has become increasingly selective, admitted students’ grades and test scores have risen along with it. NYU boasts that most incoming freshmen have an A average and rank in the top 10% of their high school class. The middle 50% also scored from 1350 – 1530 on the SAT and 31 – 35 on the ACT. (Even though NYU has gone test-optional, many strong students still submit test scores.) If you are interested in NYU, you’ll need excellent grades and scores to be competitive!

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High School Courses: NYU encourages students to follow a rigorous course schedule in high school. The university lists a number of recommended (read: expected) high school courses for applicants, including:

  • English: 4 years
  • History/Social Studies: 3-4 years
  • Mathematics: 3-4 years
  • Science: 3-4 years
  • Foreign Language: 3-4 years

NYU also notes that “top applicants have taken demanding coursework in the above subjects for four years.” This means that—if you hope to apply to NYU—you won’t want to give up foreign language after two years or drop down to a lower-level history class. You’ll need to do great work in rigorous courses to get noticed in NYU’s applicant pool.

Individual schools’ application requirements: You can apply to NYU using the Common Application, but some schools within the university have their own admissions requirements. For example, applicants to Tisch must also participant in an artistic review, which can include an audition or a portfolio. Applicants must also submit auditions or portfolios for many majors within Steinhardt. Be sure you know what your preferred program within NYU requires when you’re putting together your application so that you don’t face any last-minute surprises!

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How can I increase my chances of getting into NYU? ›

Finally, if you want to know how to get into NYU, keep your grades up. Although there are no official NYU GPA requirements, you should plan to exceed the average NYU GPA of 3.7. Also, try to impress at your NYU interview, write solid essays, and prepare early to match the average NYU SAT scores.

What kind of students does NYU look for? ›

NYU academic requirements

The students NYU seeks to enroll are self-driven, ambitious, and innovative. These are qualities your child can easily reflect in their academic history—both in the classes they choose and in the grades they earn.

Which NYU school is the hardest to get into? ›

NYU Acceptance Rate

Three undergraduate schools accepted less than 10% of applicants: College of Arts & Science acceptance rate: 7% Stern School of Business acceptance rate: 7%

Does NYU care about class rank? ›

There are five factors that NYU ranks as being “very important” to their admissions process: 1) rigor of secondary school record, 2) class rank, 3) GPA, 4) standardized test scores, and 5) talent/ability.

Can I get into NYU with a 1400 SAT? ›

Among your target options are the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and New York University, all of which accept students with an average of a 1400 SAT score.

Can I get into NYU with a 1200 SAT? ›

Students that get into New York University have an SAT score between 1470–1560 or an ACT score of 33–35. Regular applications are due January 5.

What is the most popular degree in NYU? ›

The most popular majors at New York University include: Visual and Performing Arts; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences; Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Health Professions and Related Programs; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; ...

Is NYU considered elite? ›

The NYU ranking in US News is #25. The high NYU ranking in US News reflects the school's elite status. U.S. News ranks hundreds of schools each year, and their yearly college rankings are arguably the most widely known.

What subject is NYU famous for? ›

NYU ranks among the top universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings® by Subject for: Accounting and finance. Mathematics. Law and legal studies.

Is Columbia or NYU harder to get into? ›

Columbia is part of the Ivy League which is considered very prestigious in the US and abroad. Because Columbia has a lower admission rate than NYU, there is a general perception that Columbia is more prestigious than NYU. However, personal fit is much more important than prestige.

Is it harder to get into Yale or NYU? ›

Is New York University (NYU) or Yale University Harder to get into? Which school is easier to get into? If you're looking at acceptance rate alone, then Yale University is more difficult to get into.

Is it easier to get into UCLA or NYU? ›

UCLA is tougher to get into if you only consider the admission rate. On the other hand, based on the admission rate alone, New York University (NYU) is simpler to get into.

What is the male to female ratio at NYU? ›

New York University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 28,772 (fall 2021), with a gender distribution of 42% male students and 58% female students.

What GPA do you have to maintain in NYU? ›

Cumulative GPA must be 3.000 or higher

Master's students need a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.000 to graduate and are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.000 throughout their academic career to be in good academic standing.

Does NYU accept by major? ›

The admissions committee cares less about your formal major and more about what you are most excited to learn—and why NYU is the best place for you to do that learning. On the Common Application, you'll select one, two, or all of the three degree-granting campuses.

Is Stern harder to get into than NYU? ›

Getting into Stern will be very challenging for you. Primarily because Stern is a much harder school to get into than the NYU Arts and Sciences. NYU had an overall 12.8% acceptance rate and the mean SAT was 1540, not 1420-1500. Last year Stern had 11,500 applications for 600 seats.

What is a 75% SAT score for NYU? ›

NYU SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)
SectionAverage75th Percentile
Reading + Writing700740

Does NYU look at weighted or unweighted? ›

Students admitted to NYU have an average unweighted GPA of 3.8. Your high school grade point average (GPA) is a number that reflects your high school academic performance. A weighted GPA or an unweighted GPA are the two possible GPA scores considered by colleges.

Is 1450 good for ivy? ›

What colleges can I get into with a 1450 SAT score? You're eligible for admission to even the most competitive colleges and universities with a 1450 SAT score, including the Ivy League!

Can I get into Harvard with a 1450? ›

For example, if students aim to get into Ivy League Schools, they must have SAT scores around 1470 to 1490. In addition, the average SAT of MIT is nearly 1500. Similarly, Harvard University accepts students with an SAT score of above 1500.

Can I get into MIT with a 1450? ›

MIT SAT Requirements

You must at least have an SAT score of 1500 to have a chance of being considered for admission to MIT.

Why is NYU so prestigious? ›

In conclusion, NYU is a world-class university that has earned a reputation for excellence in academic achievement, diversity, and innovation. While it may not be officially part of the Ivy League, it is still considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Is NYU a top school in math? ›

NYU is ranked #1 in applied mathematics in the US (as per US News), #5 in citation impact worldwide, and #12 in citation worldwide. It is also ranked #19 worldwide in computer science and information systems.
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
TypePrivate research institute
8 more rows

What is NYU ranked academically? ›

It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. New York University's ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #25. Its tuition and fees are $58,168. New York University's primary campus is located in the lively Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Is NYU comparable to Ivy League? ›

Although NYU is not an Ivy League school, it is often considered on par with the Ivies due to academics, research, and athletic prestige. In fact, the school was declared as a “New Ivy” by Newsweek due to its impressive admissions statistics and quality education.

What is the easiest Ivy League school to get into? ›

Cornell is considered the "easiest" Ivy League to get into because it has the highest Ivy League acceptance rate. While it's easier, statistically speaking, to get into Cornell, it's still challenging. It's also important to remember that students apply directly to one of Cornell's eight undergraduate colleges.

Is NYU like an Ivy? ›

NYU, on the other hand, is a private research university located in New York City. It is not a member of the Ivy League, but it is still considered to be one of the top universities in the country.

Is NYU a stressful school? ›

NYU Ranked #24 Most Stressful Out Of Top 50 US Colleges.

How good is NYU for pre med? ›

New York University (Grossman) is ranked No. 10 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Research and No. 67 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is it harder to get into Harvard or NYU? ›

Is Harvard University or New York University (NYU) Harder to get into? Which school is easier to get into? If you're looking at acceptance rate alone, then Harvard University is more difficult to get into.

What is the hardest college to get into in the world? ›

1. Stanford University. Topping the list of the hardest school to get into in the world is Stanford. It has been featured top of this list for several years and no other university anywhere in the world has managed to replace it yet.

How prestigious is NYU Stern? ›

“Stern is one of the [most] prestigious business schools in the country and around the world.

What is the #1 hardest school to get into? ›

Niche, a ranking and review site, recently published its list of the “2023 Hardest Colleges to Get Into.” Using data from the U.S. Department of Education on various colleges' acceptance rates and SAT/ACT scores, they found, unsurprisingly, Harvard University to be the most difficult college to get into.

What is the lowest GPA NYU has accepted? ›

NYU is a highly selective university with high academic standards. The minimum GPA required for admission to NYU is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. However, keep in mind that this is only the minimum requirement and that most successful applicants have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

How competitive is it to get into NYU? ›

NYU admissions is extremely selective with an acceptance rate of 13%. Students that get into NYU have an average SAT score between 1450-1570 or an average ACT score of 32-35. The regular admissions application deadline for NYU is January 5.

Do you need straight A's to get into NYU? ›

What GPA Do I Need to Get Into NYU? Most students admitted to NYU have an unweighted GPA of 3.7 or higher, which means that you'll want to achieve at least a 3.7 to be seriously considered as an applicant. In order to achieve a 3.7, you'll need to earn mostly A's and A-'s on your coursework.

Do you need all A's to get into NYU? ›

Average GPA: 3.69

With a GPA of 3.69, NYU requires you to be above average in your high school class. You'll need at least a mix of A's and B's, with more A's than B's. You can compensate for a lower GPA with harder classes, like AP or IB classes.

Is NYU harder to get into than Berkeley? ›

Is New York University (NYU) or UC Berkeley Harder to get into? Which school is easier to get into? If you're looking at acceptance rate alone, then UC Berkeley is more difficult to get into.

Can boys and girls room together at NYU? ›

Yes, our residence halls are coed. General assignments are based on sex. Students may choose to designate an individual apartment to be coed.

What state are most NYU students from? ›

The majority of the NYU students who live in the U.S. are from New York. Student location diversity is higher than average.

What is Harvard gender ratio? ›

Harvard Demographics Gender

At Harvard, there are approximately 15,882 female students, making up approximately 50.5% of the student body, and 14,509 male students, making up approximately 49.5%.

What GPA is considered probation at NYU? ›

Students are placed on academic probation when (1) their semester and/or cumulative GPAs fall below 2.0, but remain above the minimum standards or (2) their number of successfully completed credits falls below the minimum standards (see below).

What is the average SAT score for NYU? ›

New York University admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 13%. Half the applicants admitted to NYU have an SAT score between 1450 and 1570 or an ACT score of 32 and 35.

Does NYU look at grades? ›

Checking Your Grades

As a student at New York University, your class grades and grade point average make up a large part of your academic record and are determined according to university grading policies.

How hard is NYU to get into? ›

While there are no formal NYU GPA requirements, NYU is a very selective school. As you think about how to get into NYU, remember that over 100,000 students apply each year, and fewer than 13,000 made the NYU enrollment in the Class of 2025. NYU ranked #28 in the U.S. News 2022 edition of Best National Universities.

Does NYU care about demonstrated interest? ›

We do not review students for any programs except those in which they have expressed interest on their Common Application. If a student is admitted to an alternate program of interest, they can decline their offer of acceptance, but need to do so by January 10.

Is it really hard to get into NYU? ›

Yes, it is difficult to gain admission into NYU. Due to the high volume of applications, as New York University receives nearly 100,000 applications annually, there is immense competition. Although the institution has flexible standardized testing policies, applicants must have an SAT score around the 1500 mark.

What is the lowest GPA NYU accepts? ›

Applicants must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Can a 3.5 GPA get into NYU? ›

While we do not have a minimum GPA requirement, our average is a 3.5 GPA. When is the application deadline?

Can I get into NYU with 3.7 GPA? ›

Most students admitted to NYU have an unweighted GPA of 3.7 or higher, which means that you'll want to achieve at least a 3.7 to be seriously considered as an applicant. In order to achieve a 3.7, you'll need to earn mostly A's and A-'s on your coursework.

Is NYU harder to get into than UCLA? ›

UCLA is tougher to get into if you only consider the admission rate. On the other hand, based on the admission rate alone, New York University (NYU) is simpler to get into.

Can an average student get into NYU? ›

Average GPA: 3.69

The average GPA at NYU is 3.69. (Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. With a GPA of 3.69, NYU requires you to be above average in your high school class. You'll need at least a mix of A's and B's, with more A's than B's.

What is NYU best known for? ›

Thriving beyond borders and across academic disciplines, NYU has emerged as one of the most networked and extensive worldwide platforms for learning, teaching, researching, building knowledge, and inventing new ways to meet humanity's challenges.

Is NYU an Ivy League? ›

NYU, on the other hand, is a private research university located in New York City. It is not a member of the Ivy League, but it is still considered to be one of the top universities in the country.

What is average SAT score for NYU? ›

Can you get a full ride scholarship with a 3.0 GPA? ›

Some scholarship committees only consider applicants whose GPA meets a certain threshold. Minimum requirements range from around 2.0 on the lower end to 3.75 or higher for competitive academic scholarships. Generally speaking, a 3.0 GPA or higher will give you a decent shot at qualifying for a variety of scholarships.

Does NYU give scholarships? ›

Scholarships and grants are types of financial aid you don't have to pay back. NYU offers or recognizes many scholarship options, including programs for new students, current NYU undergraduates, and scholarships from outside sources. In addition, NYU schools and colleges award their own scholarships.

What GPA is required for Yale? ›

GPA Requirements

Yale University does not have a strict minimum GPA requirement for undergraduate admissions. However, admitted students typically have very high GPAs, ranging from 3.8 to 4.0, with an average GPA of 3.9.


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